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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Give Liberals A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Sorry.  We'll not be involving ourselves in "social issues."

For Crying Out Loud

If there was ever a reason to trash the United States government and start over again it's this:
South Carolina Taking Light Bulb Ban into Its Own Hands
By Nicolas Loris, Heritage Foundation

Fed up with the federal government’s ban of the traditional incandescent light bulb, state representatives in South Carolina are pushing for the state to produce and use incandescents solely for its state.

The Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act, which unanimously passed South Carolina’s Senate panel, would allow South Carolina manufacturers to continue to sell incandescent bulbs so long as they have “Made in South Carolina” on them and are sold only within the state. Other states have floated the idea, and last year Arizona passed a bill that would have done the same thing, but Governor Jan Brewer (R) vetoed the legislation.

Whether the legislation becomes law remains to be seen, and even if it does become law, lawsuits will likely ensue. Regardless, South Carolina’s efforts demonstrate the will to remove the federal government’s ability to restrict individual choice. If the compact florescent light bulb (CFL) is a better choice, consumers will make that choice without the government’s push. [link]
I wonder, since the government of the United States of America will soon forbid me to buy a freaking 40 watt incandescent light bulb at the local Kmart, could some entrepreneur here in Virginia make one for me?

For the love of God.  I feel like I'm Equality 7-2521 in Ayn Rand's Anthem,  a man who discovers that thousands of years before his time, a time before which civilization had descended into totalitarian drudgery, poverty, degradation and equality, human beings had actually invented this little glass bulb with wires inside that, when given an injection of current, would glow.  A discovery from which wonderment and joy sprang forth in Equality 7-2521's heart.

We're forbidden to buy light bulbs.  Perhaps, some day, a thousand years from now ....

A Wakeup Call For John Boehner ...

... and the rest of the Democrats in Washington:  Get on board or GET OUT OF THE WAY:
Gallup: For first time, majority of Republicans support third party
Hot Air

Imagine what the numbers will be after the inevitable GOP cave on the debt ceiling.

"This is the first time Gallup finds a significantly higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in favor of a third party."

"The increase in Republican support for a third party since 2008 could be an outgrowth of the Tea Party movement, which is closely aligned with the GOP. The poll, which also assessed Americans’ orientation toward the movement, finds 60% of those who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters in favor of a third party, compared with 44% of Tea Party opponents." [link]
I'd venture a guess and say most conservatives and Tea Party warriors would be perfectly accepting if there were even two political parties in this country. As opposed to what we've had for the last forty years, a situation that, time and again, has provided us with one party calling for massive increases in government taxation, government spending, and government intrusions, and the other party asking if they could all agree on smaller tax increases, slower increases in government spending, and fewer layers of new government intrusions. Pardon us if we're found to be looking beyond the firing squad for help as it debates what caliber bullet is to be fired into our beating hearts.

So a majority of Republicans would just as soon walk away from the Republican Party and form a new one that is different in a fundamental way from the Democratic Party. Hear that alarm bell ringing, fellas?

No, Nothing Special About This Story

So some drunk had a few too many Mai Tais and went schizo on a plane bound for San Francisco and had to be subdued by his fellow passengers.  Nothing unusual about that really.

That's the forgivable surmisal if one were to read the first five paragraphs of "Passengers, Flight Crew Subdue Unruly Man on SFO-Bound Plane" anyway.

It's only when one makes his way to the sixth that one feels the need to change that headline to:


No, there was nothing particularly headliny about this part of the story:

He had been yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ running down the aisle ..."

Good God.  It's no wonder people can't trust the mainstream press to report the freaking news.

Why Global Warming Enthusiasts Are Losing

They make a complete mockery of their cause by opening their mouths:
Climate change 'could disrupt wi-fi and hit power supply'
By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent, London Telegraph

Speaking at Blackfriars Station in London, which Network Rail is currently fitting with solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems in order to be more resilient against power cuts, [Caroline Spelman, British Environment Secretary] said the UK is already investing £200 billion over the next five years.

But that will not be enough to stop economic impacts of climate change if it is invested in the wrong areas.

She warned of intense rainfall, droughts and heatwaves in the next 50 to 100 years because of man-made global warming. The signal from wi-fi cannot travel as far when temperatures increase. Heavy downfalls of rain also affect the ability of the device to capture a signal.

"Our economy is built on effective transport and communications networks and reliable energy and water supplies.

"But the economy cannot grow if there are repeated power failures, or goods cannot be transported because roads are flooded and railways have buckled, or if intense rainfall or high temperatures disrupt Wi-Fi signals.

"£200 billion is expected to be invested in the UK's infrastructure over the next five years. But if the facilities which support our society cannot cope with floods, droughts or freezing winters then that money will have been wasted." [link]
Millions of people around the planet will read that and go ... gosh, that would be bad.  We need to stop ... doing ... something ... or something ...

If only there weren't facts to muddy those waters ...

Experts guess that the earth's temperature has increased a mind-numbing 0.7° C. over the last hundred years and actual measurements reveal a 0.0° rise over the last thirty.  As illustrated in this graph, provided by climatologist Roy Spencer, PhD (click on the image to enlarge it):

Yet, in spite of this incontrovertible evidence, the true believers in the Church of the Holy Warming still portend global catastrophe.

I suppose, considering the fact that her whining and hand-wringing netted her £200 billion from the British government, Ms. Spelman's antics can be understood. Perhaps, in her case, it's less a matter of insanity and more of self-preservation. How much of that sum went into her pocket?  One wonders.

Anyway, we're all going to die of global warming. Or our internet connection is going to be disrupted. Sometime over the next hundred years. Time to get serious.

To which I reply: Yes.  Please.  Get serious.

These people crack me up.

* Can we establish a rule? Any "expert" who predicts "intense rainfall" and "droughts" should be laughed into exile.

** Ensuing Headline of the Day:   New Attempt To Scare You: Global Warming Will Destroy Your Access To Internet Porn

And Millions Will Believe Him

Obama's right-hand man, after three years of promising to - yet refusing to - close Gitmo:

You have permission to chuckle.

Kiss Your Health Care Goodbye

I watched WDBJ (channel 7, Roanoke) last night interview some nitwit over in Lynchburg who proclaimed: "We have a chance for the first time in America's history to provide decent health care to every human being in this country.  It's a human right.  We have to move to a point where we have health care coverage for everyone."  You can see the interview here.

Health care coverage is a human right.

And the guy who said that is not some starry-eyed adolescent.  He's an adult.

Presumably a well-educated adult.

So who is to provide this "human right" to all those tens of millions of people who can't - or won't - provide for themselves?

He's not asked.

Nor would he have had a legitimate answer if he had been asked.

An incoherent mumble about "the rich" would be one's best guess.

So what does happen when liberals like this guy get their way and that "human right" is offered up and health care coverage is universal?

For that we turn to one of the richest states in the country - Massachusetts - and to its version of ObamaCare - "RomneyCare":
National Health Preview
RomneyCare's bad outcomes keep coming.
Wall Street Journal

The ObamaCare preview that Massachusetts has been conducting for the last several years grows more ominous by the month, not that anyone in Washington is paying attention. So let's check on the Bay State's latest warning, coming soon to a hospital or medical practice near you.

A new survey released yesterday by the Massachusetts Medical Society reveals that fewer than half of the state's primary care practices are accepting new patients, down from 70% in 2007, before former Governor Mitt Romney's health-care plan came online. The average wait time for a routine checkup with an internist is 48 days. It takes 43 days to secure an appointment with a gastroenterologist for chronic heartburn, up from 36 last year, and 41 days to see an OB/GYN, up from 34 last year.

None of this is surprising, though it does dismantle the liberal nostrum that a new entitlement will somehow reduce health spending. When government subsidizes something, you get more of it, which means higher demand for insurance and health-care services. Combined with insurance regulations that suppress innovation and competition, this reality helps explain why Massachusetts premiums are among the highest in the U.S. The current physician shortage was inevitable without new doctors.

Massachusetts health regulators also estimate that emergency room visits jumped 9% between 2004 and 2008, in part due to the lack of routine access to providers. The Romney-Obama theory was that if everyone is insured by the government, costs would fall by squeezing out uncompensated care. Yet emergency medicine accounts for only 2% of all national health spending.

Another notable finding in the Medical Society survey is the provider flight from government health care. Merely 43% of internists and 56% of family physicians accept Commonwealth Care, the heavily subsidized middle-class insurance program. The same respective figures are 53% and 62% for price-controlled Medicaid. Government health insurance may be great, but not if it can't buy actual health care.

The Medical Society also finds "a continued deterioration of the practice environment for physicians in Massachusetts." Perhaps you should book your checkups now, in advance of the national sequel. [link]
The current debate in Washington - and in town hall meetings around the country - centers on Medicare, and what's to be done about its out-of-control costs.  Obama, not being much of a big-picture kind of guy and having absolutely no real world experience, has proposed that a committee be formed to establish prices that participating doctors can charge for their services.

End of problem.  Costs are controlled.

But as is being shown in Massachusetts, doctors, for some weird reason, are not willing to work (60 hours a week) and not get paid for their services.  So they refuse to participate.  Citizens are given a sweet deal on health care.  And find themselves with nowhere to go to utilize it.

So that "human right" is fast becoming a patient dilemma.

Which is metastasizing into a gargantuan dilemma.

They're finding that they have no "right" at all.

Why liberals around the land - like Obama - can't figure that out is beyond my understanding.  They were warned that their solutions to our health care cost problem cannot work.  That's now being proven in Massachusetts.

Yet we still have morons (in Lynchburg) who think - somehow - that they can.

We're now heading down their path.  We will all soon have that "human right" afforded us when Obamacare kicks in fully.  Rejoice!  We will soon have universal coverage.  And no place to go to exercise it.

Welcome to Obama's America.

If only voters had listened in November, 2008 ...