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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why We Hate Washington

Look for a straight answer in this discussion.  You won't find one.

It's enough to make you want to assemble on the field of Concord:
OMB director: “We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with people earning a lot”
By Tina Korbe

Jack Lew today couldn’t say how an additional tax on millionaires and billionaires will create jobs — and barely confirmed that he thinks such a tax will at least contribute to deficit reduction. The director of the Office of Management and Budget appeared this morning on Fox News’ “Happening Now” to defend the president’s just-announced proposals to trim the deficit — proposals that are a part of his overall jobs plan. Fox’s Jenna Lee asked Lew how the tax will reduce the nation’s high rate of unemployment.

“Today’s plan puts into place a balanced, fair approach to doing the $4 trillion of deficit reduction we need to get to a point where our deficit as a percentage of the economy is at a sustainable level,” Lew told her. “Whichever way you go is a hard choice. There’s a Republican budget in the House that would make severe changes in Medicare and turn it into a voucher program. It would reduce spending on things like education and research and development to the point where we couldn’t invest in what we need for the future.”

Better to tax the super rich, Lew suggested.

“We believe there’s a fundamental unfairness to have middle class people paying higher marginal tax rates than millionaires and billionaires,” Lew said. “We’re not saying we should have a confiscatory tax rate; we’re saying it’s just not fair to have a world where it’s so unbalanced.”

Lee conceded fairness in the tax code is a laudable goal, but again pressed Lew as to how the tax will grow jobs. She wondered: Which of the president’s proposals specifically will improve the jobs situation? Lew didn’t have an answer.

“If you look at the overall package, the things that will create jobs are, first of all, passing the Americans Jobs Act by doing the things that would create demand now and directly create jobs through public works like roads and bridges and keeping teachers and firemen and policemen on the rolls,” Lew said.

At that point, Lee stopped trying and took the tack of this question instead: The revenues from the tax will at least go straight to deficit reduction, right? Well, sure, Lew (sort of) said.

“Well, obviously, it’s a package that overall will reduce the deficit,” he said. “The overall revenue is connected to the overall spending and if you net are bringing down your deficit, yes, it’s very much contributing to bringing down the deficit.”

Seemingly sensing that he had rejected the only two reasonable justifications for the tax — that it will either create jobs or reduce the deficit — Lew fell back on the “it’s not fair” argument.

“We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with people earning a lot and being very successful,” he concluded lamely. “What we’re saying is ... [link]
So you know, you're paying this guy handsomely so that he can screw with you like this.

What say we fire him and all the rest of these jokers and start over again?

Best Line of the Day

Karl at Hot Air:

"Based on his opinion of the state of the Obama adminsitration, former NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller needs someone to fill in some blanks, primarily between his ears ..."

I had the same reaction when I read Keller's editorial piece in which he blamed all of America's woes on ...

... George Bush.

In 2011.

My only response?  For the love of God.

Is Harry Reid This Stupid?

You read the headline and say to yourself, there's no way he said that.

Well, he said that.

The headline:

Harry Reid on Obama’s ‘Tax the Rich’ Proposal: Finally Those Who Got America Into Debt Will Have to Pay

Now you'd think Reid was referring to himself, considering the fact that no one on the planet is more responsible for America's soaring debt than he - except for Obama himself.

But no.

Reid is gleeful that those who he voted to give tax breaks to - and who took them - are going to be made to pay for their transgression.

Here's Harry:

More than anyone else, these millionaires and billionaires benefitted from Bush tax cuts and contributed $3 trillion to our deficit, to help plunge this nation into a financial hole. A balanced approach to reduce our deficit means those who have benefitted the most from policies that created our deficit should also help solve our deficit.”

It wasn't Reid's spending three trillion dollars a year (half of which he didn't have to spend) that caused the deficit. It was the fact that a tiny portion of the money he felt Americans owed the government was never seized. That tiny portion being the miniscule tax cut that the rich - and a whole lot of the rest of us - got.

Harry Reid's an idiot. Nothing more can be said.