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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out Of The Fog ...

Dan Casey, generally recognized as being the Roanoke Times's most somniferous of columnists (a real feat considering the fact that he has a lot of competition) offers up a piece this morning that doesn't disappoint.

To put you to sleep, that is.

See "Roanoke County Tea Party's U.N. conspiracy theory not credible."

Casey wants you to know that he did exhaustive research into the local Tea Parties' contention that a U.N. sponsored organization, ICLEI, is bad for our fragile democracy.

Well, he asked two members where they got their information and both included the words "internet" in their responses - to two brief questions - in passing - and, well, that's enough for him.  His pronouncement:

"That's pretty much all you need to know: It's on the Internet [sic]."

z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

But wait.  There is one nugget of information to be gleaned from his shallow and rambling column.  This:

"[Roanoke] County taxpayers pay $1,200 each year to ICLEI, which is a group of local and regional governments from 70 countries whose stated goal is sustainable development."

County taxpayers are paying 1,200 freaking dollars every year to some U.N. organization that promotes a program that only a government-worshiping bureaucrat could love?  Are Roanoke's county supervisors nuts?  Don't they have something better to waste money on?  Like maybe spending hard-earned dollars to "tear down the 100-foot-tall Mill Mountain Star [and] in its place [construct] a 200-foot neon edifice to the gut-busting, artery-clogging, double-patty Monster Thickburger from Hardees, crowned with a big 1,420 for the number of calories it packs in."

(That's as good as Casey gets, by the way.)

Look, I don't care what you folks in Roanoke County decide you want to do with your money.  And if you choose to have dolts running your county government, knock yourselves out.

But you might want to remember this little story about the spending of your tax dollars next time county officials [wring] their hands and [wail] about impending budget deficits while simultaneously celebrating the ribbon cutting for the $32 million Green Ridge Recreation Center now standing in an isolated tract of Valley Pointe in north county.

Commies. In Roanoke County. Who'd have ever guessed ...

They Will Never Understand

The children at the New York Times, in an editorial this morning, persist in believing that America's credit rating is in jeopardy of being downgraded because the nation's debt limit won't be raised (even though it will).

See "America’s Credibility Is at Risk."

What they fail to grasp - still - is the fact that it's not the "debt ceiling," IT'S THE DEBT. Something for which they have been - when they weren't ignoring it all together - highly supportive of over the years.

Credibility? Like the word d-e-b-t, they don't know the meaning of that one either.

And Speaking of Morons ...

Does this bimbo even understand the meaning of the word?

Where some call it a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them, this idiot sees her government ruled by a dictator?

So you know, she runs the Democratic Party.

Members of which sane people aren't.

And This Guy Is Advising President Obama

James Taranto makes note of more hypocrisy (delusion?) coming out of the White House. Jeffrey Immelt is the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of General Electric, and sits on the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, where the order of the day is to find ways to grow jobs in this unemployment-racked country. Taranto does it in the way he's best known for - in the simplest of terms.  Here he simply cites two recent newspaper headlines:
Do as I Say, Not as I Do

● "Immelt: Businesses Must Do More on Jobs"--headline, CNN.com, July 11

● "GE Moving X-Ray Business to China"--headline, Bloomberg, July 26
Jeffrey Immelt, so you know, the dude who is responsible for advising the president on how he can create jobs, has, to date, shed 36,000 jobs at GE. 36,000 and counting.

One wonders if Obama is getting his advice on the debt crisis, under the circumstances, from Bernie Madoff.

Rube Goldberg and Dr. Kevorkian on ObamaCare.

Strategy in the war on Libya from Hillary Clinton ... oh, wait.

Scientific advisories on global warming from Miss Cleo.

I don't know.  Am I the only person on earth - besides Taranto - who thinks maybe hiring a guy who has crushed more jobs than has any other American alive today (except for the man being advised) to be giving advice on how to create jobs is not a good idea?

Give The Gov't Credit Where It's Due

Those running it learned, starting around 1935, that it could do one thing really well.  Write checks.

And boy, have they perfected their talent:

From the Wall Street Journal this morning:
According to the most recent government data, today some 50.5 million Americans are on Medicaid, 46.5 million are on Medicare, 52 million on Social Security, five million on SSI, 7.5 million on unemployment insurance, and 44.6 million on food stamps and other nutrition programs. Some 24 million get the earned-income tax credit, a cash income supplement.

By 2010 such payments to individuals were 66% of the federal budget, up from 28% in 1965. (See the second chart.) We now spend $2.1 trillion a year on these redistribution programs, and the 75 million baby boomers are only starting to retire.

In three years the debt has increased by more than $4 trillion thanks to stimulus, cash for clunkers, mortgage modification programs, 99 weeks of jobless benefits, record expansions in Medicaid, and more.

The forecast is for $8 trillion to $10 trillion more in red ink through 2021. Mr. Obama hinted in a press conference earlier this month that if it weren't for Republicans, he'd want another stimulus. Scary thought: None of this includes the ObamaCare entitlement that will place 30 million more Americans on government health rolls.

This is the road to fiscal perdition. The looming debt downgrade only confirms what everyone knows: Congress has made so many promises to so many Americans that there is no conceivable way those promises can be kept.

This is how a AAA country becomes AA, the first step on the march to Greece. [link] [emphasis mine]
Unless something dramatic changes on election day, 2012, we are certain to achieve that AA credit rating, if not before.  From that will eventually come higher mortgage interest rates and an even more burdensome cost of doing business.

The saddest part?  They don't care.  Obama and his ilk don't care.

Chart courtesy of the federal Office of Management and Budget and the Wall Street Journal