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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll Take That Bet

Let's review recent history.

Bob Dole was electable.

John McCain was electable.

Right up to nomination day.

But neither Bob Dole nor John McCain proved to be electable when it counted.

History repeating itself?

He's betting that a lot of Republicans will find him "electable" because the media adore him and because he's only a smidgeon from being a Democrat.

On second thought, maybe I won't take that bet.

Question Posed. Answer Provided.

Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin.com:

"So why doesn’t the government just ban cigarettes since they’re so horrendously unhealthy? Well, they care about our health, but not that much."

Ban cigarettes.  I'm surprised Obama's EPA hasn't done just that.

It can, you know.  The United States Supreme Court says so.

Explain This To Me

Feminists support abortion with unmasked zeal.

Feminists support abortion with unmasked zeal.

So what's a feminist again?

This Takes The Cake

The Obama lackey whose claim to fame is that he was caught not paying his taxes is proposing a tax increase.

On the rest of us.

See "Tim Geithner's tax evasion" from 2009.

See "Geithner: We Need to Raise Taxes" from 2011.

If I, like Geithner, can refuse to pay them, I'm for tax increases too.

I sometimes think we need to put a match to Washington and let it burn.

Mindless Idiocy

Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson:

Simply put, the Clean Air Act saves lives and strengthens the American workforce.  As a result, the economic value of clean air far exceeds the costs."

Is she stupid?  Or evil?

You decide.

A Question That Deserves An Answer

In the last three decades the U.S. has been invaded by 10,000,000 foreigners whose first act when they stepped onto U.S. soil was to break the law. So where do we place the emphasis when it comes to the defense of our country?

In May of 2006 two North Korean soldiers entered the DMZ and crossed into South Korea, then returned.



And where are all our troops positioned?

I think the sheriff has a valid question.

I Provide Support To Muslims

Here's a test of your political consistencies.

Do you side with the Jewish community in its expressed outrage that the city of San Francisco is contemplating a ban on circumcision, a traditional rite of the Jewish faith?

If so, do you oppose government efforts to ban this religious custom too?

I can see why law enforcement would have a problem with the burqa. And if it weren't for that little thingie called probable cause, I might be right there with them.

I'll grant you the fact that a distinction can be made between a rite and a custom.

But other than that, is there a valid reason, beyond your wish to see Muslims shut up and go back to wherever they came from, why you'd favor one and oppose the other?

Time to consider ...

Where's Tim Kaine?

Just how out of touch are Democrats these days?  With all the problems America faces - massive unemployment, even worse underemployment, a mortgage crisis, an energy crisis, a bankruptcy implosion, a dollar crisis, a deficit/debt crisis, three (maybe four) wars going on simultaneously, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security under growing pressure, our way of life under assault by the courts - Tim Kaine, candidate for senator for the Commonwealth of Virginia, has made the centerpiece of his 2012 campaign ...

... education.

The one and only topic that is offensive to no one and one about which everyone has a positive attitude.

Never mind the fact that the United States government, within which he'd be working if he gets elected, educates nobody.  Nor has it ever been responsible for educating anyone.

Never mind the massive unemployment, even worse underemployment, the mortgage crisis, the energy crisis, the bankruptcy implosion, the dollar crisis, the deficit/debt crisis, the three (maybe four) wars going on simultaneously, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security under growing pressure, our way of life under assault by the courts

So why would Tim Kaine focus on something about which he can have no direct influence?

It's easier than tackling those real issues that plague our country and our state.

Well, he ain't gonna get away with it.  He can run from the important issues but he can't hide:
George Allen Calls on Tim Kaine to Stand Up for Virginia and Condemn the NLRB’s Baseless Lawsuit

Richmond, VA – Today, George Allen condemned the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) complaint against Boeing as an attack on job-creating businesses and the economic competitiveness of all Right-to-Work states, and urged Tim Kaine to stand up for Virginia and speak out against this baseless lawsuit. According to the Washington Examiner, the lawyer for the NLRB could provide no evidence to the House Oversight Committee to support their primary complaint that Boeing transferred jobs out of Washington State.

“The NRLB’s complaint against Boeing is an assault on the economic freedom and competitiveness of all Right-to-Work states — potentially costing America jobs as companies look for more hospitable environments elsewhere,” said George Allen. “Do we really want the government telling our job creating businesses where they are allowed to build plants, hire workers and produce? I certainly don't, but unfortunately my opponent, Tim Kaine, has remained silent on this important issue.

"It's clear that when the Democrats in Washington take their marching orders from the SEIU union bosses, it puts American jobs in jeopardy. Virginia is the northern-most Right-to-Work state on the eastern seaboard, which gives us a crucial competitive advantage in attracting job-creating businesses and investment. We cannot stand by as liberal Democrats in Washington carry out their anti-business, job crushing agenda. I hope Mr. Kaine joins with us in Virginia instead of standing with his supporters and allies in Washington,” Allen concluded.

The Hill reported in February that as DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine helped to support the labor protests in Wisconsin, characterizing reform efforts as a “declaration of war on public workers.” George Allen believes the families of Virginia deserve to know whether Chairman Tim Kaine will once again choose to stand with President Obama and the SEIU union bosses as they undermine the freedom and competition that Right-to-Work laws promote. So far, Mr. Kaine has been silent on the issue.
I should add one more problem to the lengthy and growing list of crises that we face - an out-of-control executive branch of the federal government that defies the legislative, denies the will of the people, and foists upon us dictatorial decrees that mock the Constitution and that ravage the nation. In this case it's the NLRB, but it also includes an EPA that answers to no one. Except Obama.

So where is Tim Kaine on this issue?

My guess? We'll never know. He's off making speeches about how important kindergarten is.

While Rome burns ...