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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Let it be noted, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't take my advice and declare yesterday his country's intention to absorb those "territories" it acquired in the last war with sundry Arab states.

Too bad.  Missed opportunity.

And, as a result, we'll be subjected - perhaps for decades to come - to stories about the yet-to-start-but-soon-to-be-rewarding "Arab/Israeli peace process."

Though not quite as satisfying, I must say, this is darn near cockle-warming:
Video: Netanyahu lectures Obama on why Israel’s 1967 borders are indefensible
Hot Air

I can’t believe we have to wait another five days for the inevitable O’Reilly “body language segment” on this tete-a-tete. Good lord. The One looked like he was trying to pass a kidney stone at one point. Worst photo op evah.

Normally these Oval Office grip-and-grins begin with a few minutes of blah-blah from the president about America’s enduring bond with the other leader’s country, followed by a minute or so from that leader about the “productive discussion” they just had, and that’s it. Not this time: Netanyahu takes off here for a good seven minutes, parts of which are so cutting — the conclusion about history not giving the Jewish people another chance is simply devastating — that it’s hard to believe it was extemporaneous. In fact, by the end he’s facing Obama and addressing him personally, just to add to the theater. Bibi knew this would be his golden opportunity to pay Obama back for yesterday’s speech, and darned if he didn’t seize it. It’s riveting. O was probably completely blindsided by it too, but no doubt realized quickly that this little history lesson would soon go viral in the media and online. Hopefully no meaningful agreements were reached earlier in their private meeting, because if they were, you can forget about ‘em now.
Here's the video. It's kinda ugly. Obama looks like he needs to dump a load.

Netanyahu to Obama: Take your hope 'n change and stick it up your ass.

Or words to that effect ...

I Have a Few Questions

What time today, exactly, is this supposed to occur?

Just a reminder: World to end in a few hours

Should I take a shower? Change my underwear? Wash my coffee cup?

What if I'm in the middle of a weblog post and suddenl ...

Gimme That Again?

The AARP shocked the world when it threw its considerable weight behind Barack Obama's effort to nationalize our previously great health care delivery system back in 2009.

Or not.

For anyone who knows anything about the radically liberal ruling class within the AARP knows that they were just adopting the party line when they sold out seniors to support ObamaCare.

I have but one question, now that this shameful tale has revealed its final chapter - see "AARP gets its Obamacare waiver: As predicted" - was the fix in all along?

The AARP sought - and was granted - a waiver exempting it from the very policy that it endorsed.

You seniors won't be blamed if you're feeling a bit confused right now.

Quote of the Day

The Wall Street Journal on President Obama's effort to restart "the peace process" in the Middle East:

"If this is what Hillary Clinton likes to call 'smart diplomacy,' we'd hate to see what qualifies as dumb."

"The 1967 Line of Fire," May 21, 2011

On Obama's 'Stimulus'

The findings are in. And it looks like the only thing that got stimulated by Obama's three-quarters of a trillion dollars stimulus spending was the unemployment line.

The cold, hard truth:
A Shovel-Empty Waste Of $787 Billion
Investors' Business Daily editorial

On top of the other failures of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan you can now add this: It didn't even fulfill the simple promise of creating more highway jobs and improving roadways.

Shortly after getting the gargantuan program through Congress, Obama heralded the stimulus' $28 billion in new highway money, calling it "the largest new investment in America's infrastructure since President Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System" and promising that it would "help states create a 21st-century infrastructure."

Obama also said that the extra highway money would "create or save" 150,000 jobs by the end of 2010.

Well, the results are in.

A new study by economists Timothy Conley of the University of Western Ontario and Bill Dupor of Ohio State found that despite the influx of all that federal money, highway construction jobs actually plunged by nearly 70,000 between 2008 and 2010.

As the authors explain, many states simply took the free federal money and shifted their own highway funds to meet other needs. In fact, in some states, highway spending dropped, even with the added federal money.

Now, if this were the worst of the problems with the bloated stimulus bill, it would be bad enough. But there's growing evidence that the stimulus did little to improve the jobs picture overall.

Conley and Dupor found that, overall, the $500 billion in stimulus spending did "create or save" 443,000 state and local government jobs, but it "destroyed or forestalled" 1 million private-sector jobs. In part, they say, that's because the growth in state jobs crowded out private-sector job growth.

Research by John Cogan and John Taylor of Stanford's Hoover Institution found zero effect one way or another from all that stimulus money, since states mainly used the funds to cut back on borrowing, and the temporary tax cuts didn't stimulate extra consumer spending. [link]
The frightening part of this is the fact that there are many really smart liberals out there who want to do it all over again, without really understanding what it is they will achieve.  The study cited above should give them that clear understanding that it won't achieve squat.

They should understand it, but they won't.

The Fight Against The EPA Continues

From Ken Cuccinelli's office:
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (along with the attorney general of the state of Texas) has filed an opening brief in our lawsuit against the EPA for its denial to reconsider its finding that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are dangerous pollutants after new information came to light that the data the EPA relied on for its determination may be faulty.

Remember that the attorney general asked the EPA to reopen the record so that this new information (from Climategate and its aftermath) could be considered, and when EPA refused, Virginia and Texas moved forward with their suit.

In addition, we contend that the EPA illegally delegated the work of researching the endangerment finding to the United Nations and other countries, using research from the UN IPCC report and other sources, instead of conducting independent research, as required by law.
May he be successful. Jobs - and our future - depend upon it.

Let's Get Back On Track

The difference between them and us?  They believe in being there to help others less fortunate.  Which is laudable.  Except that they do it with other people's money.  So in helping some they hurt most.

We believe in helping ourselves.  And, in doing so, we provide work for those who can assist us in making our lives - and those of our loved ones - better.  It's called The American Dream.  Making life better for those who will follow in our footsteps.

In the process of achieving our American Dream everyone prospers.

At least that used to be the case.

Millions of Americans today are required by their government to "help" tens of millions of other Americans who can't - or won't - help themselves.

And most all of us suffer - to one degree or another - for it.  Those in need are in ever greater need, while too many of those who were called upon to provide assistance find themselves too now in need.

And it's a worsening problem.

The welfare state must end.

Or we're all doomed.

To that end:
Dear Patriots,

Last week I had the opportunity to travel through Southside Virginia and visit with several businesses that are working hard in a struggling economy to create quality products and jobs here in Virginia. As I listened to their concerns it became clear that Virginians' vision of the American Dream has been badly shaken by our weakened economy and a government that continues to spend our children's future. For the first time in our history parents are worried if their children will have the same opportunities in life. It may no longer be enough to get a good college education and work hard to get ahead in America.

Just last spring, Susan and I watched with great pride as our oldest daughter, Tyler, graduated from college, but like many parents we worried that diminished opportunities lay ahead. Many of Tyler's friends, saddled with student loans, struggled - and are still struggling - to find work. On the campaign trail I've talked to graduates and parents who have related that even when these young people find jobs, few are working in fields that take advantage of the college degrees they studied so hard to earn. It is disheartening to see so many talented young adults not being able to use their full potential.

America should be a country where young people graduating from college are limited only by their imagination, hard work and ingenuity. For our country to truly be a land of opportunity, we must reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of America and not allow Washington to crush it with regulations, taxes, unsustainable skyrocketing spending and dangerous debt.

In just one week my opponent has advocated for higher taxes; defended Washington's out-of-control spending by calling to raise the debt ceiling without real spending cuts; and has stood silently as actions by the federal government/NRLB threaten our Right-to-Work laws and economic competitiveness. Our Right-to-Work laws are one of the foundational strengths of Virginia. These are federal policies that will hurt the people of Virginia and our economy, not put us back on the path to economic prosperity.

The time for action is now. We cannot allow Tim Kaine's liberal allies in Washington carry out their anti-business, job crushing agenda. Join me as we fight to rein in the overreaching and overspending government; work to create entrepreneurial conditions to reinvigorate the economy and unleash our plentiful energy resources for more jobs and lower energy prices. Together we can restore the confidence and the promise of opportunity for the next generation.

Standing strong for Freedom,

George Allen
"For our country to truly be a land of opportunity, we must reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of America and not allow Washington to crush it with regulations, taxes, unsustainable skyrocketing spending and dangerous debt."

Amen, brutha.