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Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's War On Southwest Virginia II

When academic discussions lead to human suffering.

We can debate the theory that revolves around the effects that CO2 has on atmospheric temperatures.  And we can debate the threat posed by trace amounts of mercury being emitted by coal-fired power plants*.

But when our government starts throwing people out of work, by the hundreds of thousands, in reaction to unsettled theory, we have a problem of revolutionary proportion.

The enraging news coming out of Washington: Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Tazewell, and Wise Counties here in Virginia are doomed.
The EPA's War on Jobs
Wall Street Journal

The EPA is currently conducting a campaign against coal-fired power and one of its most destructive weapons is a pending regulation to limit mercury and other hazardous air pollutants like dioxins or acid gases that power plants emit. The 946-page rule mandates that utilities install "maximum achievable control technology" under the Clean Air Act—and even by the EPA's lowball estimates, it is the most expensive rule in the agency's history.

The real goal of the EPA's rule is to shut down fossil fuel electric power in the name of climate change. The consensus estimate in the private sector is that the utility rule and eight others on the EPA docket will force the retirement of 60 out of the country's current 340 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity. Reliability downgrades will hit the South and Midwest where coal energy is concentrated. American Electric Power recently announced that the rules will force it to shut down five plants in West Virginia and Ohio, a quarter of its coal fleet.

The power industry estimates that the true costs of the utility rule will far exceed the EPA estimates, which of course will be passed to consumers and businesses as higher prices. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, normally a White House union ally, says the rule will destroy 50,000 jobs and another 200,000 down the supply chain. That's more jobs lost than if Boeing went bust.

Astonishingly, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson claimed in March that the utility rule is "expected to create jobs," because it will "increase demand for pollution control technology" and "new workers will be needed to install, operate, and maintain" it. In other words, the government should harm an industry and force it to ruin working assets so maybe other people can clean up the mess.

Such theories help explain why the economic recovery and job creation are far weaker than they ought to be, but the good news is that even many Democrats are beginning to push back against the EPA's willful damage. The least Congress can do is force the EPA to delay the final utility rule to allow for more public debate, though a better option would be to junk it. [link]
Particularly damning is the fact that the underlying premise these people cling to seems to be flawed in the extreme.  See : "If atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions are the sole or primary driver of global temperatures, then where is all the global warming? We’re talking 10 years of higher-than-expected increases in greenhouse gases, yet 10 years of absolutely no warming."

These leftists must be stopped.  Before they destroy what's left of our country.

Economic ruin is the alternative.


* More mercury enters your home when you buy one of those environmentalist-friendly CFL light bulbs than come in through your windows and doors from the air outside.  So why doesn't the EPA ban CFL light bulbs?  Because, apparently, there's good mercury poisoning and there's bad mercury poisoning.

Another reason the EPA is to be considered out of control and needs to be abolished.

How These Things Are Dealt With

So some meathead in San Francisco has decided that he's going to unionize Apple retail stores.  A part-time employee, no less.  A part-timer who makes five bucks an hour more than minimum wage, after just three years, no less.

See "Apple store employee seeks to plant union seed."

Dream on.

Speaking from experience, here's what's going to happen.  Apple won't out-and-out fire this troublemaker.  That'll only produce bad press and outside union interest.  No, Apple will close his store.  Leaving him without a job.  But with no direct action against him having been taken.

He's history.  And, more importantly, the message is sent.

This schmuck has no idea how seriously corporations take these things.  In Apple's case, this could ultimately cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.  So what's one store?  They'll simply build a new one down the street.  With new staffing.

And Mr. Union Man will be bagging groceries at Uncle Ernie's Bargain Bonanza.  For minimum wage.

Apple executives can be counted on to take my advice.

The alternative is too much the nightmare to let happen.

When Fads Kill

No, this isn't about windmills. Though it could be.

Nor is it about light bulbs.  Though it could be.

Nor electric cars.

No, this has to do with food that kills.  Food that's extremely expensive because it's supposed to be especially good for you.

So good they're still counting the dead.

This is pathetic in a way.  People buy organic because they seem to want to have this close affinity with nature.  With "natural foods."

Well E. coli is very much a part of nature too.

And all it would have taken was for that "organic" farmer in Germany to wash his vegetables before he sent them to market.

Or to have irradiated them, as the modern world has done for fifty years.

But no.  They have to have their "organic" vegetables.

Now dozens of people - people who made the decision to buy "healthy foods" - are dead.

Sometimes you gotta wonder about people ...

Okay, This is a little weird.

But very creative.

Two Dogs Dining.

The things people dream up ...