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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where There's Smoke There's ...

... nothing.

One would think, when a guy writes a tell-all book about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, there'd be some there there.  Especially when he's quoted as saying:

"I am convinced that her priorities and per­son­al­ity are not only ill suited to head a political party or occupy national office, but would lead to a disaster of, well, biblical proportions.”

A disaster of Biblical proportions?


So what is it that this ex-director of boards and commissions under Palin (a critical post one can only imagine) has on the Sarahcuda?  Did she snort cocaine in high school (as our president freely admits that he did)?  Did she rape someone (as a former president is accused of having done)?  Did she withhold evidence from a grand jury probe (as the wife of the alleged rapist and former presidential candidate in her own right was accused of having done)?


Something far worse:

"Bailey also helped smear a neighbor who complained about excessive tourist traffic around the governor’s mansion. After hearing of the gripe, Palin sent her daughter Piper out to sell lemonade and then derided her neighbor for protesting children at play. Soon, the neighbor was portrayed on conservative blogs as 'sick,' 'unhinged' and 'drug-addicted.'"


What?!  A lemonade stand?!  And what??  The immoral and unforgiveable act of DERIDING

Let's see.  Vince Foster was murdered because he knew too much.  And Juanita Broaddrick was raped because she was a woman and Bill had a "stiffy."  And the person(s) who committed those acts are feted to this day by the press as being greater beings than the rest of us.

But let Sarah Palin set up a lemonade stand and, by God, we are not going to take it!!  It's ... Biblical!  You hear me?  We are not going to allow it!

These people crack me up.

Okay, I Was Wrong

I mentioned my bemusement the other day over the news that Delegate Ward Armstrong might pack up and move to another district just so as to be able to keep his part-time $18000 a year job in the Virginia legislature.  I couldn't believe that career politicians would go to such lengths.

But then I was subjected to a story in the New York Times about lefty wacko Dennis Kucinich thinking about leaving his congressional district in Ohio and moving to Washington (state) and running for a seat in Congress there.

It then made sense.  If worms like Dennis Kucinich didn't have politics, who in their right mind would hire them?

Lo and Behold

First we are told that "Species Extinction Rates [have been] Grossly Overestimated" by the experts (whether intentionally or not has yet to be determined).  And now this:
The Myth of Killer Mercury
By Willie Soon and Paul Driessen, Wall Street Journal

The Environmental Protection Agency recently issued 946 pages of new rules requiring that U.S. power plants sharply reduce their (already low) emissions of mercury and other air pollutants. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson claims that while the regulations will cost electricity producers $10.9 billion annually, they will save 17,000 lives and generate up to $140 billion in health benefits.

There is no factual basis for these assertions. To build its case against mercury, the EPA systematically ignored evidence and clinical studies that contradict its regulatory agenda, which is to punish hydrocarbon use.

Mercury has always existed naturally in Earth's environment. A 2009 study found mercury deposits in Antarctic ice across 650,000 years. Mercury is found in air, water, rocks, soil and trees, which absorb it from the environment. This is why our bodies evolved with proteins and antioxidants that help protect us from this and other potential contaminants.

How do America's coal-burning power plants fit into the picture? They emit an estimated 41-48 tons of mercury per year. But U.S. forest fires emit at least 44 tons per year; cremation of human remains discharges 26 tons; Chinese power plants eject 400 tons; and volcanoes, subsea vents, geysers and other sources spew out 9,000-10,000 additional tons per year.

All these emissions enter the global atmospheric system and become part of the U.S. air mass. Since our power plants account for less than 0.5% of all the mercury in the air we breathe, eliminating every milligram of it will do nothing about the other 99.5% in our atmosphere. [link]
Along with the hysteria thrown at us about species extinction, we find out that they've been making this up as well.

Can we trust leftists to tell us the truth ever?

Can We Talk About Oprah?

Sure, she has more money than the U.S. Treasury has (well, since our treasury is $14,351,47,438.14 in debt, I guess I do too). And she can spend it however she wishes.

But am I the only person who finds it a bit indecorous for the gal to buy a magazine, put her monicker on its masthead big and bold, and then feature on its cover a warm "thank you" to herself for all her years of merriment and moneymaking?

What next? Will she award herself the title of Miss Planet Earth?

"For the joy, the laughs, the lessons, the adventures of a lifetime ..."

It's her dough but ... please.

I Have To Laugh

The mainstream press, it appears, is just aghast at how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the temerity to "lecture" President Obama on national television the other day.  One longtime cheeleader for the Democratic Party even called his (respectful) seven-minute speech in the Oval Office "rude."

You just don't treat American presidents like that, don't ya know.

George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush being the willful and enthusiastic exceptions to their rule, of course.

One can only smile ...

CNN Anchor, Smoke Nazi

And proud of it.

See "CNN Anchor Shamelessly Lauds Mayor Bloomberg's Newest Smoking Ban."

She doesn't like the smell of smoke when she's out jogging in New York City parks. It offends her.  So she's happy that those who smoke in New York City must now do so in their homes (as she says, ""that is still legal, at least for now") so that she can run in blissful contentment.

I wonder if there will be those who will want jogging in New York City parks banned next because of the underarm stench created by people like this small-minded and selfish anchorette, a smell that offends them.

Tit for tat, babe.

Quote of the Day

From (seemingly) eight-year-old Michael Moore:
The auto thing is a good example too of where I wish Obama would just, if he would just ratchet it up another notch. Yes, he saved the jobs of all my friends back in Michigan. But now that we sort of control the car companies, let's get them doing mass transit. Let's get them doing things that are going to save this planet. Because the internal combustion engine is not going to get us to the 22nd century. That's just not going--we're not going to have a planet. That has to stop. And I just thought: gee, we have this power. You know, you can do things.
Gee. Do you suppose this guy will ever reach adolescence?

Barnie Day's Latest

He was kind enough several years ago to give me a copy of his uproariously funny, yet informative, and enlightening, and at times shocking book about the dealings and machinations of the Virginia legislature entitled "Notes From The Sausage Factory."  Although he was just the editor, his writing style proved to be engrossing in its own right.

Well, our own Barnie Day has a new book out.  And it looks like it might be worth the $4.99 it'll cost to download.  (That's right.  No trees were killed in the making of this book.)  For those of you who have e-reader capablilities:

The Last Pahvant.

The scoop from the publisher, Smashwords:
The Last Pahvant
Ebook By Barnie Day
Published: May. 19, 2011
Category: Fiction » Literature » Historical
Words: 83046 (approximate)
Language: English

Ebook Description
An astonishing prodigy is raised in a squatters' camp on the Colorado River during the Great Depression. An orphan, she flashes to world acclaim when discovered by The New York Times. Searing loss and heartbreak follows.
You can get an excerpt of the book here at EPUB*.

Take a look.  Intriguing.

- - -
* There are lots of ways to download books these days to your e-reader, each having advantages over the other depending on the operating system that you're using.  EPUB is the most user-friendly format for my kind of setup.  I save books in EPUB format to something called Calibre, a really cool and easy to use e-book management system, where I store them (to my desktop computer), organize them, refashion them, and upload them, as the need arises, to my e-reader.

Works great.  No hassles.  No screw-ups.

Just a suggestion.

Memo To Tim Kaine:

If the Nixon Tapes saga taught us anything, it's that stonewalling only makes things worse for the accused.

What, do you actually think you can keep this from blowing up in your face until election day, 2012?

Seems so.

A shot across the bow from the Republican Party of Virginia:
Governor McDonnell Acts to Keep Murderer Behind Bars, Kaine Stonewalls on Release Decision

-- RPV Chairman Mullins calls for Kaine to open his Soering records to the public--

Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Gov. McDonnell's announcement regarding Jens Soering:

"I applaud Governor McDonnell's decision not to intervene in the case of Jens Soering. Releasing Soering into German custody could see him released in as little as two years. A jury of 12 Virginians sentenced Soering to two life terms in prison, and Governor McDonnell's action makes sure that the sentence imposed by that jury will be carried out.

"At the same time, I'm surprised that we haven't heard more from former DNC Chairman Kaine about this issue. Chairman Kaine's recently said that he has 'no regrets' regarding his decision to allow Soering return to Germany, and a spokeswoman's said Kaine  'welcomes questions on any part of his record.'

"Just last week, we provided Chairman Kaine with a pre-written records release that, with his signature, would open up his files and let us understand his decision-making process.

"If Chairman Kaine truly has 'no regrets' about how he handled this situation, then he shouldn't be ashamed to let us see what went into the decision making process.

"Just what is Tim Kaine so afraid for Virginia voters to see?" [link]
I guess Kaine would rather shift the conversation to taxes or something. Or Bush's war.

If only W. were still around to scapegoat ...

A Memo From Phil Puckett

Our senator (from Virginia's 38th district), Phil Puckett, sends out the following reminder:
I wanted to remind you that [today] there will be a public hearing about the Appalachian Power rate increases. I hope you can attend. It is important that we voice together our opposition to these rate increases. If you can not attend and have not e-mailed me a letter to hand deliver at the public hearing you can e-mail me at phillip@senatorpuckett.com. The meeting will start at 5:00 p.m. and will be held in the Abingdon High School Auditorium. The address is 705 Thompson Dr. Abingdon, VA. I hope to see you there.