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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane With Roscoe Reynolds

This seems almost bizarre after two years and a million and a half more unemployed Americans.  Southside Virginia Senator Roscoe Reynolds - Democrat - holds forth on the success of ...

... Obama's stimulus plan?

From the Martinsville Bulletin, March 30, 2009:
Lawmakers: Stimulus saved Virginia jobs
By Ginny Wray, Bulletin Staff Writer

Federal stimulus funds saved an estimated 90,000 jobs in Virginia, according to state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds.

“Thank goodness for the stimulus package,” Reynolds, D-Ridgeway, told about 60 people at the Piedmont Democratic Women’s Club’s legislative breakfast Saturday at Forest Park Country Club.

Both Reynolds and Del. Ward Armstrong, D-Collinsville, said the $1 billion in stimulus funds the commonwealth received prevented the budget shortfall from being worse than it was. The money was in the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by President Barack Obama last month.

While Reynolds said the funds saved 90,000 jobs throughout the state, Armstrong said they prevented the layoffs of 7,000 state employees.

“The stimulus money was a breath of fresh air” that helped legislators get through a difficult General Assembly session, Armstrong added. [link]
Ah, yes.  The excuse of scoundrels.  The "Obama saved oodles and oodles of jobs" dance.

Now, two years later, with his district having the distinction of still maintaining the highest unemployment rate in the Commonwealth, and with his district emptying out as citizens move to other environs seeking employment, someone should ask this guy if he's still so ecstatic about Obama and his "stimulus."

Yes.  Someone should ask.  And before the election, if you can catch him.

You Give Him Too Much Credit

This assumes he knows what he's doing:

Heckler Calls Obama "The Antichrist" At LA Fundraiser

I don't know. When I stop and consider his many ... accomplishments ... since he became president, this isn't exactly the image that comes to mind:

It's more like this:

To suggest that the man is the Antichrist is to assume that he has a clue.

I wouldn't go too far with that assumption if I were you.

On Elizabeth Warren ...

... and our obligation to fund whatever government deems necessary and fund-bound:

Maybe that’s why she looks like she’s ready to haul off and hit someone.

These people get so worked up when We the People simply ask that our government tend to only that which we've granted it the authorities to which it can attend, and to do so without flushing our hard-earned income down the crapper in the attempt to do so.

Kiss That Goodbye

"Though President Obama's approval ratings have hit an all-time low at 47 percent, he has retained the support of one important demographic: foreign presidents."
- - Jake Simpson, The Atlantic Wire, April 13, 2010 - -

"Germany and America were on a collision course on Tuesday night over the handling of Europe's debt crisis after Berlin savaged plans to boost the EU rescue fund as a 'stupid idea' and told the White House to sort out its own mess before giving gratuitous advice to others."
- - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, London Telegraph, September 27, 2011 - -

ObamaCare To the Rescue

"We agree on reforms that will finally reduce the costs of health care. Families will save on their premiums; businesses that will see their costs rise if we do nothing will save money now and in the future. This plan will strengthen Medicare and extend the life of that program. And because it gets rid of the waste and inefficiencies in our health care system, this will be the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade.

"Now, I just want to repeat this because there's so much misinformation about the cost issue here. You talk to every health care economist out there and they will tell you that whatever ideas are -- whatever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce costs for families, businesses, and government, those elements are in this bill."
-- Barack Obama, December 15, 2009 --

"There is no way Obama can improve the quality of health care, provide it to nineteen million additional Americans who have no coverage - for free - and reduce the cost of health care for everyone else.  No way."
-- Jerry Fuhrman, December 16, 2009 --

The cost of health insurance has surged in the US this year, according to a survey of employers, dealing a blow to claims by the Obama administration that healthcare legislation introduced last year would curb costs.

Who ya gonna pay attention to next time?

Hey, They're Two Consenting Adults!

So butt out.

Morgan Freeman To Impregnate Step-Granddaughter

Slippery slope?

I don't think so.

I think we've finally hit bottom and plunged into the cesspool.

Liberals ... can ... all .. celebrate ... their ... resounding ... achievement ...

... in setting the civilized world back 5,000 years.

* Note: This is all alleged, of course.

It's Bush's Fault

Hallmark Launches Line of Sympathy Cards for the Unemployed

Quote of the Day

I'm not prepared to be a Herman Cain supporter yet - I fear, while his knowledge and expertise in the business universe is deep and diverse, his experience on the politics, government, international relations side is concerningly weak - but he does seem to reach a point in a conservative's soul that no other candidate out there can reach.

That being said, there is this to chuckle about.  From Dorothy Rabinowitz:
An early response to the Florida poll results [jf: Cain won in a landslide] came from a friend, historian Alan C. Kors, who observed in mock puzzlement: “So, the ‘Tea Party racists’ in a Republican straw poll chose the self-made black Herman Cain — mathematician and successful businessman — son of a cleaning woman and a janitor, as their choice of nominee for the presidency of the United States. Well! What a bigoted group, what a caste society!”
Yeah, those Cain supporters, Tea Partiers all, are surely a racist bunch.

Can We Give Him Back To Iran

I knew this dude had to be some kind of colossal idiot for thinking it a neat idea to go hiking along the Iran-Iraq border at a time when most Iranians and more than a few Iraqis would like to string his skinny ass up for his being an American (a capital offense in those parts).  And, now that he's been released from prison in Tehran and sent back to the good old USA, he proves me right:
What American 'Political Prisoners'?
By James Kirchick, Wall Street Journal

Imagine you are Shane Bauer, one of two American hikers released from Iranian captivity last week.

On July 31, 2009, you're traversing a mountain trail in Iraqi Kurdistan, near the Iranian border. You're with one of your best friends and your girlfriend. Suddenly a group of Iranian border guards capture you, and the next thing you know you're in Tehran's infamous Evin prison accused of "illegal entry" and "espionage."

Your girlfriend is kept in solitary confinement and you can see her only for an hour each day. The Iranian government prevents you from contacting your family for almost a year, at which point they decide to let your mother visit you for two days at a Tehran hotel.

While your captors treat you humanely and provide three square meals a day, your Iranian co-prisoners aren't so lucky. Every night you hear their screams. Evin is the world's most notorious torture dungeon, where political dissidents (men and women) are routinely raped, beaten and subjected to all manner of physical and psychological abuse.

Ahmad Batebi, a student activist who spent 17 months in solitary confinement there, reports that guards kicked him in the teeth, dunked his head into a toilet "stopped up with feces," and whipped his back and testicles with a cable. When he tried to sleep, they slashed his arms with a knife and rubbed salt in the wounds.

As you sit in this hellhole, no less than the president of the United States takes up your cause, insisting that you "never worked for the United States government," that you're "simply open-minded and adventurous" and "represent the best of America and of the human spirit."

Following two years of strenuous work on the part of committed American diplomats, you are freed on $500,000 bail, paid by the billionaire Sultan of Oman. And what is the first thing you say upon your release?

"Two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran."

Mr. Bauer didn't name any of the "political prisoners" allegedly held in America's jails—because there aren't any. So is this a case of Stockholm Syndrome? Perhaps, but Mr. Bauer likely came to his views while earning a degree in "Peace and Conflict Studies" at Berkeley, if not before. On a website calling for his release, a friend attests to his "strong critic[ism] of the US-led brutal war on Iraq and Israel's ongoing violence against the Palestinian people."

On Sunday, Mr. Bauer said that he opposes "U.S. policies toward Iran which perpetuate this hostility"—as if American belligerence, and not Iranian tyranny and terror, causes tension between the countries. Though he criticized Tehran's "brutality," he gave credence to his captors' grievances when he said that "every time we complained about our conditions, the guards would immediately remind us of comparable conditions at Guantanamo"—as if the claims of a government that denies the Holocaust have any validity.

While neglecting to thank either President Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for helping secure his freedom, Mr. Bauer expressed gratitude toward Hugo Chávez, Sean Penn, Noam Chomsky and Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens). [link]
Good grief.

Do you get the impression that maybe this fool's little walk in the Iranian desert wasn't such an accident after all?

I wasn't prepared to pay this kid's ransom.  But I'm now willing to contribute to a fund that pays the Iranians to take him back.

The Light Bulb Comes On

Three years after being told - repeatedly - that this was the case, liberal morons like Tina Brown are having an epiphany:

Liberal Newsweek Editor Admits: Obama 'Wasn't Ready' to Be President

No Kidding?

A little late now, babe.

Can We Get Real?

Why doesn't someone come out and say it like it is?  The Israel-Palestine "peace process" is a fool's game.  It has never served any purpose. It has never accomplished anything.  The Middle East is now as peaceful as it's going to get.  Go on with your lives.

And Jerusalem is now and forevermore an integral part of Israel.

Why jerk around for another century with this?
US blasts 'counterproductive' Israeli settlements
By Bradley Klapper and Matthew Lee, Associated Press

Washington (AP) — The Obama administration is getting little help from any quarter, let alone its ally Israel, as it pleads for a fresh start in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that could avert a veto showdown over the Palestinians' unilateral bid for statehood recognition at the United Nations.

Already disappointed by Palestinian distaste for the new U.S.-backed proposal to resume long-stalled negotiations, the administration was taken aback anew on Tuesday when Israel announced plans to construct new Jewish housing units in east Jerusalem.

The Israeli move made a hard job even harder for the United States, which is trying to protect Israel from a U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood that Israel bitterly opposes. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called the housing announcement "counterproductive" to new peace talks — the only path to Palestinian statehood the U.S. and Israel say they will accept. [link]

Statehood.  "Peace talks."  Like either is going to change anything.

For their own reasons, Palestinians hate Jews. And want them dead.  That won't change.

To the Israeli people I say: Stay locked.  Stay loaded.  Learn to enjoy the only peace you'll ever know.  And give no countenance to those who will advise otherwise.

Whose Side Is Our Gov't On?

Ready to get mad?

It's come to this:

Obama protecting illegal aliens and punishing American citizens.

My God.