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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bland County Makes The News

What do I know. I didn't think we even allowed Mexicans here in our little isolated corner of the Commonwealth.

As it turns out?

We have a Mexican drug cartel problem.

Right here in Bland County, by God, Virginia.

That's right.

Jim Webb says so:
Webb urges inclusion into trafficking area
Wytheville Enterprise

Sen. Jim Webb urged the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy to add 13 Southwest Virginia counties to its Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program. HIDTA facilitates cooperation between drug control organizations and helps federal, state and local law enforcement organizations invest in infrastructure and joint initiatives to confront drug- traffickers.

“The resources of local law enforcement in these counties have been severely depleted as police and sheriffs deputies combat the escalating amount of drug trafficking and related crime in the region,” Senator Webb wrote to R. Gil Kerlikowske, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. There has been a documented upsurge in drug trafficking organizations moving into the area. Senator Webb’s request would expand the Appalachia HIDTA to include the following counties: Bland County, Buchanon County, Carroll County, Dickenson County, Grayson County, Lee County, Russell County, Scott County, Smyth County, Tazewell County, Washington County, Wise County and Wythe County. [link]
Reality check:  At last count, we had some 6,900 people living in all of Bland County, Virginia.  And we're all either related by blood or we know one another intimately.  I'll freely admit that more than a few of those 6,900 6,899 (6,898; I forgot Paula) folks are strange looking.  But not one of them could be passed off as being Mexican.

So that only leaves one possibility.

They've disguised themselves as savages and have taken over the Indian Village & Museum here! (Which isn't a bad ploy; nobody ever goes there; their presence will never be discovered.)

I guess if Weird Jim Webb says it's so it must be so.  We've been infested with Mexicans intent on doing us grievous harm!

Memo to Mexicans: Something you might want to consider, Pablo:  Of those 6,900 red-blooded Americans who call Bland County home?  A good 6,899 are heavily armed (I think that Sierra Club rep who lives up in Dismal Creek off of Brushy Mountain is the lone exception).  And we're locked and loaded.  And we're all upset over the defeat in the Gold Cup final last month.  So surly would describe our attitude toward people-of-color-not-quite-as-dark-as-African American-but-a-little-darker-than-Barack Obama.

So take your drugs and your money somewhere else.  With West Virginia and cheap booze being right up the road, and marijuana growing in abundance in every holler of Bland County, we've plenty of drugs to go around.  And money?   As red-blooded (survivalist) Americans, we've all converted our cash to gold and survival seeds long ago.

We don't need your steenkeeng money.

Adios, amigo.

Now Obama's Stuck With Crazy Joe Biden

There's someone within the national GOP labyrinth who knows how to shape the battlefield. I don't know who that genius is, but he's done his party a favor beyond anything anyone could have. By starting the rumor that Obama was going to dump the goofy vice president from his 2012 reelection ticket, our president has had to come out and announce that that is not to be the case.


Cuomo would have brought his own baggage to the ticket, but at least he doesn't come across oftentimes as a blithering idiot. As Joe Biden too often does.

So now Obama's stuck with him.

Someone needs to give that GOP operative a raise.

Why do I see Dick Morris involved in this?


Another example - a glaring example - that reinforces the argument that we need a professional jury-of-our-peers system in this country:

The sad thing is, everyone agrees that the system as we have it worked as it was intended to.

Most everyone agrees, too, that the mother killed her little girl and covered up the crime.

The system did its thing. The murderer walks. And defense attorneys are exultant.

And We the People? We bow our heads in dismay. And shame.

Our system of justice as it has evolved proves once again that it only provides injustice.

For the love of God.

- - -

Here's one of those "the system worked" comments. From another one of those annoyingly anonymous bloggers out there:

"Which is worse?  The guilty going free, or the innocent getting convicted?  As a liberty lover with a healthy suspicion of state power, I say:  the innocent getting convicted."

That third option - that we expect the freaking system to actually find the guilty guilty - isn't even an option.

How utterly pathetic.

- - -

This was my exact response when I heard the news while at work yesterday:

And just as with the O.J. jury, expect to hear a lot from the Anthony jury in coming days about "reasonable doubt." As if there was anything reasonable about the murderer's explanation for her daughter's disappearance and post-snuff actions.

 - - -

And then there's the confusion that results from a mercurial and capricious system of justice.  From Hot Air:

It's not the law.  It's the application.

A Solid Investment Tip

Buy Kimberley-Clark, world's leading maker of adult diapers.


No. Thanks.

I'd rather go out with my mental faculties and bodily functions intact.

I just don't see 925 years in a nursing home as being all that inviting.

We Need Gun Control

Well, They Had To Come Up With SOME Explanation

Here it was going so well for Al Gore and his acolytes. The planet was warming, politicians were warming ... to the idea that global warming hysteria could bring them riches, and a new world order was about to change the planet as we knew it.

(Thus came into being the curlicue light bulb. To save humankind.)

Then something awful happened. The planet quit warming. In fact, it hasn't warmed at all this century.


Red faces abounded.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Everyone from the U.N. to Arnold Schwarzenegger had banked their reputations on the theory that global warming was going to engulf our fragile planet and turn it into a raging inferno.

What happened? How do they save face? What plausible excuse for their having gotten it so wrong could they come up to avoid complete disgrace?

Asia pollution blamed for halt in warming: study
By Gerard Wynn, Reuters

Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday.

World temperatures did not rise from 1998 to 2008, while manmade [sic] emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuel grew by nearly a third, various data show. [link]
Give me a second to collect myself.  I'm still trying to get my brain back in order and trying to deal with this new theory that tells us that air pollution on a massive scale is the savior of the planet.

Okay, I'm good.

A question: If air pollution prevents global warming, and we are - as all the experts tell us we are - spewing gobs of pollution into the stratosphere each day, problem solved, right?  No more global warming?

Yes, as it turns out, but ...

From the article:

"The paper raised the prospect of more rapid, pent-up climate change when emerging economies eventually crack down on pollution."

So we're all going to die if China - and other emerging economies - stop polluting the air.

Do you really want to stick to that argument, big guy?

In any case, we are saved.  The planet is no longer warming.

And, you can rest assured, we are going to be safe until the next global catastrophe sends us to the brink.

Bye, Al.

See you soon.

- - -

* "Pent-up climate change."  Pent-up climate change?  I'm dying for a climate expert to explain that with a straight face.
** "Asia to blame for ..."  That's right.  Blame the Chinks. 
*** At some point in the distant future scientists are going to finally make this statement of fact: "We don't know." 
**** Of course, the environmental zealots aren't going to let facts get in their way.  They're still clamoring for laws to stop that which stopped last century.

We Can't Have It All

Who'd a' thought.  Minnesota, as it turns out, is a window unto our country.  The connection?  Tax and spend. 

Americans think they can have all the lavish benefits that Washington is bestowing on them - and maintain their costly chest-thumping superpower status in the world - at the same time they realize - too far in the back of their minds - that we can't raise tax rates to pay for the bennies any higher than we already have.

So we have a massive federal deficit and everyone's upset about it.

But not upset enough. For now we can get away with building that house of cards because, as everyone knows, we print our money! What a sweet deal!

In the various states, however, where a balanced budget is required, there can be no sweet deal. Sanity is required. Even though many would prefer insanity.

Just look at Minnesota. From "Land of 10,000 Layoffs" in today's Wall Street Journal:

Minnesota prides itself as the land where liberal governance works, but lately the wheels have come off. The state is broke, and as of July 1 most state services are closed amid a budget stalemate between Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and Republicans who run the legislature. The drama may be a forecast of the looming standoff in Washington, so it's worth reporting what the scrap is about.

From his first day in office, Mr. Dayton, the wealthy heir to a department store chain, has sought to plug the budget hole with tax increases. Revenues have climbed this year as the economy has recovered, so if he had simply proposed a 10% growth in spending over the next two years to $34 billion, there would be no deficit to close. But Mr. Dayton wanted a $37 billion budget, or a 20% spending increase when many states have cut spending or held it flat.

Minnesota voters are getting the gridlock they voted for. Last year they elected a legislature promising to cut taxes and spending and a Governor who promised to raise both. Now voters have to decide which they want, much as voters soon will have to do nationwide. 
Minnesota has one thing going for it that the USA doesn't.  The government there is required to balance its budget.  So the battle between the fiscal conservatives and the big spender will eventually be resolved.

For the United States of America, though, budgetary imbalances can be ignored.  And are being ignored.  And they will be ignored until America goes Greece and collapse is the only option.

So Minnesotans want it all.  But are finding out - with the closing of their parks - that that can no longer be delivered.

Minnesota.  coming to a government near you.