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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Michael Moore, Prognosticator Extraordinaire

Morbidly obese man to crowd of union thugs in Madison, Wisconsin on March 27, 2011:
America ain't broke! The only thing that's broke is the moral compass of the rulers. And we aim to fix that compass and steer the ship ourselves from now on. Never forget, as long as that Constitution of ours still stands, it's one person, one vote, and it's the thing the rich hate most about America — because even though they seem to hold all the money and all the cards, they begrudgingly know this one unshakeable basic fact: There are more of us than there are of them!
"There are more of us than there are of them!"

Uh, judging by the first statewide election to held since he made that declaration, that would be a big NOT, Mikey.

For an election was held in West Virginia on Saturday and ...
Why labor lost the race in West Virginia
Don Surber, Charleston Daily Mail

My experience with labor unions is limited to my time at Phoenix Dye Works, which was represented by the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union at the time.

This was not some summer job for a college kid. I had a wife, a mortgage and two car payments to make each month.

The union went on strike for six weeks and settled for an extra penny an hour.

Pardon me if 33 years later I enjoyed watching the union-backed candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary fail.

Politics, like stock-car racing, is not just about who wins but who crashes and hits the wall.

The AFL-CIO went after acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin with trashy ads that used decade-old news clips that were taken out of context.

Tomblin romped to victory in the Democratic primary, a not-surprising development in a state whose electorate has had it with labor union officials.

This is not to knock the labor candidate, House Speaker Rick Thompson, who seems like a decent guy.

But labor doomed him. [link]
A shrewd Republican politician will take the advice I've been giving out lo these many years:  You're not going to get union endorsements.  Or union money.  But you can easily get union votes.

God.  Guns.  Guts.

And, in West Virginia, stop Obama's federal government from destroying the only path to financial success - coal mining.

Works every time it's tried.

As for Michael Moore, I'd tell him to eat crow, but judging by that waistline, I think he's had a bushel too many crows already.

- - -

To tag onto Surber's amusing story from his youth, my son, when he was a teenager, worked for one of America's largest food retailers.  And was paid minimum wage.  And paid union dues for the privilege.  Making his earnings, in fact, less than minimum wage.

Such the privilege.

You may have seen this AFL/CIO slogan: Kickin' ass for the working class...


Paula Could Have Told You This

As went Kmart, so goes ...?

In the first three months of the year, Wal-Mart's prices on food, health and beauty products and other general merchandise were nearly identical, if not a bit pricier, than archrival [sic] Target. 

I sure hope they know what they're doing in Bentonville.

Why Do Democrats Feel The Need To Lie?

What, Terry McAuliffe thought no one was listening?
Terry McAuliffe says Virginia has no repayment plan for its new transportation debt
"PolitiFact," Richmond Times-Dispatch

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who is considering a bid for Virginia governor in 2013, says a road-building plan passed by the General Assembly this winter is paved with peril.

The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee helped launch the reelection campaign of Del. Scott Surovell, D-Fairfax, at a May 7 rally. During introductory remarks, McAuliffe criticized a plan to borrow $1.8 billion for transportation that Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell pushed through the legislature.

"The $1.8 billion in borrowing, we didn’t even have a repayment mechanism, folks," McAuliffe said.

A major borrowing plan with no way to repay the money? Is that really what the state did?

We decided to check.

A transportation plan to borrow up to $300 million a year for 10 years was approved in 2007. But the recession and legal challenges delayed issuance of the first bonds until May, 2010.

What McDonnell and the General Assembly did this winter was accelerate the sale of those previously authorized bonds so that $600 million annually could be sold during the next three years. John Lawson, chief financial officer for the Virginia Department of Transportation, said the state still plans to issue the full $3 billion in bonds, but in a shorter period of time.

Both McDonnell and Democrat Tim Kaine, who signed the 2007 plan, offered the same repayment plan.

The 2007 bill directed that one-third of the state’s revenue from insurance premium taxes be set aside to pay the debt. That portion roughly equals the fraction of annual receipts from insurance premium taxes that come from vehicle policies.

McAuliffe told us he knows the state has a repayment plan. He said he was "rhetorically" arguing the state lacks a plan to pay back the debt because he does not think politicians set up "a realistic repayment mechanism." [link] [emphasis mine]
He said there was no plan but knew that there was?  What kind of bullshit is that?

I have to tell you, lowlife politicians like McAuliffe make me nauseous.

Growing Number of States In Open Defiance of the Feds

The movement grows:
Oklahoma Second State To Sign Health Care Compact Into Law

Alexandria, VA – Today the Health Care Compact, an agreement between participating states that restores authority and responsibility for health care regulation to member states, was signed into law by Oklahoma's Governor, Mary Fallin. The compact allows Oklahoma to create their own health care policies by joining an interstate compact that supersedes prior federal law. Oklahoma is the second state is sign the compact into law following Georgia.

"Today, Oklahoma's Governor Fallin joined the Oklahoma legislature in taking a bold step to give the people of Oklahoma control of their health care future. By acting to move authority and responsibility for health care from Washington, D.C. to Oklahoma, Governor Fallin will help to trigger a robust conversation among citizens and their local representatives about sustainable reforms that meet the needs of all Oklahomans," said Eric O'Keefe Chairman of the Health Care Compact Alliance. "Oklahoma's leaders have acted to escape the mandates handed down from a centralized bureaucracy in Washington which threatens to bankrupt the country while rationing health care.The Health Care Compact Alliance congratulates Governor Mary Fallin as well as all of the sponsoring legislators."

The Health Care Compact has been introduced in 14 states and was signed into law in Georgia in April. It has passed the State House of Representatives in Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia and Texas. It has passed the State Senate in Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri and Georgia. In addition, in more than 36 states, citizen groups and state legislators are actively considering the Health Care Compact.

For the Health Care Compact to become law it must be passed by both houses of the General Assembly, signed by the governor, and approved through Congress. The way health care works in a member state is not prescribed in the compact. Who and what is covered as well as the level of regulation are determined by each state after the compact is ratified.

The Health Care Compact is an initiative of the Health Care Compact Alliance, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to providing Americans more influence over decisions that govern their health care.

Interstate compacts have been used throughout U.S. history to allow states to coordinate in important policy areas. Authority for compacts was established in the Constitution (Article I, Section 10), and more than 200 such agreements are currently in effect. They are voluntary agreements between states that, when consented to by congress, have the force of federal law.
* Received from the Health Care Compact Alliance via email.

Let's Clean House

There's only one way we're going to gain energy independence and drive the price of gasoline down to a livable level in this country. We need to send every Democrat in Washington packing. Starting with Obama and his best bud, Tim Kaine.

To further that end, here's Senate candidate George Allen:
Dear Patriots,

Gasoline prices are nearly $4 a gallon. Families and businesses are struggling to cover the costs of skyrocketing fuel and food prices in a slow economy. And what are Tim Kaine's allies doing in Washington?

• Today the obstructionist Senate voted against a bill that would have allowed Virginia to explore for and produce oil and natural gas off our coast;
• Democrats have floated proposals to tax Americans based on how many miles they drive;
• And they have abdicated their Constitutional legislative responsibility by allowing the EPA to advance their Cap-and-Trade "energy tax" scheme through draconian regulations that will result in increased food, electricity and fuel costs.

Virginians voices are once again being ignored by Washington and its time they started listening. Today I am launching a petition to tell Washington to get out of the way and let Virginia chart our own course for energy freedom.

Unlike my opponent, I pledge to all Virginians that I will fight against cap-and-trade schemes, taxes on energy, and barriers that block American production and jobs. It is time to unleash our energy resources and creativity not stifle them under over burdensome regulations or a de-facto moratorium.

The good news is that we have the resources under our land and water. What we need is to remove the self-imposed barriers to safe and responsible production of American energy from American resources.

I urge Virginians to join me as I fight against Washington's counter-productive energy policies. With your help we can advocate for an energy plan that promotes energy freedom by utilizing our plentiful resources such as coal, natural gas and oil. I respectfully ask Virginians to join me and tell Washington to stop the harmful obstruction and work to ensure our energy independence.

Stand Strong for Freedom,

George Allen
It's not a stretch to say, the Democratic Party in this country has created this colossal energy mess. It's time the members therein moved out of the way and let loyal Americans solve the problem they created.

Here's to George Allen.

* To sign his petition (and probably to get on his mailing list) go here
** Received via email.

This Is Cute

Martin Short ("and the Singing Seals") give Osama bin Laden a ... fond ... farewell on the Letterman show:

It's over the top for network TV and the Letterman crowd. Which means it's quite entertaining.

"In the afterlife six dozen virgins sure sounded swell. So it must have burned your ass when you ended up in hell."

"Goodbye Al Qaeda's Rose" sung to "Candle in the Wind." Good stuff.

Who Would Have Ever Guessed?

One could have bet the farm:

Can all the "expert" pronouncements on secondhand smoke be far behind?

Promises, Promises

That was then ...

"In speech after speech, Senator Barack Obama has vowed that he will lower the country’s health care costs enough to 'bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family.'

This is now:

To think, millions believed him.


What Is It About San Francisco?

Why do liberal politicians there feel it's their responsibility to control the lives of their citizens?

The latest from Bizarro World:
Circumcision ban to appear on San Francisco ballot
By Robin Hindery, Associated Press

San Francisco (AP) — A proposal to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has been cleared to appear on the November ballot, setting the stage for the nation's first public vote on what has long been considered a private family matter.

But even in a city with a long-held reputation for pushing boundaries, the measure is drawing heavy fire. Opponents are lining up against it, saying a ban on a religious rite considered sacred by Jews and Muslims is a blatant violation of constitutional rights.

Elections officials confirmed Wednesday the initiative had qualified for the ballot with more than 7,700 valid signatures from city residents. Initiatives must have at least 7,168 names to qualify.

If the measure passes, circumcision would be prohibited among males under the age of 18. The practice would become a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail. There would be no religious exemptions. [link]
My guess is, because it's a religious rite the atheists in "open-minded land" want the practice banned.   That seems to be their impetus.  That and having the need to butt into everyone's personal lives.

Me?  I don't care.  Live.  Be happy.  And allow me to do the same.

- - -

While we're at it, we should give honorable mention to the liberal busybodies in Massachusetts as well.

Groundhog Day

Hey, let's nominate "the most electable" candidate to not have a prayer of winning the White House in 2012!

Good God. Why not just bring John McCain back? He could do no worse.

This is so ... expected.

Expect, too, talk of compassionate conservatism any day now.

Followed by rapturous hurrahs coming from the GOP elite.

And from the mainstream press.

Followed by another crushing defeat.

And more of the same in Washington.

Same old, same old.

The Last Nail In Newt's Coffin

If sitting on a bench with Nancy Pelosi, calling for a bipartisan effort to confiscate everyone's wealth in order to stop global warming, didn't do it, this surely will doom Newt Gingrich's chances for securing the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

The biggest leftist in the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, is singing his praises.
Schumer Loves Gingrich
Democrats use Newt's words against the GOP.
Wall Street Journal editorial

GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich responded to our Tuesday editorial headline—"Gingrich to House GOP: Drop Dead"—by calling it "just plain baloney" on Bill Bennett's radio show the same day. But look who's already using the former House Speaker's words to trash House Republicans.

None other than Chuck Schumer, the chief Democratic proponent of using Medicare as a political club. The New York Senator told reporters on a conference call Wednesday that "Newt and I are considered political opposites, but I couldn't agree more with what he said Sunday about the plan to end Medicare."

Mr. Gingrich "acknowledged that this is right-wing social engineering," Mr. Schumer said, according to media accounts of the call. "Gingrich was saying what everyone knows to be true. The plan is extreme." That sure sounds like a Democrat using Newt's words to tell Republicans to drop dead politically.

Mr. Schumer went on to signal that Mr. Gingrich is likely to become a star in every Democrat's political attack ads from here to November 2012. "I feel for Speaker Gingrich," the Democrat said. "He's entered the race only to find out that the Republican Party has been pushed considerably further to the right than the party he led in the 1990s." [link]
My God.  What was Newt thinking?

I've Been There!

This guy in South Carolina thinks he honors President Obama by renaming his gas station after him:

But, as regular unleaded heads toward that five dollar mark, is Obama Gasoline something the man would rather not be associated with?

I paid $4.17 the other day. And cringed when the meter went past fifty bucks.

Obama gas. Obama gas prices.

Something one doesn't readily forget.

Exposing The Left

How best to heap scorn upon those who think of themselves as being "enlightened" (and thought of by others in their world as being really, really gifted)?

Quote them.

Hollywood darling (and huge Democratic Party cheerleader) Aaron Sorkin:

"Beck and Limbaugh are eye-poppingly awful. It would be easier to buy their love of America if they didn't have such hate for Americans. They're my generation's Joe McCarthy..."

That (this is so rich) was followed by this:

"I'm a fan of the two-party system and a fan of debate....[but] the effort gets choked to death when one side says the other is fundamentally evil....I find the right trades in it a lot more than the left."


How Hysteria Feeds On Itself

Global warming.  Ozone holes.  Rainforest destruction.  They all believe it.  Because they all tell each other it's true.  And fear grips the cafĂ© klatsch. That's the "open-minded" mindset of the Left.

Like frightened sheep.

Today's maddening delirium (now that the "global warming" craze is on the wane)?



A monumental problem in this country.

Or not.

John Hinderaker:
Corrected, But Not Enough

This morning's New York Times contained the following correction:

"An article on May 7 about the Obama administration's appointment of a panel of experts to find ways to make hydraulic fracturing safer misstated the prevalence of cases in which fluids from the gas drilling process have been proven to have contaminated drinking water. There are few documented cases, not numerous ones, although federal and state investigations into reports of such incidents are continuing."

That is obviously a significant correction, but to understand how serious you have to go back to the original article, linked above. The article describes the Obama administration's setting up a panel to find ways to make hydraulic fracturing safer and cleaner. This is how the Times explained the rationale for new regulations:

"Hydraulic fracturing involves the high-pressure injection of fluids into underground shale formations to break open natural gas pockets. The technique, which has been in limited use for decades, is expected to significantly increase recovery of domestic gas supplies and keep prices moderate for years.

"But the process also pours millions of gallons of dangerous chemicals into the ground and into wastewater treatment systems, which in some cases cannot remove all the potential toxins. There are also numerous documented cases in which fracking fluids leaked into aquifers and contaminated drinking water."

If that were the case, it would be easy to see why the Obama administration thought it was critical to make the process safer. The paragraphs above were followed by this characterization of the Republicans' position:

"Within hours, House Republicans issued a press release denouncing the study as wasteful, duplicative, and another example of red tape run amok. They said that fracking has been used safely for more than 60 years and that the Environmental Protection Agency already has sufficient authority to regulate it."

Nearly every reader no doubt reacted to that paragraph with the thought that fracking has hardly been used "safely" if there are "numerous documented cases" in which water has been contaminated. Certainly that history demands further regulation.

So the Times reported the story so as to make Republicans look stupid or venal. In fact, the House Republicans were right: hydraulic fracking has a long, safe history. We need to get going on developing our vast natural gas resources, not appoint another panel to stall development in the name of a barely-existent environmental problem. But only the handful of readers who saw the correction would have any idea how misleading the Times' original article was.
Why was this "mistake" on the part of the New York Times so shameful?   Because liberals are easily swept into a frenzy by such lunacy.  Case in point, see "France bans 'fracking' after months of protest."

Growing the madness, one liberal at a time.

Ever wonder what ever happened to those ozone holes that were going to end life on this planet as we knew it?

Like the poltergeist who inhabited Crazy Aunt Nell's spooky attic when you were young, they ... simply ... went ... away ...

Headline of the Day

In the Washington Post:

Well, he'll always have Chuck Schumer.

And Nancy Pelosi.

And his doggy shirt.