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Monday, August 08, 2011

Jobs Are JOB 1

Obama increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to the highest level since 1992.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama signed Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; institutes equal pay for women.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama expanded Pell grants for low-income students.

Obama signed into law the largest welfare program in history - called forevermore ObamaCare.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama worked toward deploying a global climate change research and monitoring system.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama more than doubled federal spending for research on clean fuels.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama visited more countries and world leaders than any first year president.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama created a rapid response fund for emerging democracies.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama implemented a National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Obama: Creating jobs must be Washington’s top priority

Obama got his daughters a puppy! (source)

- - -

Obama has been in office 33 months. Throughout the last 30, the unemployment rate has exceeded 8%. 25 out of the last 27, the rate has been above 9%.

The unemployment rate among job seekers between the ages of 16 and 19 is a staggering 25%.

There are currently 13,931,000 Americans unemployed and looking for work.

The economy has shed 1,647,000 jobs since the Democrats’ “stimulus” was signed into law in February 2009 (which, they told us, would bring unemployment down to 6.7% today).

There are 8,396,000 Americans who are working only part-time because they cannot find full time employment.

Since 2007, there has been a 23% drop in new business creation.

There are 45,753,078 Americans receiving food stamps, the highest number of recipients in history.  (source)

And Obama says his highest priority is ... jobs.

Come November, 2012 should he be graded on that basis?

America eagerly awaits election day.

If Not For The Alternative Press ...

How come I never read about this news in the mainstream media?

On August 4, 2011, the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, the worst race riot in Wisconsin history occurred.

Could it be that the mainstream press didn't want me to know?

What's that whole "journalism" thing about again?

Guernsey Is Not a Cow

Guernsey is a small island.

A small island whose leadership are better financial planners than those who oversee the center of the world's most powerful financial institutions. The USA.

America's credit rating today? AA+.

How humiliating.

Where Guernsey was once known for its cattle, the United States of America was once known for knowing what we were doing.  

Maybe we could get Guernsey to annex us.  Before it's too late.

Strap Yourselves In

Today is going to get ugly.

Ban Environmentalists

It all began with Rachel Carson and her humans-are-destroying-the-planet-and-themselves-with-an-array-of-chemicals-especially-pesticides book, Silent Spring.  In 1962.  It is, to this day, held high as the standard of the environmental movement in this country.

The most memorable charge she made?

That the pesticide DDT was killing wildlife (including pests), particularly peregrine falcon babies (!).

This despite most evidence to the contrary.

But what's evidence anyway.

And so it began.

A decade and a half later, who can forget actress Meryl Streep's anguished testimony before Congress in which she told the august members assembled, as well as a shocked nation, that the chemical Alar was killing little children (or words to that effect)?

From that academy award-class appearance came the all-out assault:

Lost in all the hype was this little factoid:

Which brings us to the chemical bisphenol-A. Or BPA for short.

Baby bottles that kill.

Recent headlines:

BPA Kills Human Placenta Cells

BPA kills more than his erection

And a real coup that the environmentalists were particularly proud of:

Aspartame is not the only thing in diet cola that can kill you

Both the contents (that included the artificial sweetener, Apartame) and the container (that included the chemical BPA) can drop you in your tracks! Sweet!

If only it were true ...
Postscript to a Panic
New science debunks a chemical scare.
Wall Street Journal

Even by the standards of the environmental movement, the panic over bisphenol-A (BPA) was remarkable. A new study funded by that shill for business known as the Environmental Protection Agency has now debunked this chemical scare.

BPA has been used for five decades around the world and been found to be safe after extensive testing. In 2008, however, green campaigners abetted by trial lawyers began warning that BPA could "disrupt" hormones in the human body. BPA was said to be implicated in everything from cancer to obesity to impotence. Canada and several U.S. states banned its use in baby bottles. California Senator Dianne Feinstein tried to get it banned in the U.S. as well.

Too bad they didn't wait for the science. The most recent study—financed by the EPA, led by Justin Teeguarden at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and published in the journal Toxicological Studies—involved feeding subjects a BPA-rich diet for 24 hours. Researchers then monitored their blood and urine for traces of the chemical.

The result was BPA levels too low to detect—despite eating the stuff, a veritable worst-case scenario. Critics will no doubt point out that these results don't preclude potential long-term damage from the use of BPA in packaging. But the evidence suggests that not enough of it is present in the body to cause that kind of harm.

The results, which were duplicated in two government labs, come too late to help the likes of Sigg Switzerland USA, the U.S. distributor of those now-ubiquitous metal drinking bottles. Sigg initially benefitted from the scare as consumers ditched their plastic drinking bottles. But once it transpired that the lining of Sigg's aluminum bottles manufactured before August 2008 also contained trace amounts of BPA, its U.S. distributor was hit with lawsuits and public vilification that sent it into bankruptcy. Where does the economy get those jobs back? [link]
Remember how many apple growers out west lost their farms because Meryl Streep wept into her hanky and millions of people quit eating apples for months? So too have people lost their jobs over the goofy BPA scare. Not to mention the billions of dollars worth of brand new toys, furniture, and - yes - baby bottles that went into the landfill.

Because these hysterical creatures - these environmentalists - were listened to.

DDT. Alar. BPA.

Enough is enough.

These people need to be imprisoned.

The health of the planet depends upon it.

- - -

Regarding DDT, some facts worth consideration:
Prior to 1950,  malaria was common in the southern US, infecting 15,000 people a year and killing about the same number as scarlet fever.

Beginning in 1947, 4.6 million houses were sprayed in the United States, completely eradicating malaria from the country. Similar sprayings eradicated malaria from Europe.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) began as an organization to eradicate malaria. When malaria was gone, it sought other ways to benefit America. That’s why it’s located in Atlanta, GA, in the southern US.

In India when the DDT campaign began in 1953 there were 75 million malaria cases a year and 800,000 deaths. By 1966 there were fewer than a million annual cases of malaria and no deaths.

In parts of Indonesia, 25% of the population was infected by malaria. When DDT was introduced, the rate fell to 1%.

In Venezuela, the number of malaria cases dropped from 8 million to 800 when DDT was used.
Some irony? After millions of human beings have died of malaria - mostly children - as a result of mosquito-borne infection, with 300 to 500 million other cases reported each year, there is evidence that DDT - that scourge of all things good - actually fights cancer.

As for its possible ill-health effects?

Like [author Michael] Crichton, J. Gordon Edwards was not afraid to tackle the naturalist establishment. He cited the 500 million saved lives that the National Academy of Sciences attributed to DDT. He echoed the World Health Organization's affirmation that no substance had ever proved more beneficial to man. And then he dared to question publicly why Rachel Carson and her followers chose to ignore the undeniable human benefits of DDT.

Not afraid to put his mouth where his moxie was, Edwards took to swallowing a tablespoon of DDT on stage before every lecture on the subject. In September 1971, Esquire magazine pictured Edwards doing just that. The accompanying text explained that Edwards had "eaten 200 times the normal human intake of DDT." He did not even consider this gesture risky.

For the record, the research activities of this DDT-eating scientist finally caught up with him. Edwards died of a heart attack while climbing Divide Mountain at Glacier National Park, where he held the unofficial title as the patron saint of climbing. He was 84 years old. [source]
Also for the record, DDT is still a banned substance around the world.

Like frightened sheep ...

Nice Try, Lurch

Can you believe this?

Is there anyone alive today who believes that, were it not for the Tea Party, there'd be any talk whatsoever of fiscal restraint in Washington?

We all know he's the consummate liar.

But does he think we're stupid as well?

Don't answer that.

You'd Think It Was S&P's Fault

This is so pathetic:
Obama's economic advisors wage Sunday offensive against S&P
By Alexander Bolton, The Hill

President Obama’s economic advisers are waging a fierce pushback against Standard & Poor’s decision to strip the nation of its AAA credit rating.

“The magnitude of their error combined with their willingness to simply change on the spot their lead rationale in their press release once the error was pointed out was breathtaking,” said Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, in a statement released Saturday.

“It smacked of an institution starting with a conclusion and shaping any arguments to fit it,” Sperling said. [link]
If I didn't know better, I'd swear that was Cesar Chavez doing the hatchet job.  But no.  It's one of our government officials.  Which brings the United States of America down to third world status.

As if Sperling and his buddies in Washington hadn't done that already with their profligate spending over the years.

Earth to Gene Sperling:  S&P is not the problem.

From today's Wall Street Journal ("America Gets Downgraded"):
Whatever one thinks of the credit-rating agencies—and we aren't admirers—it serves no good purpose to shoot the fiscal messengers. Friday's downgrade by Standard & Poor's of U.S. long-term debt to AA+ from AAA will be the first of many such humiliations if Washington doesn't change its economic and fiscal policies.

is there anything that S&P said on Friday that everyone else doesn't already know? S&P essentially declared that on present trend the U.S. debt burden is unsustainable, and that the American political system seems unable to reverse that trend.

This is not news.

In that context, the Obama Administration's attempt to discredit S&P only makes the U.S. look worse—like the Europeans who also want to blame the raters for noticing the obvious.

The real reason for White House fury at S&P is that it realizes how symbolically damaging this downgrade is to President Obama's economic record. Democrats can rail all they want about the tea party, but Republicans have controlled the House for a mere seven months. The entire GOP emphasis in those seven months—backed by the tea party—has been on reversing the historic spending damage of Mr. Obama's first two years.

The Bush Presidency and previous GOP Congresses contributed to the current problem by not insisting on domestic cuts to finance the cost of war, and by adding the prescription drug benefit without reforming Medicare. But as recently as 2008 spending was still only 20.7%, and debt held by the public was only 40.3%, of GDP.

In the name of saving the economy from panic, the White House and the Pelosi Congress then blew out the American government balance sheet. They compounded the problem of excessive private debt by adding unsustainable public debt.

They boosted federal spending to 25% of GDP in 2009, 23.8% in 2010 (as TARP repayments provided a temporary reduction in overall spending), and back nearly to 25% this fiscal year. Meanwhile, debt to GDP climbed to 53.5% in 2009, 62.2% in 2010, and is estimated to hit 72% this year—and to keep rising. These are all figures from Mr. Obama's own budget office.

Rather than change direction this year, Mr. Obama's main political focus has been to preserve those spending levels by raising taxes. His initial budget in February for fiscal 2012 proposed higher spending. He then resisted the modest spending cuts that the GOP proposed for the rest of fiscal 2011.

He responded to Paul Ryan's proposal to reform Medicare and Medicaid by calling it un-American and unworthy of debate. In the most recent budget talks, he would only consider small entitlement reforms (cuts in payments to providers) if Republicans agreed to raise taxes. He has refused even to discuss ObamaCare or serious reforms in Medicare and Social Security.

This is how you become the Downgrade President. [link]
S&P is wrong, says Obama's lackeys.  Our economic situation is nothing like that of Greece.  Yet we get downgraded?  Come on!

See "The Greek Finance Ministry sharply criticized today’s downgrade of Greek sovereign paper by Standard & Poors, questioning the credibility of the rating agency."

Right.  The problem is Standard and Poors.

So what can we expect from Obama going forward?

Perhaps he'll take a lesson from the Italians, who are also on catastrophe's doorstep:

Problem solved.

For the love of God.