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Thursday, August 25, 2011

That Was Then ...

Remember how bent out of shape the mainstream press got when Reagan's White House announced that his ceaselessly hounded Attorney General Ed Meese had accepted a gift of cufflinks from the South Korean government? If you don't, you may be shocked to learn that a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate the matter.

The value of the cufflinks?


Oh, the outrage.

Skip ahead to 2012. Oddly, you'll have to go to the foreign press to find out that ...

In zeroes, that's $10,000,000.00.

Did I miss the calls from the press for a special prosecutor?  Must have.

And (knowing that there probably weren't any laws broken) has there been even an eentsy weentsy bit of outrage expressed by the dogged members of the mainstream media here in the land of the ... free press?

Not even.

Instead we get this:

In case you don't recognize her, that ain't Michelle Obama.  That's the other Michelle - Bachmann.  The Queen of Rage, according to the Democratic Party's house organ NewsweekThat queen of rage, mother of five, foster mother of 23, who - with her husband - runs a Christian counseling center in Minnesota.  So many reasons there for Newsweek to feel the rage.

As for Obama and her lifestyle, the likes of which would make Imelda Marcos blush?  Not a peep.

Just wait till she comes upon a pair of cufflinks though, boy.  All heck's going to break loose for sure.

A Lecture From An Expert On The Subject

Barack Obama (the 2008 campaigner) on presidents running up the national debt:

"That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic."

Or not.

How Embarrassing

Note to Steve Chabot:  Democrats pull this crap.  Not Republicans.  Shame on you:
Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall
Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

A congressman from Ohio had cops grab the cameras of constituents during a town hall meeting. Steve Chabot, a Republican, had cell phones and cameras confiscated in order to “prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds,” according to Carlos Miller, who runs a blog documenting efforts by the state to stifle the First Amendment rights of photographers.

See video of the incident [here].

Police said the cameras were taken “to protect the constituents.” A local television station, however, was allowed to videotape the meeting and the brazen move by Chabot and the cops.

Think Progress, the Soros-funded media operation, also reported the incident, primarily because Chabot is an establishment Republican and protesters outside the event called for more taxes. [link]
Chabot is generally right on the issues and usually has his head screwed on straight. But here? What was he thinking?

A Lesson For Warren Buffett

He of the tax-me-before-I-spend-the-money-I've-earned persuasion.  For those not aware, Buffett thinks the government is wiser and more capable of spending your income than you are.


To Mr. Buffett I offer this lesson in government wisdom:
Coin of the Realm of Madness
By Fay Voshell, American Thinker

Deep in the bowels of the US Mint in Philadelphia are coin presses which run constantly, producing millions of one-dollar coins, day after day, day in and day out. The mechanized beasts are more productive than the god Vulcan, sweating away in his forge beneath Mt. Aetna, and they certainly require less upkeep than the legendary Norse dwarves mining gold in the dark, dank recesses of the earth.

The relentlessly efficient seven machines run nonstop, pouring out 1,800,000 presidential coins per diem, each coin costing 32 cents to produce, adding up to a total cost of $600,000 each day.

It all started when the Congress in session in 2005, led by Delaware's Mike Castle, among others, got the golden idea of commemorating every dead president by imprinting the images of the deceased leaders on coins. Promoters of the cause thought the coins would instantly be put into circulation or snapped up by eager professional and amateur numismatists.

But it has turned out that nobody wants the coins.

Even the coins stamped with the visage of James K. Polk haven't seen much demand.

Imagine that.

So the coins have been put in storage at the Federal Reserve in Baltimore, which since has run out of storage capacity, its underground vaults stuffed with shelf after shelf of so many plastic money bags that even Ebenezer Scrooge wouldn't be able to count the monies. Now, 650,000 dollars are being allocated to build a new vault in Dallas, Texas. The cost to ship the billion or so coins? A cool $3,000,000. The full story, as related by Diane Sawyer of ABC News, can be found here.

There's a lesson here. [link]
That lesson?  We need to scrap Buffett's government and start over again.

We now own over a billion of these things.   Most all of which will go into storage and never see the light of day until they're melted down and molded into boat anchors.

Now, you think that's bad?  Guess what.  The same legislation that calls for the federal government to mint these presidential coins that nobody wants also requires that "First Spouse" coins be minted too.

Don't believe me?  Here's the law.  Go to Section 103: FIRST SPOUSE BULLION COIN PROGRAM.  And go here to see what a Letitia Tyler coin looks like.  And weep.  You're paying for it.

Warren Buffett's beloved government in action.

Maybe we should pass a law requiring Mr. Buffett to buy the things and get them off our hands.

Good Luck With That

You libertarians out there need to understand - you have an aversion to big government.  You're not anarchists.

Or are you?

Here's an interesting tidbit from the latest Gallup poll:  The presidential candidate who attracts the largest libertarian following?  It turns out that Ron Paul is truly a big, BIG hit.  Amongst people who don't vote.

Amongst people who don't vote.

Now there's a recipe for success.

Joe Manchin's a Nice Guy

I'm not.

So when his state of West Virginia is attacked by that brainless moron of a congressman from Michigan who goes by the name John Conyers, I'd have a whole lot more to say to the dumbass than this:
John Conyers, Joe Manchin spar over West Virginia coal comments
By Robin Bravender, Politico

Michigan Rep. John Conyers doesn’t think there’s much to West Virginia other than coal mining, and he’d like to shut that industry down.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin doesn’t think much of Conyers.

Conyers took aim at the West Virginia coal industry Wednesday, saying the state’s history with mining is “one of the sorriest reports you’ve ever seen,” Greenwire reported.

The Michigan Democrat was speaking at the EPA’s environmental justice conference in Detroit, and suggested unions could help find other jobs to displace the coal mining industry.

"We've got to work out a situation in one state of the union, there may be others, in which we come up with alternative ways of creating full employment without just putting everybody out of work," he said.

Conyers also said, “There is no such thing as clean coal.”

Manchin shot back Wednesday, blasting Conyers for “degrading” his home state.

“I would never degrade another state or the people of that state because it takes 50 great states to make this great county,” Manchin said in a letter to Conyers.

“I am very troubled to hear about your recent negative comments about our beautiful state of West Virginia, and the important role coal plays not only in our state, but in our country,” he added.

Manchin encouraged Conyers to meet with him to learn more about the importance of coal mining. [link]
How sweet.  They could meet and discuss the importance of coal over tea and crumpets.

Joe.  Joe!  The man is wanting to throw your constituents out of work, Joe.  And you want to have a sit-down with him?

Attack him.  Set him on his skinny ass.  Remind him, when he talks about the deploring state of affairs that he thinks exists in West Virginia, that he presides over freaking Detroit.

I wish Conyers wouldn't say bad things about my constituents.  Good grief.  Remind me not to get in a bar fight with Joe Manchin having my back.

At Least It's Something

A hit piece in this morning's Politico:

Is that better or worse than no-wage non-jobs?

Got another arrow in that quiver, big guy?

* It should be noted that economists generally agree that low-wage job creation fuels high-wage job creation.  Contrast that with Obama's "green job" creation which produces no job creation.

How To Give Perry A Boost


From On High to Texas Democrats: Listen and obey. Perry needs all the help he can get.

Quote of the Day

From a one-time Obama supporter, Mort Zuckerman:

"Many voters who supported him are no longer elated by the historic novelty of his candidacy and presidency. They hoped for a president who would be effective."

Wrong.  If you were to be honest, fffectiveness played no part in your decision-making.  It was all about being "elated by the historic novelty."  The black thing.

I ask the gentleman, where in the campaign of 2008 was there any exhibition on Obama's part - either in resumé or in actions - of a competency for effectiveness? 

"They hoped ..." says it all.  He got what he what he was looking for.  He has his black president.

An ineffective black president.

Disappointed?  My heart bleeds.  

ObamaCare Metastasizes. As Planned.

We're on our way to a single-payer health plan. That single payer being Barack Obama.  It's just a matter of time.  And if you like the way the British administer their health care delivery system, you're going to love Obama's.

In order to do that, we need to remove all those pesky employers from the equation.  Those who still look for the best buy and for the most comprehensive plans in the marketplace.  Can't be havin' that.

Survey shows employers consider ending health coverage
By the Associated Press

Nearly one of every 10 midsized or big employers expects to stop offering health coverage to workers once federal insurance exchanges start in 2014, according to a new survey from a large benefits consultant.

Towers Watson also found in a survey completed last month that an additional 20 percent of the companies are unsure about what they will do.

Another big benefits consultant, Mercer, found in a June survey of large and smaller employers that 8 percent are either “likely” or “very likely” to end health benefits once the exchanges start.

Employer-sponsored health insurance has long been the backbone of the nation's health insurance system. But the studies suggest that some employers, especially retailers or those offering low wages, feel they will be better off paying fines and taxes than continuing to provide benefits that eat up a growing portion of their budget every year. [link]
"Employer-sponsored health insurance has long been the backbone of the nation's health insurance system"?  Kiss that goodbye.  Now Obama is the backbone.

Wrap your brain around that scenario.  And grab the smelling salts.