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Saturday, April 23, 2011

On The 'Birther' Issue

I don't know where Obama was born.  And, because it matters little now that the worst president in the history of this country has been elected, the investigation into his citizenry seems a bit futile and, therefore, is peeve-inducing at most.  What are we going to do - decertify the 2008 election?  I don't think so.

What interests me, though, is the swirling controversy that has derived from the simple question:

"Where's the Birth Certificate?"

Why does it interest me?  Because I like to see the angst.  The expressed effrontery. The aghastness.  Nine times out of ten it's some liberal bringing it up as part of a mission to shoot it down.  The latest, in a long, long line of many being ABC News's George Stephanopoulos (an awful TV host and interviewer but a liberal in good standing).  A weird phenomenon manifested as well by headlines like this:

Though the claims are indeed persistent, they are made so mostly by Democrats refusing to let the silly and distracting subject die.

Which leads to the question: "Touchy" for whom?

Most Americans find the antics entertaining but do they really care?  No.  With issues like food prices, gas prices, joblessness, and the federal debt giving everyone sleepless nights, they want the discussion to revolve around solutions to actual problems.

No, it's the Stephanopouloses of the world who are touched by it. 

Which makes me ask: What, the "touchy" birther issue is going to keep Democrats like him from voting Republican in 2012?


This whole thing is amusing for one reason.  The "enlightened" among us persist in keeping the issue alive in their hilarious effort to kill it.

It's better than "Dancing With The Stars."

What Am I Missing?

You know that Florida pastor who has gained so much attention for threatening to - and then following through on his vow to - burn a Q'uran?

Well, he was apparently arrested and jailed for planning to hold a protest in front of a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan (Dearborn having the largest Muslim population in the U.S., if memory serves).

He was jailed for planning to protest.


Since when is planning a peaceful protest a crime?

In these United States, in 2011, where hyper-sensitivity toward the potentially hurt feelings of Muslims abounds, apparently.

I wonder, would I be arrested if I planned a protest of the idiocy of all this?

For the love of God.

You Could Have Counted On This

The one serious proposal that's been put on the table intended to rein in government debt and guess who's opposed:

What's the definition of the acronym RINO?

See headline above.