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Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's About Time

We have three political anachronisms here in Southwest Virginia.

Noun: anachronism
1. Something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred
2. An artifact that belongs to another time
3. A person who seems to be displaced in time; who belongs to another age
4. A Democrat in Southwest Virginia)

They go by the names Phil Puckett, Roscoe Reynolds, and John Edwards.

Democratic senators who are displaced in time, artifacts belonging to an age long past.

What say we get them to that museum of disgraced and forgotten politicians before they inflict more damage upon this tortured land?

Beginning with ...
John Edwards challenger to be introduced June 2
Come meet the next 21st District State Senator in Roanoke - Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
From the Roanoke Tea Party

When Virginia State Senator John Edwards was informed of the Roanoke Tea Party's determination to see him defeated in November 2011, he told The Roanoke Times, "Fine. Who are they going to get to run?"

Well, he and the voters of the 21st Senate District will find out this Thursday. A first rate challenger has come forward, and will announce his candidacy at the June 2 meeting of The Roanoke Tea Party. We follow through on our commitments!

We will also welcome Karen Kwiatkowski on Thursday evening, who will be challenging Bob Goodlatte in the 2012 Republican Primary. She will address our group about her objections to Congressman Goodlatte's record, and how she will vote if elected.

Members of the media are invited to attend this meeting. The candidates and members of our Board of Directors will be available for interviews following the meeting.

The June public meeting of The Roanoke Tea Party is scheduled for Thursday, June 2 at the Ramada Inn River's Edge at 6:30 p.m.
Giving Bob Goodlatte a friendly tap on the shoulder - the right shoulder - and asking him to remember who it is that makes and breaks his career in Washington is a healthy thing.

Ending liberal John Edwards' career is a Southwest Virginia imperative.

Here's to the Roanoke Tea Party. Take it to him.

I Agree To Raising The Gas Tax

If the citizens of Newport News are stupid enough to reelect this Democrat, who proposes that they be taxed more heavily than the rest of us in order to ... achieve God knows what, I support their decision and his.

Tax 'em till they bleed, Mr. Miller:
Big Brother is My Co-Pilot: John Miller's Latest Tax
The Republican Party of Virginia

Democrat John Miller loves the gas tax. How much does he love it?

He's tried to raise it no fewer than three times since 2007: SB 6009 (2008), SB 684 (2010), SB 1295 (2011)

But apparently the gas tax just isn't enough for Senator Miller. He wants the people of Hampton Roads to pay even MORE to use the Commonwealth's roads.

Senator Miller has not once, but TWICE, introduced bills that would begin the process of putting Big Brother in the passenger seat of your car - watching how much you drive, so Richmond or Washington can send you a bill based on how far you travel.

He's pretty sure most people won't mind.

"I don't think most people would be concerned that the government knows the number of miles they've traveled,'' he said. -- Daily Press, May 29, 2011

Of course people won't mind! Who could possibly object to paying ANOTHER tax in addition to the gas tax? Just think of the excitement and surprise it would add to your annual inspection each year!

Democrat John Miller: Letting Government Ride Shotgun, Because You're Not Paying Enough Taxes! [link]
You folks over in Hampton Roads want this guy? You want your taxes raised again? Knock yourselves out.

Just keep him far away from the rest of us. We're tapped out. And the government is getting from us all it's going to get.

You want him, you keep him.

Life. Liberty. Property.

Without the freedom to exercise, to the fullest, our pursuit of the three pillars that boulster America's strength and cohesion - life, liberty, property - we're doomed as a nation.

This guy gets it. Listen carefully:

The creation of wealth is what made this country great.

The confiscation and redistribution of wealth are what's making it crumble.

We'll all come to understand that some day.

* South Carolina state Representative Joseph Neal for president.

Headline of the Day


It Might Be My Weiner!

I didn't think it possible.  But it seems ever more likely that Democrat Anthony Weiner took a photo of his undershorts - with him inside - protuberance and all - and sent it to some babe not-his-wife.

There are no words ...

- - -

Question of the Day

Mickey Kaus:

Why is he acting so squirrely?

- - -

And we have the explanation:

Middle-aged men have 'hotness delusion syndrome'

Truth is, I thought Weiner's "junk" looked awfully tiny. But then I can only judge from personal experience.

Comment of the Day

Provided by Glenn Reynolds:

i would say to boycott msnbc, but 99.8% of the country already does.”