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Friday, June 17, 2011

Obama's War On Southwest Virginia III

Make that Obama's and Phil Puckett's war on Southwest Virginia.

The Republican Party of Virginia thinks those of you who live here in Southwest Virginia who work in the mines or have friends, relatives, and neighbors who depend on the mines for their livelihood deserve to know the truth about your state senator.

He ain't who he says he is:

Democrat Phil Puckett: President Obama's Man in Southwest Virginia
- While President Obama destroys coal, Phil Puckett whistles ... and cheers --

The bad news for our coal industry just keeps on coming. President Obama's EPA is pursuing rules that will force AEP to close FIVE of its coal fired plans.

Coal jobs... slipping away from Southwest Virginia.

Where do those plants get their coal?

Southwest Virginia
, among other places:

The plants AEP proposes to cut in West Virginia and Virginia bought more than 2 million tons of coal in 2010, according to state Public Service Commission records. Nationally, mines produce about 1 billion tons of coal annually and the vast majority of it is used to generate about half the nation's electricity.

Agency reports show that coal came from mines in southwest Virginia and West Virginia owned by such industry heavyweights as Virginia-based mine operator Alpha Natural Resources and St. Louis-based Patriot Coal.

President Obama's war on coal is continuing.

And Phil Puckett is sitting on his hands.

Phil Puckett... President Obama's lead cheerleader in Southwest Virginia.

He talks a good game on his campaign website ...but when Southwest Virginia needed Puckett to stand up for coal jobs, Puckett stood up for President Obama.

• Phil voted NO on sending the EPA a message that they've gone too far, not once, but TWICE. 

• When Boucher and Obama were actively trying to scuttle our coal industry, Phil Puckett stood up... and backed Obama. "Puckett said the congressman 'has got a pretty good answer' for his critics." (The Roanoke Times, August 15, 2010)

• Phil not only didn't oppose Cap and Trade, he wanted the coal-job destroying plan to work: "I hope it's going to work," Puckett said. "If it works, I'll be happy." (Bluefield Daily Telegraph, June 26, 2009)

Phil likes to talk about how much he supports coal and coal jobs, but when push comes to shove, he falls back into line with his fellow Democrats ... to toe President Obama's line.


As a direct result of the actions taken by Obama's EPA, jobs are soon to be lost in Virginia's coalfields.  So where is Phil Puckett?

He's nowhere to be found.