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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Idiots Perch In Tree

Strategy ... unclear ...
Tree-sitting pair mark 10 days in W.Va. perch
Associated Press

Marfork, W.Va. (AP) -- Two strip-mining protesters who have taken up residence in a tree near a coal mine in southern West Virginia are catching up on their reading and using rain water to do their laundry.

Catherine-Ann MacDougal and Becks Kolins have spent 10 days on a platform atop an oak tree to make their anti-mining point.

The pair is located 80 feet above the ground near the Bee Tree surface mine on Coal River Mountain in Boone County. The mine is owned by Virginia's Alpha Natural Resources.

They are affiliated with Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival. The group's mission: non-violent, locally supported action to bring an end to strip mining in Appalachia.

Kolins told the Register-Herald of Beckley the experience is "really pretty relaxing." [link]
Gimme that sentence again?

"Catherine-Ann MacDougal and Becks Kolins have spent 10 days on a platform atop an oak tree to make their anti-mining point."

They're perched in an oak tree to make the point that strip mining is bad.

No.  Nothing muddled about that point.

The real point?  Times must not be as bad as we thought, considering the fact that two nitwits have the time to sit around in an oak tree for days for no good reason.

A few more points.  Mine.  Grow up.  Get a job.  Get a life.  Do your parents know you're stuck on stupid?

Obama, Then & Now

This isn't news to anyone who's been paying attention to the way our president's attitudes toward governance have "evolved" since he left the Senate, where he could snipe at President Bush, say shit that he didn't mean, and cast votes that he really didn't give two squirts about. That was then. And now? Well, he's a whole different Barack Obama.

For the history books videorepository:

Final takeaway? Obama doesn't represent hope. Or change. Or any kind of transformation. He's just a two-bit politician who'll say anything at any given time. A slimy, two-bit politician.

We've Gotten Their Attention

Memo to the Tea Part(ies):  You know you're getting your point across when liberalism's vestal virgin, Maureen Dowd, is frightened out of her chastity belt by you.* 

And frightened she is.

In this morning's New York Times - you'll love this:
Tempest in a Tea Party
By Maureen Dowd

The world is watching in fearful — and sometimes gleeful — fascination as the Tea Party drives a Thunderbird off the cliff with the president and speaker of the House strapped in the back.

The maniacal Tea Party freshmen are trying to burn down the House they were elected to serve in. It turns out they wanted to come inside to get a blueprint of the historic building to sabotage it.

Like gargoyles on the Capitol, the adamantine nihilists are determined to blow up the country’s prestige, their party and even their own re-election chances if that’s what it takes. (Many are worried about primary races with even more dogmatic challengers, which is a truly scary thought.) If they can drag President Obama off his pedestal, even better. They think he looks down on them and sneers at their values. [link]
(I have no idea where that last thought came from. They think what? Get the idea that this babe doesn't venture out of Manhattan much?)

So you adamantine, nihilisitic gargoyles (which means you're impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, and reason in your efforts to destroy the system for its own sake, and you're so ugly, your doctor is a veterinarian ) are wrecking her world.

By God, Maureen Dowd gets it.

Her world as she's known it is coming to an end. For that, she has reason to be afraid.


But who's she callin' ugly?

* Okay, the imagery is whacked.  But it reads well. 
** And it's no worse than Dowd using a simile that compares "gargoyles on the Capitol" to "adamantine nihilists."  What?

A Foundation of Lies

Who can forget the cute, cuddly polar bears that drowned in Al Gore's propaganda epic, "An Inconvenient Truth"? Well, environmentalists can't, because we won't let them.

For their shock and awe:

(For those not interested in watching this modern-day snake oil salesman strut his stuff on the big screen, I understand. Just picture a computer animated bear drowning scene spliced in between a 9/11 scene and a "The Day After Tomorrow" scene. You get the idea. The world is going to end.  Screen credits to follow.)

Well, if "The Day After Tomorrow" can be considered to have the weirdest plot in the history of filmmaking (global warming brings on a brief ice age?), and if Al Gore can rot in hell for using the 9/11 tragedy for his nefarious purpose of brainwashing America's school kids, then it follows that the drowning polar bear story was ...
Junk Science Unravels
Investor's Business Daily

The scientist who claimed that global warming threatens polar bears is under investigation. There's a hole in Earth's greenhouse. A cooler era lies ahead. That hiss is the hot air coming out of alarmists' balloon.

The global warming fraud is coming apart faster than the alarmists can repackage and rebrand their fairy tale. Their elaborately constructed yarn can't hold together much longer. There are just too many loose ends:

• Charles Monnett, the scientist who predicted that polar bears would drown from a lack of sea ice, "is being investigated for scientific misconduct, possibly over the veracity" of the article in which he makes that claim, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Monnett, a federal wildlife biologist with the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, has been placed on leave pending the probe's outcome.

After Monnett claimed that the deaths of four drowned polar bears foretold of an increase in deaths "in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open water periods continues," polar bears became an environmentalist icon.

The Environmental Protection Agency placed polar bears on the endangered list in 2008, four years after Monnett's observation and two years after Gore's movie filled audiences' heads with nonsense. But the claim that man-made global warming is a threat to polar bears has been debunked and the scientist who ginned up the narrative is now under scrutiny. [link]
It's all one big lie.  Encapsulated in the movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

Someday soon they'll make a movie exposing the movie ...