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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Terrorists Won

No, this has nothing to do with Obama.

It's about editorialists who slap stuff on paper - lofty prose attached - with not a clue as to what they're trying to convey.

Figure this out.  I'm not smart enough. 

Kathleen Parker, Washington Post columnist, on the fact that America went "insane" after 9/11:
As we reflect on the events of 10 years ago, it would be nice if all sides could resolve to invite America’s better angels back to the huddle. Another terror attack would put things in perspective, all right, but our survival ultimately depends on our willingness to marshal reason and restraint against the emotional terrorism that surely will bring us down.
What does that even mean?  "Emotional terrorism"?  What is that?

I don't know about you but - on this day of all days for her to write such drivel - I'm beginning to think Osama bin Ladin won.

The Terrorists Won II

According to the Roanoke Times editorial page, the only legacy passed down to us from 9/11 - see "Assessing the legacy of 9/11" - involves a "misdirected war, embattled liberties and emboldened bigotry."

Not one word about Islamist hatred for the West.

Not one word about those who want us all dead.

Not one word about those who killed 2,977 people on this date ten years ago.

It's all about Cheney and waterboarding and rendition and torture ... Bush ... "racial and religious stereotypes" ... xenophobia ...

According to the swill at the Times, 9/11 was "the day a country changed for the worse."

Bodies falling from skyscrapers?

Jubilation in the streets of Palestine after the death toll was announced?

Heroes running toward their doom?


9/11?  The day that made America a bad place full of bad people. 

That's the legacy of 9/11.

I'm trying, at this moment, to remember who it is that we need to focus on here.  Those who brought 9/11 down upon us.  The world's Islamists.  Who are still out there.  And who still hate us.  And who still plot to kill us.

It's not the nitwits at the Roanoke Times.

Though they make it powerfully difficult to ignore them.

A Sad Fact

One of many involving the 9/11 tragedy:

Of all the bodies - and body parts - recovered after the terrorists took down the Twin Towers?

1,121 men and women -- 41 percent of the total who died -- remain unidentified.

My God.

Who's Missing In This Equation?

A fascinating bit of work.  In "And Hate Begat Hate" in today's New York Times, we learn that hatred for Americans is on the rise in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  A phenomenon that can only mean one thing.  George W. Bush must still be in charge of American foreign policy.  Only he can engender hatred in foreign lands, right?  Isn't that what they're always telling us?  Weren't things supposed to be all rosy when the Democrats took charge?

So much for that.

One aspect to this story I find curious, though.  It comes in this sentence:

"Since the death last year of Richard C. Holbrooke, who was devoted to creating a political strategy to underpin American policy-making, but whom President Obama seemed to ignore, there has been no American political strategy for Pakistan or Afghanistan."

Who's left out of that Holbrook-to-Obama equation?  Who's responsible for developing and implementing American foreign policy?   Richard Holbrook?



She's always gotten a pass.  Always.

Why is that?

A Message For An Anti-American Writer

If you're going to trash the USA for its reaction and its response to 9/11, get your descriptive nouns right.  It's not narcissism.  It's hubris.


Where Only Weeds Now Thrive

Mack Truck, Ethan Allen, Celanese Acetate, Johnson & Johnson, Lear Corp., Dan River, Tultex, Spring Ford Industries, National Textiles, Buster Brown, Natalie Knitting Mills, American of Martinsville, Virginia Glove, Virginia House Furniture, Lea Industries, ArvinMeritor, Alcoa Wheels, Rowe Furniture, VF Knitwear, Vaughan Furniture, Webb Furniture, Burlington Industries, Renfro, Hooker Furniture, Bristol Compressors, Stanley Furniture, Dana Corporation, Thomasville Furniture, Sara Lee Branded Apparel, Bassett Furniture Industries, and Pulaski Furniture.

Southwest Virginia manufacturers.  All gone.  Or now shells of their former selves.

Broadly, where once textiles and furniture manufacturing predominated and where thousands of Virginians obtained their livelihoods, now only crumbling, decaying shells remain.  Shattered dreams, like the shattered factory walls that are familiar to us all, prevail.

The Chinese have stolen it all away.

Or did we hand it to them?

If it cushions the blow, we're not alone.

Click on the following image.  And be troubled.

Aross this country ...

It wasn't long ago that the Wall Street Journal editorial page was poo-pooing the notion that American manufacturing was in decline, informing us that, even though factory employment was down, productivity was up, and output was still strong.

I knew, when I read such pronouncements, that those who held such views - legitimate at the time - were whistling past the graveyard. That it was only a matter of time.

That time is upon us.

* Chart courtesy of the New York Times.

Want To 'Create' Jobs, Mr. President?

I remember reading somewhere a while back that one of the "stimulus" initiatives that was buried in Barack Obama's gargantuan 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a provision that called for "weatherizing" homes at taxpayer expense, had created a total - to that point - of two jobs here in Southwest Virignia.


And for all anyone knew, one of those jobs probably involved a temp filling out the necessary federal paperwork documenting the work done by the other job holder.  One did the nailing, the other did the filing.

Now Obama has come back seeking another "stimulus."  My question:  Is Southwest Virginia prepared for the creation of a third job?  Can we handle it?  Oh, the fretfulness.

Can we get serious for a moment? 

Want serious job creation?

Want More Jobs? The Low-Hanging Fruit Is Energy
By John Hinderaker, Powerline

Everyone knows that Obama’s jobs program is a joke; but let’s assume that you actually do want to help create a million or more jobs, while simultaneously increasing government revenues by many billions of dollars. How would you do it? It’s actually easy: just stop the irrational antagonism to energy development that is America’s most glaring public policy failure.

The energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie released a report on Wednesday that attempted to quantify the additional jobs and revenue that would result from a relaxation of the federal government’s current anti-energy policies. You can read the report in its entirety, but here is the bottom line:

"Wood Mackenzie’s analysis found that U.S. policies which encourage the development of new and existing resources could, by 2030, increase domestic oil and natural gas production by over 10 million boed, support an additional 1.4 million jobs, and raise over $800 billion of cumulative additional government revenue."

What is remarkable is how quickly jobs would be created, if only the federal government would get out of the way:

And sweetest of all, hundreds of those jobs would be created in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia. Good jobs. Long-term jobs. Economy-boosting jobs.

Of course they wouldn't be jobs created by Barack Obama and the federal government. Which means he and it will oppose their creation until the end of time.

But it's plain for all to see that his way hasn't worked (are those two jobs even in existence still?). It's time for a new way.

America to Barack Obama: Unshackle us. Let us succeed on our own. Let us prosper. Get out of the way.

- - -

* Also buried in that American Reinvestment and Recovery Act?  The makings of the Solyndra scandal.