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Friday, July 08, 2011

A Thousand Days Later ...

It seems like just yesterday that Barack Obama was telling us that he was the man who could turn the economy around and bring us prosperity once again.

Now, three years and a whole lot of excuses later, unemployment is worse and he's still shoveling campaign manure.

Unemployment is now 9.2%?

"The economic challenges that we face weren’t created overnight and they’re not going to be solved overnight, but the American people expect us to act on every good idea that’s out there."

Didn't he tell us, over a thousand nights ago, when he was running for office, that he had all the good ideas?   Now, three years in, and he's admitting that he's at a loss and needs help?

Did we deserve this?

Kaine Hasn't a Clue

After three years of telling us they're on the right track, with the economy clearly off the rails, is there anyone out there buying nonsense like this - from Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine - anymore?
Today's jobs report shows that the private sector has added jobs for 16 months in a row. But, not surprisingly, efforts to reduce the deficit are also reducing public sector employment. This demonstrates that efforts to reduce the deficit just via cuts will slow job growth. The balanced approach involves spending cuts, finding more tax revenue through the elimination of unnecessary loopholes and continued investments needed to grow the economy. I applaud recent efforts by the President and Congressional leaders to embrace such an approach."
At minimum, it's irritating. In all reality, it's contemptible.

For those who haven't been paying attention, here's what those "efforts to reduce the deficit just via cuts" have achieved thus far:

You see any cuts there?

Source: Budget of the United States.