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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kiss John Edwards Goodbye

What we don't need around here are any Democrats making our lives more miserable than they already are.  Because of that, this is welcome news:
Christiansburg Del. Dave Nutter seeks to unseat Roanoke Sen. John Edwards
Nutter will give up his House seat to make a bid for the state Senate.
By Michael Sluss, Roanoke Times

Richmond Del. Dave Nutter, R-Christiansburg, will run for the state Senate seat held by Roanoke Democrat John Edwards, a political gamble that underscores the efforts Republicans are making to gain control of the Senate.

Nutter, who disavowed interest in the race just a month ago, said Tuesday that he will seek the Republican nomination for the 21st District seat. Roanoke insurance agent Tripp Godsey also will run for the GOP nomination, which will be decided in an Aug. 23 primary.

"After serving 10 years in the House, I've enjoyed that experience; I've been able to make an impact," Nutter said in a telephone interview. "The Senate offers a unique opportunity and a perspective between the Roanoke and New River valleys."

The newly redrawn 21st District includes all of Roanoke, a portion of Roanoke County, part of Montgomery County including Blacksburg, and all of Giles County. [link]
The Democrat-controlled Senate drew up the new district with the thought that Edwards was a safe bet for reelection.  But with his support traditionally being unenthusiastic and shallow (if expansive) and with a strong conservative opponent entering the race, in a year when liberalism and the negatives that go with it will be the issue dominating the campaign, this could be one to watch.

Nutter, as you may recall, led the effort to block then-Governor Tim Kaine and his buddies in the Senate - including Edwards - from passing a potentially destructive tax increase at a time when it would have been least helpful.  He, along with a handful of fiscal watchdogs in the House of Delegates, stopped the big spenders in their tracks and became heroes to us common taxpayers.

It'll be an uphill battle, what with so many wild-eyed liberals on the voting rolls in his district, but Nutter is just the man to bring about victory for the taxpayers of this tortured region.

Here's to Dave Nutter.  Take it to him, big guy.  Make him squeal.  Make us proud.

- - -

One down.  Two to go.  Will Phil and Roscoe be on their way into retirement soon?

We can only hope.

The Virginia GOP Has Done It Again

I don't know who does these YouTube spots for the Republican Party of Virginia but they are creative, timely, and spankalicious.   The latest: Tim Kaine opens his mouth and ...

I thought it was a stupid stunt - a transparently stupid stunt - fecklessly pulled off by Mr. Kaine back in 2009 when he pleaded state poverty and closed all those interstate rest areas here in Virginia.

It's good to see him called on it.

Expect to see more - lots more - of these videos emerge on YouTube. Every time Kaine opens his mouth. The days these guys can get on TV and play fast and loose with the facts - and with history - are over. There are two new sheriffs in town: Weblogs and YouTube.

Keepin' it real.
Keepin' 'em honest.

George Allen Has a Plan

And a comprehensive plan for renewal it is. Here are just the highlights from his Blueprint for America's Comeback:
Virginians’ vision of achieving the American Dream has been badly shaken by our struggling economy, falling home values, and a government that borrows $40 for every $100 it spends. America needs to get back in control of its own destiny. We are vulnerable to outside forces due to our dangerous levels of debt, burdensome taxes on job creators, and counterproductive energy policies.

While pessimism about our current state of affairs is understandable in these challenging times, we can restore confidence and the promise of opportunity for the next generation by taking the necessary steps now. We can once again make America a country where young people graduating from college are limited only by their imagination, hard work and ingenuity.

The Blueprint for America’s Comeback is a pro-growth plan of action to get our country back on course by focusing on jobs, competitiveness, freedom and opportunity.
Allen's plan, one that is every job-growth conservative's dream, includes the following initiatives:
Making America Competitive for Job Creators.
- Reduce the federal tax on job-creating businesses
- Make the tax code more simple and fair for businesses and individuals.
- Make permanent tax changes affecting small businesses to provide them the certainty they need to reasonably plan, invest and create jobs.
- Regulate the regulators.
- Keep America the world capital of innovation by preparing Americans to compete for and succeed in the good-paying, high-skill, high-knowledge jobs of the 21st Century economy.

Unleashing America’s Plentiful Energy Resources and Creativity.
- Embrace conservation, innovation, teleworking, and more efficient equipment and building designs to save money and waste less energy. Apply American ingenuity to bring to market affordable alternative or renewable sources of energy.
- Remove the self-imposed barriers to producing energy from American resources.
- Encourage technologies that will continue to advance the use of coal to generate clean, affordable electricity as well as the proven technology of coal-to-liquid fuels.
- Remove outdated regulatory barriers to allow the next generation of safer, more efficient advanced nuclear power.

Reining in the Over-Reaching, Over-Spending Federal Government.
- Change the way Washington does business by imposing the discipline of a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment.
- Enact the Paycheck Penalty Act
- Ban earmarks
- Pursue Government Management Reforms similar to those recommended by the Blue Ribbon Strike Force in Virginia.
- Reverse the excesses of the Obama Administration.
- Recognizing that Medicare taxes and premiums cover only a little more than half the program’s actual cost,[40] make needed improvements to preserve Medicare for current and future seniors and protect the program from going broke.
- Free the States to be the laboratories of democracy our Founders intended.
And what does his opponent, Tim Kaine, propose to do to turn this country around?

If his website - Kaine for VA.com - is any indication ...


Is There ANY Subsidy Mark Warner Won't Support?

Ethanol as a substitute for (or additive to) gasoline has now been shown to be totally counterproductive, immodestly expensive, and a detriment to the environment.  Not to mention the fact that it's taking food out of the mouths of babes and sending commodities prices soaring.

But it's popular with the big agricultural conglomerates in the Midwest.

Which means Virginia Senator Mark Warner supports it.


That's right.  A vote took place in the Senate yesterday and our beloved Mr. Warner - who never met a wasteful spending endeavor that he couldn't support - was the deciding vote to keep federal subsidies going to those wealthy ag conglomerates in the Midwest for a product that the entire Western World wants snuffed.

Mark Warner.  Friend to fabulously wealthy corporate types.  And loved by hundreds of thousands of Virginia Democrats.

Do I laugh?  Or do I cry?

I think I'll at least chuckle.

What idiots.

- - -

Update, June 16, 05:09: Kevin Hall, Communications Director for Mark Warner's office, has taken me to task in an email for having written that Warner's was the deciding vote. It was not. The cloture vote required sixty to pass and it failed handily.

I thank Mr. Hall for the correction and apologize for the error.

Republican To Tea Partiers:

Boy, I wish we could make those cuts in government spending here in Washington but, darn it, we have to pass our appropriations bills (that involve lots more spending and include only paltry cuts) on time and if you vote against them, just like with your voting against raising the debt limit, all hell will break loose and Brian Williams will be upset with us.

So just go with the flow and we'll talk about spending cuts ... some ... other ... day.

I Get So Confused

If memory serves, Phil Donahue once had on his TV talk show a man who had a sex change and became a woman who was a lesbian who loved women.

I'll give you a moment to work through that ...

Now try to figure this out:

I can't deal with this ...

And They Want Another 'Stimulus' Why?

Sure the first one helped Wall Street, for a time, but what exactly was achieved beyond that?

Yeah, let's do what the Democrats are calling for and run up another stimulus.

As long as there are jobs still out there, there are still jobs to kill.

Why The Tea Party Continues To Grow

We are paying $1.5 million to promote tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands.

We are paying $1.5 million to promote tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands.

We are paying $1.5 million to promote tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands.

We are paying $1.5 million to promote tourism in the Northern Mariana Islands.

For the love of God.

A Warning

Obama may not be actively trying to destroy this country, at least right now, but he's only biding his time.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it (in "The Obama Hiatus"):
President Obama's re-election machine is already running full bore, but has his entire Administration also decamped for the campaign trail? We ask because the towering ambitions of Mr. Obama's first two years have suddenly gone into abeyance in his third, apparently to be deferred until years five through eight. The White House is more or less conceding that it doesn't have a chance of winning a second term unless his major policies go on hiatus.

Liberals figure that as long as Mr. Obama can be re-elected next year on another hope-and-change platform, it will be too late to hope to change anything and he can then return to his legacy project of building a tax and entitlement state on the European model. The economy may benefit from Mr. Obama's temporary amnesty, but the real lesson of this hiatus from liberalism is that it should be shut down permanently.
Make no mistake, Obama has every intention of "changing" this country even more than he has in the last two years.  And those changes are not for the better (witness his assault on jobs here in Southwest Virginia).  And he'll have four more years, after November, 2012, to accomplish his goals.

If We The People don't stop him, that is.

Question of the Day

"How long does the current standstill in global temperatures have to continue before you question some of your assumptions about global warming?

- - -

It's interesting that those who cling to the global warming faith will look out the window, see bad weather, and declare it to be a sign of planetary climate change, but when confronted with the fact that global temperatures haven't changed in a decade, they say ten years isn't enough of a time span to draw conclusions about climate.