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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morgan Griffith On The Attack

I am so proud of this guy.  He's doing what we sent him to Washington to do.  That being to try and stop the madness.

You've heard of Solyndra.  If not, that's the "green" company that you gave half a billion dollars to - in a sweetheart Obama deal - that floated down the commode, never to be seen again.

See "'Connected' Energy Firm Got Lowest Interest Rate on Government Loan."

See "Solyndra Collapse a 'Waste' of Half a Billion By Obama, GOP Critics Say."

What follows is a clip from a Congressional hearing held yesterday, the purpose of which was to try and determine (a) how this company was able to obtain that sweetheart deal, and (b) what happened to our money.  It features Representative Morgan Griffith (R-Southwest Virginia) interrogating - masterfully - the Obama administration's Department of Energy chief loan officer, Jonathan Silver on one particularly smelly facet of this sordid tale having to do with the apparent subordination (i.e. make less important) of the taxpayer's outstanding loan to another company (one I'm sure we'll be learning more about as time goes by.  What that means, in a few words, is: that company will see repayment of the debt obligation before the taxpayer does.  And that's the part that is (allegedly) illegal.

Watch. And be proud:

What this exchange boils down to is this: The American taxpayer was screwed by a decision - seemingly illegal on its face - to protect Solyndra investors.

Keep an eye on this developing scandal. And on Mr. Griffith's pursuit of the truth.

More to follow. Guaranteed ...

Testing Our Sympathies

Who can blame the families of two students shot and killed by that deranged student on the Virginia Tech campus back in 2007 for wanting to bring the guilty to justice?

Well, me.

For theirs isn't an interest or a desire to right wrongs at all.  Or to bring justice to anyone.

Theirs is an intention to make money off the tragedy.


And who are they going after?   The crazed shooter's estate?


The outfit with the deep pockets - Virginia Tech.

Pardon me if I struggle to feel sympathy for this bunch.

A Nice Success Story

I bring this to you for a couple of reasons.  First, it's the classic American rags-to-riches (or rags-to-soon-to-be-riches) story.  And second, it involves a young man from Logan, just west of here in one of Virginia's wayward counties that folks over there persist in calling "West Virginia."

If you don't watch "America's Got Talent," you don't know the name Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  But get familiar with it.  He's the real deal:

Some will say he fell into fame. I'd like to think he ... did it his way.

Sorry, Mr. Kaine

Looks like that albatross that's tied around your neck is going to get mighty heavy by November of next year:

Poll: President Obama's popularity plummets in Virginia

Uh oh.

And just wait until the people here in the Commonwealth find out that George Allen's opponent in the upcoming Senate race to replace the already forgotten James Webb has endorsed Obama's "tax 'em till they die" jobs plan.

A given:  If Obama runs in 2012, he's going to lose Virginia.

And if he loses by more than eight points, he'll take Kaine down with him.

Here's my advice to our hapless former governor, Tim Kaine: Do a Joe Manchin.  Now.

Or you and your bosom buddy will be playing checkers together in that home for rejected Democrats quicker than you can blink an eye.

What If We Eliminated The Dept. of Education?



SAT reading scores fall to lowest level on record

Said one Barack Obama a few years ago:

"It's about Time. It's about Change"

It certainly is time for change.

The system we have - one that our president wholeheartedly supports - ain't workin'.

Why Jews Distrust Obama

"The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state."
-- Barack Obama, May, 2011

That "potential"?

Making Palestine Judenrein.

"The future independent Palestinian state will not include a Jewish minority, a top Palestinian official told USA Today on Wednesday."

Prepare the ovens.

"The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential ..."

Caption of the Day

From Hot Air:

To laugh ...

I Love This Country

When zombies take over the surface world ...

LA Porn Studio Begins Construction On ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Underground Bunker

... fake boobs will survive in the dark recesses of the underearth.

Twit Humor

What demographic do you suppose "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart is reaching out to with this observation?

Jon Stewart: GOP Debate Set 'Looks Like the Inside of Betsy Ross's Vagina'

Adolescent males?



Question of the Day

Before we give President Barack Obama another half trillion dollars to spend on another stimulus, shouldn’t we find out what happened to the half a billion he spent on Solyndra?