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Friday, May 06, 2011

You Can Bet Those Bodyguards Won't Be Armed

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley thinks he deserves to be protected by the taxpayers.  When he goes into retirement.

See "Daley requests bodyguard detail after leaving office."

This fat bastard, given the chance, would disarm every one of us common folk in a heartbeat. Yet he demands a militia retinue for his personal safekeeping should he need to drive down to McDonald's for a Happy Meal.  A heavily armed cort├Ęge to be made available till the end of time?


A Thought On All The Rapturous Praise

Have you ever noticed that the level to which news media types stoop in order to praise the president of the United States is directionally proportional to the amount of information they have on the subject about which they praise him?

Take Obama's role in having Osama bin Laden snuffed: Did he lead?  Was he dragged off the golf course and forced to make a decision as to whether those Navy SEALS went into action?  Was he cowering in a corner, unable to render a verdict?

In truth, few people have a clue to any of that.

But that doesn't stop his fans in the press.

Here's David Gregory, who, truth be known, doesn't know any more about what went on behind the scenes than the rest of us do:

"...this [killing bin Laden] was the ultimate leadership moment for a commander in chief who in some ways had not been tested on this order. Who had been the target of criticism from Republicans..."

So how did Obama handle that "ultimate leadership moment"? Nobody, including Gregory, knows.

Yet laudatory songs of commendation abound.

Somehow it seems to me to relate to Obama's receiving his Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything to deserve it (a Peace Prize that came before he involved himself in three wars and a political assassination, ahem).

I'm not sure how this comes about but it is surely peculiar.  What prompts grown men and women to do that?

Here's To George Allen

On a day that we learn of a plot within the Obama administration to start charging a tax for each mile you drive your car (what, $5 gas isn't enough?), I received this welcomed snippet of Senate candidate George Allen's thoughts on the subject of energy in my inbox:
George Allen to Washington:
“Get out of the Way and Let Virginia Chart Our Course for Energy Freedom”

Richmond, VA – George Allen today called on Washington to allow exploration and development of our American energy resources off the coast of Virginia. Allen’s comments came as the House of Representatives was preparing to vote on a bill (H.R. 1230) that would require the Department of Interior to move forward with exploration for and production of oil and natural gas off the outer continental shelf, including Oil and Gas Lease Sale 220 off Virginia’s coast.

“Gasoline prices have doubled while Washington has continued to pursue counterproductive, anti-energy policies; Virginia families and businesses are hurting as the price for gasoline, diesel, food, and many other products are skyrocketing. The irony is that America is blessed with the most plentiful energy resources on earth. It defies commonsense to complain about being dependent on foreign oil while refusing to use the resources sitting under our own land and water.

“Here in Virginia we want to take charge of our own energy future, but at every turn Tim Kaine and his allies in Washington have thrown up roadblocks. It’s time for Washington to get out of the way and let Virginia chart our course for energy freedom.”
I seethe when I hear Obama and his ilk tell us that there's nothing they can do "in the short term" to solve the gas crisis. Their "short term" obfuscation and opposition to all things fuel-related have now gone on for four decades. And we are where we are because of it.

It's too bad that Virginia has to tackle this issue without the help of the federal government, because this is - or should be - a national problem requiring a national effort. But we do what we can do.

Here's to George Allen for promising to step up and get 'er done.

Received via email.

Republicans Making a Difference

So much needs to be done. So few care.

Here's one group that is trying to do good:
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels Signs Historic Voucher Bill into Law
Milton and Rose Friedman's vision of school choice for all takes one step closer to reality

Indianapolis, IN — The Foundation for Educational Choice today praised Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels for signing the nation's largest voucher program into law. The School Scholarship Act (House Bill 1003) creates a school voucher program that has the broadest eligibility of any voucher program in the nation.

"This is truly a historic day for Indiana's children," said Robert Enlow, President and CEO of the Foundation for Educational Choice. "Gov. Daniels' signature today puts Indiana at the top of the class for educational choice. Moreover, this sends an important message to families across the country: meaningful education reform is possible. We should never give up fighting for access to high-quality educational options for every child, regardless of family income or where they live."

Gov. Daniels has been an outspoken supporter of school choice. He highlighted the need for increasing parental options in his 2011 State of the State address:

"We must begin to honor the parents of Indiana. We must trust them, and respect them enough, to decide when, where, and how their children can receive the best education, and therefore the best chance in life...For families who cannot find the right traditional public school, or the right charter public school for their child, and are not wealthy enough to move near one, justice requires that we help. We should let these families apply dollars that the state spends on their child to the non-government school of their choice."

House Bill 1003 became a cornerstone of Gov. Daniels' education reform agenda. With strong support from Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett, Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, and Speaker of the House Brian Bosma, the passage of the School Scholarship Act dramatically expands educational options in Indiana.

In addition to creating a school voucher program for low- and middle-income families, the bill also doubles the preexisting cap on the scholarship tax-credit program and creates a tax deduction for any family that pays out of pocket for educational expenses relating to private or home schools.

Enlow said the legislation was a significant step toward the vision of Nobel Laureate and co-founder of the Foundation for Educational Choice, Dr. Milton Friedman. In 1998, Dr. Friedman wrote, "We have so far only seen the early fruits from the introduction of vouchers, from giving parents a choice. The best is yet to come as competition and the market work their wonders."

"Today, Milton Friedman's vision for school choice is becoming a reality across the country," said Enlow. "With the passage of the School Scholarship Act in Indiana, we are closer to realizing Friedman's vision of liberty in education for every child."
Just think what could be accomplished if all those Democrats out there cared as much about the welfare of our children as they do about the well-being of their union minions. We could actually - finally - do right by our children.

Received via email.