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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hostilities, by any other name ...

Just sublime:

The White House has decided that we're not perpetrating "hostile" acts upon the innocent people of Libya.

Good.  Can we stop bombing them then?

* Maybe it's another "overseas contingency operation" now.  Or something.

For the love of God

To think: This "professor" makes a tidy income (off the taxpayers) making this shit up:
Garen Wintemute, "the longtime gun control-advocacy junk researcher at the University of California at Davis," has released "a 'new 'study,' published by Injury Prevention, [that]  pushes the idea that gun owners, particularly those who keep and carry firearms for protection, are more likely to drink heavily and often." (source)
"Particularly those who keep and carry firearms for protection."

"Drink heavily and often."


It's frightening that this guy makes a living dreaming up nonsense like this.

With an estimated 120 million guns in circulation, the streets of America must be awash with the blood of schnockered gun toters and their innocent victims.

The streets are awash with blood, right?


Then what's this moron proving?

Muslim held in Pentagon bomb scare


Whither The 'Eco Village'?

It was brought to my attention in an email that some in the town of Abingdon would love to see plans put in place that patterened its growth along the lines of the "Eco Village" in Floyd, where, as it was described to me, planners achieved "a 70% reduction in groundwater usage, high density residences w/ mixed ages/ incomes, "community garden/ "canning" kitchen/ laundry, surrounded by conservation easement.   Utopian bliss!"

Or maybe that was the plan and not the results.

Or maybe it was wishful thinking.

Go to "floydecovillage.com" and up comes ... nothing.

A cached version of the site, however, brings us to this.

I don't know why the website was up and then came down but maybe that "utopian bliss" ran into some kind of problem getting off the ground?

I'll keep looking.  Sounds to me like typical Floyd County hippie type stuff that we love to poke fun at.

Should be a hoot.

If it exists.

* There is this from 2008 that mentions plans for the village.  But a search, to this point, produces nothing.
** Update: There is at least this from last year suggesting that it exists.

This Seems So ... Correct

Far be it from me to express the sentiments of those who "man the walls."  I've never walked their walk.  So I'll say - up front - that I don't talk their talk.

But I wonder how this is being received in the ranks of those who are heading off for their second - and third and fourth - deployments to war zones around the world:

Me? I think that's sweet.

- - -

* I was curious to know what the good general did to earn this reward.  From the article:

"She is credited with taking a military base in Afghanistan that was designed to serve 10,000 Marines and expanding it to accommodate the needs of 10,000 more, according to the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force website."

She "took" an assignment and carried it out. All righty, then.

This Does Not Boost Confidence

A trip down memory lane:

"Obama to Members of Congress: Action Versus Libya to Last 'Days not Weeks'".

And now, days weeks months later, Obama's "action" continues, no end in sight.

What to think ...

Ethanol Subsidy Update

I blasted Virginia Senator Mark Warner the other day for voting against a Tom Coburn amendment that would have (ultimately) cut off funding for that tried-but-failed ethanol boondoggle.

After having done so, I received an email from his communications director taking me to task and telling me that Warner had every intention of voting against ethanol, that he simply disapproved that particular amendment.

Following through on that promise, Warner did indeed vote in favor of an identical amendment intended to eliminate the subsidy on Thursday.

We make progress.

George Allen Has a New Website

Says our future United States senator:
The multi-level platform is designed to empower volunteers and supporters to work directly with the campaign, as well as provide easy access to the latest news, happenings, pictures and videos from the trail. Interactive features, such as Facebook and Twitter, will allow visitors to share thoughts and ideas with the campaign and recruit like-minded friends to join the cause.

“We are building a strong grassroots team across Virginia and our new website will serve as an online gathering place to share ideas and catch up on all the latest activities,” said George Allen. “This new site will connect supporters, keeping everyone engaged and involved while allowing us to interact more closely.”
The website can be viewed here: GeorgeAllen.com.

Delegate Habeeb To Hold Town Hall Meetings

Reaching out to the people:

Salem – Delegate Greg Habeeb (R-Salem) will hold Town Hall Meetings in Craig and Montgomery Counties later this month.

Habeeb will hold a Town Hall Meeting at the Craig County High School-Middle School on June 27 at 6 p.m. Habeeb will also hold a Town Hall Meeting at Eastern Montgomery High School on June 28 at 7 p.m.

All of Craig County, a substantial part of Eastern Montgomery County and the Town of Christiansburg will become part of the 8th House of Delegates District after the redistricting process is complete.

“It is important for me to reach out to new voters in these areas. I want them to know that I will represent them with the same dedication that I have for the people of Salem and Roanoke County,” said Habeeb. “The redistricting process has left a lot of people asking questions, and we want constituents to understand who their representative will be and how we can serve them.”

Habeeb will discuss the redistricting process and other important legislative items at the meeting. He will also take questions from constituents.
Be there.