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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Actually, Rachel Maddow is Right

As much as it pains me to admit ...

Read "Madame Maddow Warns That Cutting Government Spending Means Money 'Taken Out of the Economy'."

The author, Jack Coleman, takes the MSNBC blabbermouth to task over her assertion that a reduction in federal spending will bring about a reduction in GDP.  He writes:

"Maddow predictably gets it backward -- increasing government spending diverts money 'out of the economy.' True, much of it is filtered back through salaries for public workers and government contracts, but not until an inherently lethargic bureaucracy bites off a big chunk in the process."

Maddow is right for this reason: Almost one-half of the money that the government is now spending each year doesn't come from taxes or tariffs.  It is funny money that simply comes from that big printing press known as the United States Treasury.  Money that isn't really there.  Federal deficit money. 

Under other circumstances, in a real world, the federal budget would be tied directly to the amount of taxes confiscated from the citizenry and from America's corporations.  But not these days.  The government is pumping money into the economy like the world has never experienced before.  And it's not backed up with anything other than the ink that was squirted to print it.

A huge problem in itself. 

Which actually makes for two huge problems.

We need to control our deficit problem or risk collapse of the dollar, and with it our credit rating.  And with them, our way of life.  But if we remove a trillion dollars in federal spending from the economy over the next many years - nearly half of which didn't come out of the economy in the first place but from that printing press - GDP will take a hit.  As much as a 10% hit.

(I also contend that the reason Obama's - and Bush's - stimulus plans failed miserably was because we already had a torrent of federal spending flooding the economy before they turned the spigot another turn.  A few hundred billion?  Ho.  Hum.)

Bottom line: We need to reduce federal spending or we're doomed.  And if we reduce federal spending we are going to make things worse for the economy.

A fine mess these people have made.

To think: We paid them all handsomely to make this mess too.

The Democratic Party's Best & Brightest

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."
-- Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 --

Maybe.  But in order for that to happen, the Mexicans among us will have to seize control of our country and scrap our Constitution.

For the love of God.  How ignorant can these Democrats be?

The Never-ending Story

How many times has this headline been written over the years?

In truth, New York's GOP is a small shell of that which it once was.

I wonder why ...

Obama: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Talk about being stuck on stupid, I listened to a good bit of Barack Obama's press conference yesterday and was struck by the fact that the man is still spewing the same tired, discredited lines that he's been reciting throughout these past three years.  It's as if nothing's changed.  We need to tax the rich. We need to spend more money.  We need to end the deficit crisis - without touching Medicare, Medicaid, Education, or Social Security (which comprise 78% of the federal budget ...).

Nothing has changed.

Including the fact that the man has never stopped running for president.

Read this.  And, if you voted for the worm, be ashamed:

Nothing has changed as far as the media are concerned either.

The worst part?

Nothing's going to change.

I'm Not Holding Out Much Hope

Ken Cuccinelli, George Allen, and Bill Bolling want to know where Tim Kaine stands on one of the most important issues of our time - the right to work.

From a press release:
Bolling, Cuccinelli: If Kaine Still Supports Right-to-Work, He Should Publicly Oppose NLRB Boeing Suit
-- Republican leaders call for former DNC Chairman to take a stand --

Richmond - If former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine still supports the Commonwealth's Right-to-Work laws, he needs to speak up.

That's the message that two of Virginia's highest-ranking elected officials sent today, calling on the former Democratic National Committee chairman turned U.S. Senate candidate to speak out against a threat to the Old Dominion's continued economic recovery.

"In my role as Virginia's Chief Jobs Creation Officer, I know how important our Right-to-Work law is in helping recruit new business, industry and jobs to Virginia. Employers want to know that they have a stable environment in which to do business," said Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.

Bolling, who serves as the McDonnell administration's point man on job creation, called on Kaine to support Virginia's Right-to-Work laws. Virginia's law, as in 21 other states, ensures that workers have the freedom to join a union if they so choose, but cannot be forced to sign up as a condition of employment.

"Virginia is widely recognized as the most pro-business state in the nation, and one of the reasons for this recognition is the fact that we are the northern most Right-to-Work law state," he said.

"Unfortunately, in recent years our right to work law has been under attack," Bolling added. "The most recent attack comes from the National Labor Relations Board and their incessant efforts to force unionization on employers through a number of misguided federal policies."

"Every candidate for statewide office should publicly reject the NLRB's anti-business policies and ensure employers and workers alike that they will do everything they can to support our state's Right-to-Work law," said Bolling.

"This NLRB assault is a jobs creation program... for China. Does Tim Kaine really support this sort of extra-legal, Virginia-job-destroying policy? I think Virginians deserve the right to know before Kaine is given power to affect the NLRB in the U.S. Senate," said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

"Men and women have the right to join a union, but no one should be coerced or compelled to join a union as a condition for having a job," Cuccinelli said. "Washington hasn't yet gotten the message that it needs to get out of our day to day lives. That's why Virginia needs a Congressional delegation that is committed to preserving the freedom embodied in Virginia's Right-to-Work law."

The NLRB sued Boeing last month in an effort to block the company's plans to expand its 787 Dreamliner manufacturing lines by adding some 1,000 new jobs at a new facility in South Carolina, a Right-to-Work state. The Board's suit claims that the decision to expand in South Carolina, instead of Washington, a forced-union state, is retaliation against union workers there for previous strikes.

Boeing argues that all the jobs being created are new and the expansion of the Dreamliner manufacturing line in South Carolina is good business. Boeing has said the new jobs will have no impact on the existing line in Washington state.

As DNC Chairman, Kaine was quick to mobilize the party's resources to oppose the efforts of Republican Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, to overhaul his state's public employee collective bargaining rules. According to reports by The Washington Post, Kaine spoke with Wisconsin labor leaders during the legislative debate on Governor Walker's budget repair bill.

Not long after, Organizing for America, the remnants of the Obama 2008 campaign began making phone calls, sending Twitter messages and e-mails in an effort to rally opposition to the bill.

Both Cuccinelli and Bolling called on Kaine to make his support for Virginia's Right-to-Work laws clear, and publicly call on the Obama administration as well as the NLRB to end their suit against Boeing.
I don't hold out much hope that these gentlemen will get Tim Kaine to make a clear stand on the Obama administration's disgraceful effort to block Boeing's expansion into South Carolina - an expansion that would bring thousands of new jobs to the USA - the very jobs that Obama says he's working tirelessly to create here - because nobody has been able to pin Obama down on the subject.

But Kaine's position is worth knowing.  We don't need to be returning to the days when America's unions had this country in a vice grip.  We have enough problems.