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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Question For Tim Kaine

Someone in the press may someday ask our prospective United States senator if he still supports that "green" initiative of his that he called, with great fanfare, back when he was governor, "Renew Virginia."  And maybe that someone can ask the question before the election.

Because it seems the former governor isn't going to bring it up and would rather not talk about it.

Why do I say that?

Go to YouTube.

Key the words "Governor Tim Kaine Launches Renew Virginia Initiative" into the search engine.

And this is what you get:

Now why would the "user" - the Kaine campaign - pull this political advertisement?

Why wouldn't Mr. Kaine be touting from the rooftops that "green jobs" initiative he was so proud of just a few years ago?

Maybe because ...
Green jobs revealed as fiscal black hole
Orange County Register editorial

The faddish obsession with "green jobs" is being revealed as a massive waste of taxpayer money.

Pipe dreams eventually are revealed for what they are – unrealistic, wishful thinking. It didn't take long for Spain's touted green-job revolution to be revealed as a financial disaster, siphoning taxpayer subsidies and destroying 2.2 real jobs for every green job created.

Domestic green-job pipe dreams similarly drain U.S. taxpayers' money into economic sink holes. The millions of so-called green jobs promised by President Barack Obama and other champions of taxpayer-subsidized energy schemes not only haven't materialized, many that did, already are disappearing. [link]
Included on that list of "other champions of taxpayer-subsidized energy schemes," is Tim Kaine.

Maybe that's why he'd rather not talk about it.

His green jobs initiative, like the man himself - is a loser.

A Lesson For Jamie Radtke

I think it was the famous military strategist Sun Tzu who once said, "Focus on your enemy.  That enemy is not the powerless weblog warrior who plays no part in your success or defeat.  Stupid."

Sun Tzu?  Or was it Rosie O'Donnell?

In either case, my eyebrows went up the other day when I read Robert Stacy McCain's assessment of the Jamie Radtke/Erick Erickson feud, the assessment that included this:
You can read the Politico story — based in part on e-mails obtained from Radtke’s campaign — and feel Erick’s pain. He was caught in a conflict between what he wanted to do (back Radtke against the GOP Establishment) and what his bosses wanted to do (support their long-time friend Senator Allen). Now, however, Erickson has doubled down against Radtke — and against Radtke’s campaign manager, Carter Wrenn, a veteran conservative who is legendarily known as a take-no-prisoners operative.
Carter Wrenn - whom I've never met - may be a take-no-prisoners kinda guy, but is he at all bright?  With the title "campaign manager" comes the responsibility of keeping the campaign focused on the goal of winning the election - not winning a debate with a blogger.  George Allen is the enemy, not Erick Erickson.

How did Radtke and Wrenn fall - jump? - into this snake pit?

And it ain't over.  Finishing poorly in the upcoming Republican primary just ain't gonna be enough for these two.  They have to be seen as being right.  To that end:
Tea Party Tattler? Candidate Sends Erick Erickson's E-Mails to Politico
By Tim Graham, NewsBusters

Based on the dramatic bias of past election cycles, nobody should count on The Washington Post to be helpful (or even fair) to Sen. George Allen. But in Sunday's paper, political writer Ben Pershing reported on how Jamie Radtke, a Tea Party activist running against Allen in the primary, leaked e-mails to Politico from RedState blogger Erick Erickson and turned him from an endorser to someone joking about how one of her speeches made people wonder if she'd been drinking. [link]
Let it be stipulated, those emails are not flattering to Mr. Erickson's reputation.

And when Erick Erickson decides to run against Jamie Radtke in a future Senate race, boy, will they be damaging.

But who's Radtke's opponent in this contest again?

And what in that paragraph above will the average reader take away from it (if they remember Ms. Radtke's name at all)?  The words "she'd been drinking."

To Mr. Wrenn, a word of advice: A simple email response to Erickson would have been proper.  With the "f" word used profusely.  But to make this feud public for all the world to laugh at?

Tsk.  Tsk.

Carter Wrenn may be the best take-no-prisoners campaign manager money can buy.  But it's not about shooting one's prisoners.  It's about winning elections.  And in that light, the campaign - such that it is - makes Wrenn look like a take-no-voters campaign manager.  Albeit an entertaining one.

Someone once said - I think it was Aristotle (or was it Rosie O'Donnel?): Keep your eyes on the prize.

A proposal apparently lost on certain people in this sordid affair.

So Who's Got Time For It Anyway?

This should sadden me:

It should sadden me but it doesn't. Republicans labor on Labor Day. Democrats sit on their dead asses, drink beer, get lathered up, and then parade down Main Street, demonstrating - for all the world to see - their unwillingness to labor.

Me? I'll be working next Monday.

I'll do my parading on 401K, Long-Term CD, Mutual Fund, and Rollover IRA Cascade Into Fat Retirement Account Day.

Labor Day is for non-laborers.

Not this working stiff.

Explain This

When Paula and I decided to move to Bland, Virginia from the Detroit area ten years ago I made the decision to not have Mayflower move tons of books (instead settling on a half-ton).  So I selected and auctioned a large assortment (hundreds?) on eBay, one at a time.  Some went for a dollar (plus shipping).  Others for more.  A few went for a lot more.

But the only book that I sold that went for more money than its original hardcover price?

Don't ask me to explain it.

* I notice a "used" copy of the book is currently selling on Amazon at $84.21.  If memory serves, its original price tag in 1981 was $19.99.  It's still held in that much regard by certain people.  Go figure.

Say What?

[Al] Gore: Global warming skeptics are this generation’s racists

From On High: Global Warming enthusiasts are this generation's crystal worshipers.

Things To Ponder

An interesting bit of speculation:

See "The Ticket Obama Fears Most" by Bruce Walker.  Can you say Vice President Marco Rubio?

I sure can.

But here, to me anyway, is a more fascinating question:

Who will Obama replace Uncle Doofus (also known as Joe Biden) with on his ticket next year?

After all, the young Senator Obama in 2008 needed  - or so his handlers felt - a seasoned veteran to offset his woeful lack of experience, and thus Mr. Biden was dragged from the funny farm, given a few new hair plugs, dusted off, and made V.P..

But Obama isn't thought of as young anymore.  And he's certainly not inexperienced - though, alas, all of his experiences in recent years have proven to be either tragical or farcical.

He, therefore, doesn't need the old coot to make him look older.  People already see him as having aged considerably in mere months.

So Biden's out.  (You read it here first.)  But who's in?

It's too early to suggest (and a bit less than seemly) a Vice President Gabrielle Giffords.  Though it's an idea I wouldn't put past the political animal David Plouffe to promote.  But how about this?

Vice President Bev Perdue?

A Question That Will Go Unanswered

Who wrote Barack Obama's first autobiography?

There's convincing evidence that it wasn't Barack Obama.

Since his father was dead, it's fair to say that Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance weren't dreams from his father. But they probably weren't dreams from the supposed author either.

So who wrote the thing?

Only two people know for sure.

Of Course It Is

What else could it possibly be?

That, of course, would also explain why G.W. Bush's poll numbers plummeted when the economy crumbled. Racism.

Chris Matthews is such a small person.


The Wall Street Journal this morning on the dismal record of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke:
Republicans have run the House for fewer than eight months. Mr. Bernanke has been Fed Chairman since February 2006 and has presided over 32 months of historically easy monetary policy in the name of spurring faster growth and avoiding deflation. What we have instead is a mild stagflation—1% GDP growth, 9.1% unemployment, and a commodity price bubble that has robbed middle-class real incomes. Is this John Boehner's fault?
"St. Augustine at the Fed," August 29, 2011