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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Palin Vindicated

I love to tweak the other side.

"From "the comments" a few days ago:

"Hey, y'all seem to love Palin. How about her historical knowledge of Paul Revere's Revolutionary War ride? Pretty inspiring stuff."

That was, of course, meant as a put-down.

A put-down by an historically ignorant commenter, as it turns out.

See "Historians agree: Palin was right about Revere."

Suggestion: Pick up a book occasionally, dude.

"Palin was right."  Seems we read that quote a lot lately.

Know Your Friends. Know Your Enemies.

Don't you get really tired of politicians who say one thing and then vote the opposite?

Meet Roscoe Reynolds, Democrat:
What's that Sound? Roscoe Reynolds Running From his Record
While Roscoe talks about BB guns, Virginians who defend themselves remain at risk

There's a sound echoing through Southside Virginia. It's faint at the moment, but it gets louder with every passing day... soft footfalls, growing louder, quicker, and more desperate as November draws inevitably closer.

It's the sound of Democrat Roscoe Reynolds desperately trying to run away from his record.

Roscoe has actively been working to portray himself as a gun-friendly, Second Amendment ally. His Facebook page is full of references to his "pro gun" legislation - allowing Virginians to use BB guns on their own property.

But while Roscoe talks about air guns, Virginians' right to self defense remains in serious jeopardy - due in no small part to Democrat Roscoe Reynolds.

Roscoe had not one, but two, opportunities during the 2011 General Assembly session to support the "Castle Doctrine" - legislation that would ensure that any Virginian using their Second Amendment right to protect their home an family from criminals couldn't be hauled into court.

When both bills came before the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, Roscoe took the lead in fighting the bill, arguing that the law wasn't needed.

So while Roscoe Reynolds is running away from his record by talking about how he supports Virginia's gun owners, just remember what exactly he supports:

• Shooting a BB gun in the backyard? Yes.
• Protecting a homeowner who fought off a home-invasion robbery? No.

Roscoe Reynolds: A friend* of the Second Amendment! [link]
Reynolds has never explained - in any coherent, understandable way - why he opposes the right of Southwest Virginians to protect their loved ones in their own homes (with something other than an a BB gun).

Maybe it's time the good people of Virginia's 20th Senate District found someone who can both explain himself/herself and support our right to self-defense?

Time for Roscoe to RosGO?

* Rumor has it that the reason Reynolds opposed legislation that would allow people to defend themselves in their own homes without fear of retribution is because he owed a favor to a nameless Democrat up north.  Speaks volumes about his loyalties.

Making Fun Of The Sickos

Take a moment and read the weblog post from yesterday about the newspaper columnist who thinks it a neat idea that people like me be tattooed because we disagree with him about global warming theory.  I didn't see the humor in his plan.  But others do:
Win $500 in JunkScience.com’s ‘Climate Change Denier Tattoo’ Sweepstakes!

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Richard Glover appallingly suggested that climate ‘deniers” be forcibly tattooed for purposes of future shaming.

While the chilling totalitarian mindset of this barely tongue-in-cheek commentary speaks for itself, we at JunkScience.com like to think of our status as climate change skeptics as a principled stand against shoddy science, public policy hysteria and unnecessary economy-killing regulation.

In that spirit, we’re proud to announce this opportunity for fellow skeptics to win $500 by entering the Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes.

You don’t need to get a real tattoo to enter. Simply draw on some body part (obscenity prohibited) your concept of a climate change denier tattoo. Please provide a caption or short description for your photo. [link]
Me?  I think I'll go with this one, big and bold, across my chest:

That's a likeness of Galileo.  He too was persecuted for holding beliefs that ran contrary to accepted orthodoxy.  In his day all scientists knew - they knew - without doubt - that the earth was the center of the universe.

They knew - without having a shred of evidence to support their theory.

It was the facts that ultimately proved them wrong.

So much for "scientific consensus."

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”
-- Galileo Galilei --

Documentarian Makes Ass Of Self

"Fracking" is all the rage amongst environmentalists these days (now that global warming is on the wane).  It's caused the French government to go schizo (more so than normal).  And it's provided an "investigative filmmaker" the opportunity to be nominated for an Academy Award.

The grabber in the film?  The scene that sets environmentalists afire?  Josh Fox, said filmmaker, is able to turn on a kitchen faucet and set it afire.  His explanation?  Fracking ("a means of natural gas extraction employed in deep natural gas well drilling; once a well is drilled, millions of gallons of water, sand and proprietary chemicals are injected, under high pressure, into a well, allowing the pressure to fracture the shale and prop open fissures that enable natural gas to flow more freely out of the well.") caused the faucet to ignite.

The truth may be something entirely different.  As evidenced by the filmmaker squirming on film as probing questions are asked:

So you know, the filmmaker decided - apparently - that there were certain ... inconvenient truths ... brought out in the video you see above. He and his lawyers therefore had it pulled from YouTube.  When he receives his Oscar, expect him to say something about exposing the truth.  With a straight face.

Me?  I see this as just another example of how easy it is to frighten the crap out of environmentalists.  Ozone holes.  Rainforest depletion.  Acid rain. Global warming.  Fracking.   Jock itch.  Morning breath.  Say the magic words and watch them pee their pants.

Kinda humorous.  In a pathetic sorta way ...