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Friday, June 03, 2011

'A Rising Star In The Democratic Party'

That ditty speaks volumes about the low-hanging galaxy that is the leadership of today's Party of the Jackass.

Remember the other day when I suggested Weinergate didn't seem to amount to much?   Well, the man at the center of the storm slight overcast has generated himself a whirlwind.

I'm not even believing what I'm reading about this genius as each day goes by.

The latest:
Weiner: I’m done providing non-answers to you all
By Ed Morrissey

After spending the last two days generating more questions than answers, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) held a press conference this morning to announce that he had nothing more to say. Saying that the “prank has apparently been successful,” Weiner told the media that he had “answered questions extensively … that anyone wanted to put” and that he would have no more to say on the matter of a salacious picture sent out on his Twitter feed.

Funny, most of the media is under the impression that Weiner hasn’t really answered two questions in particular:

* Was the picture in the tweet of Weiner or not? Weiner’s answer is that he’s not sure, which prompted the follow-up question of how many crotch shots does Weiner have of himself, or that others have of him? We’re still waiting for that answer.
* Why won’t Weiner ask for an investigation of the hack into his account? Weiner’s response yesterday that he wanted to save taxpayer money doesn’t seem like a credible response for a man who wanted the federal government to institute a single-payer system that had Uncle Sam running the health-care sector. Better yet, why is Weiner still using the same Twitter account if he really did get hacked, as he claims?

Weiner might be done talking about this, but he’s the only one who is. He might have been better off with this media strategy from the beginning, but it’s far too late to adopt it now. [link]
If one can make a mountain out of a molehill, this dude has done it.  I've never seen anything so inept, so clumsy, and so poorly handled in my life.

Anthony Weiner, Rising Star.

Things are looking up.

For the GOP.

And They Call Sarah Palin Stupid

Jazz Shaw on the most intelligent Secretary of State evah!
While she consistently gets rave reviews from some corners, her appearance this week in Pakistan might cast some doubt on the evaluation of those skills. Ever since Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai demanded an end to air strikes on civilian residences in his country to reduce collateral damage, tensions have been mounting. Clinton’s response – a video clip of which is now making the rounds of every cable news show – could certainly have been phrased a bit better.

“We’re going to continue to do everything we can to express our deep regret when a terrible incident occurs, and civilians are injured or killed,” said Clinton.

Seriously? This did not appear to be an ad hoc response to a reporter’s question, but part of the prepared speech. Somebody had to write and approve that text. Why not just come out and say, “While we know you’re upset, I want to assure you that as we continue to blow up women and children in your country we’re going to feel really, really bad about it.” [link]
I'm embarrassed for my country.

Quote of the Day

The incomparable Dorothy Rabinowitz:
The Republican who wins the presidency will have to have more than a command of the reasons the Obama administration must go. He will have to have a vision of this nation, and its place in the world, that voters recognize, that speaks to a sense of America they can see and take pride in. He can look at the film of the crowds, mostly of young people, who gathered at the White House to wave the flag of the United States when bin Laden was captured and killed. Faces of blacks, whites, Asians—of every ethnic group.

At Louisiana State University not long after that, a student who planned to burn an American flag had to be rushed from the campus for his safety, much to his shock. Students by the hundreds had descended on him in rage, waving their own banners and roaring "USA! USA!" at the top of their lungs. It was a shout that spoke for more than they could say.

After all the years of instruction, all the textbooks on U.S. rapacity and greed, all the college lectures on the evil and injustice the U.S. had supposedly visited on the world, something inside these young rose up to tell them they were Americans. That something lies in the hearts of Americans across the land and it is those hearts to which the candidate will have to speak.
"The Republican Who Can Win," Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2011

Obama's Plan For Southwest Virginia Takes Shape

"Let me sort of describe my overall policy.

"... [I]f somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted
-- President Barack Obama, January 17, 2008 --

He must be pleased.  His policy goes into effect:
Obama's War On Coal Takes a Turn
Big Government

Cap-and-trade legislation may have failed in Congress in 2010, but that doesn’t mean that this is the last we will hear from this economically-harmful policy.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Clean Air Act has been busily proposing and finalizing nearly 200 major policy rules aimed at curbing carbon and other particulate emissions. This despite the fact that the Clean Air Act was never intended for this purpose and widespread opposition exists among the business community, citizens and states.

One particular regulation that is generating deep concern among the business community is the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology rule or better know as the MACT rule. This rule would require coal-fired plants to reduce emissions of particular toxic air pollutants.

The big problem with this is MACT would require coal-fired power plants to install very costly equipment to comply with the regulation. In some cases, these companies simply can’t afford to buy the equipment and for others the needed equipment isn’t commercially available.

If this rule is implemented, it would force the shut down of many coal-fired power plants. For states like Ohio, who rely on coal power for 90 percent of their energy, this is a major problem. According to some estimates, enough coal-fired power plants would close to equal about 30-70 gigawatts of electricity generated nationwide. A single gigawatt of energy can power about 750,000 homes.

In a time where national unemployment hovers around 9 percent, these regulations threaten to lead to more job losses and do some serious damage to the economy. The American Legislative Exchange Council estimated that the EPA regulation will eliminate 2.5 million jobs, depress investment by $300 billion by 2014 and reduce GDP by up to $500 billion.

Many states and local communities are already voicing strong concern about the EPA’s regulations. States like Michigan and Utah have claimed that the EPA has overstepped their regulatory jurisdiction and urged the U.S. Congress to intervene and provide much needed oversight over the agency.

More citizens, communities and states need to join in the call for Congress to intervene if the EPA is to be reined before it does the anticipated damage to our economy, which recent speculation has suggested could be headed for more trouble. [link]
As if the problems here in Appalachia weren't bad enough.  Expect, thanks to Obama and his EPA, for unemployment to rise and  poverty to deepen. 

Why punish the poor to soothe the rich man's folly?