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Monday, October 03, 2011

Back When Everything Made Sense ...

... expressways were express (i.e., "without unnecessary stops) ways.  Now the interstate highway system is a target for toll (i.e., tax) collectors.  Everywhere.  And lots of 'em.

How'd that happen?

Dwight Eisenhower must be rolling over in his grave.

For an interesting take on the trend that's taking place nationwide and here in the Commonwealth to put roadblocks (i.e., toll booths) up and down every freaking highway in the land, see "Legislators love to love tolls from afar," by Christina Nuckols, in today's Roanoke Times.

This seems fair to me:
I don't disagree that the state and nation need to think about new ways to fund new highway construction, bridge repairs, passenger rail and mass transit. But I don't hear General Assembly candidates floating any new ideas. Unless they're prepared to vote for an increase in the sales tax, a higher levy on new vehicles or some other revenue source, they should be prepared to Adopt a Toll Booth in their districts. I'm still waiting for suggestions.
This will come as a shock, but I - an extreme right-winger - favor taxation to pay for road and bridge construction and repair. It's one of the things We the People have actually charged our government(s) with doing (it's in that "promote the general welfare" thingie and in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution), and we therefore need to pony up.

But tolls on expressways highways with intermittent roadblocks (that foster an unnecessary wasting of fuel and contribute to global warming, ahem) ain't the answer.

Politicians are big on toll roads for one reason: Out-of-staters have to pay when they make the mistake of passing through. It's like a tariff on imported goods. Or a tax on the rich. We're all in for it if someone else is getting screwed.

Personally, I think toll booths on interstate highways should be banned. Nationwide. And the gas tax or sales tax should be adjusted to accommodate demands for road improvements. That considering that we eliminate a host of needless government expenditures first. Which we'll save for another day.

Here's to Christina Nuckols for writing a cogent and thought-provoking column.

Must have been off her meds that day.

Where 'Clean Energy' Might Work

At a government-owned and run facility.

Virginia Tech.

There taxpayers are footing most of the bill.  So cost is not an issue.

Nor is reality.

Bring on them Hokie windmills!

Because It's The American Thing To Do

Want a car that government built?

Go to East Germany.

Oops.  Never mind.  There is no East Germany.  Nor will you be able to buy off the lot the crappiest car ever made.

So go to General Motors instead.

But if you're a red-blooded American and believe we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, and your home sits astride the purple mountain's majesty that has no less than God shedding His grace on thee, then ...

... buy a Ford.

The Rasmussen Poll asked likely voters: “Have You or Anyone in [Your] Family Bought [a] Car from Ford Because [It] Didn’t Take [a] Government Bailout?” 19% said yes, including 33% of the people 18-29 — and 28% of black voters — and 32% of government workers.

Here's to you America.


Long may you wave.

The Law Becomes a Joke

Good God:

Man Arrested For 65th Time After Holding Woman And Her Children Hostage

Why bother?

Staying On Message

Pop Quiz:  What's Barack Obama's ongoing "singular focus"?

If you'd answered J-O-B-S you'd be ...

... wrong.

Obama rebukes GOP candidates for not speaking up for gay soldier

That one gay soldier out there is appreciative, one can bet.

As for the 18,279,419 unemployed and underemployed Americans - along with their tens of millions of family members - who wait for his "singular focus" to once again become his singular focus, well, don't hold your breath.

Homosexual stuff is just so much easier to deal with for the leader of the free world.

On Those 'Protesters' & Their ... Cause?

Ah, yes. They're marching on Washington and Boston and San Francisco and Chicago by the millions dozens with the intention of changing the world.

Well, they're protesting.  The "change" thing they haven't quite figured out yet.

These kids are hilarious:

I especially enjoyed listening to the young twit (wearing a Harvard sweatshirt?) who (accidentally fell off the turnip truck, hit her head, and) suddenly realized that she had accumulated student loan debt and now wants someone else to pay it.

And the young guy in a trench coat (?) who calls for "the use of force" "if it can maximize freedom." Huh?

Wrap your brain around that thought.

In truth, these youngsters haven't the first inkling as to why they're protesting.  They simply want ... change.

Which puts them all in league with our fearless leader.  He too hasn't a clue.  But hopes for some kind of change to fall off a turnip truck and ... deliver ... us ... from ... evil.  Or something.

Too funny.

And Speaking of Twits

How about this for consistency?

Roseanne Barr (whose reality TV show - aptly named "Roseanne's Nuts" - was cancelled last month for lack of interest) is still anti-gun.

And pro-guillotine.

But only if it's used on the rich.

Not including herself, of course (in addition to her other holdings, the very wealthy comedienne purchased a 46-acre farm in Hawaii for $1.78 million in 2007).  It's the bad rich people that need to be slaughtered.  She's of "the good rich."

Ya gotta love these fools.  If only for the entertainment value.

They Have Bigger Problems

I read in "Obama mostly absent from West Virginia governor's race" that the Republican challenger to the Democrats' choice to replace now-Senator Joe Manchin - Earl Ray Tomblin - is only now - a week before the special election - trying to tie Tomblin to the most disliked president in the state since ... well, since it became a state.  While it's a good strategy to link Obama to any candidate if you want that candidate to lose, in West Virginia there are bigger issues (believe it or not).

The state of West Virginia has been in Democrat control for sixty years.  And in those sixty years it has declined to the point of third-world status.  Did you know that Charleston, the state's capital (population 53,000), was, in the 50's, larger than Charlotte, NC (current population 540,000)?  It's a fact.

Sky-high taxes, boosted by a "progressive" tax structure that only a Joseph Stalin could love, aided by a legal system that punishes - with too much glee - anyone and everyone with deep pockets (think trial lawyers), and add a political climate in which business can only thrive by moving out of state, and you have ...

... West Virginia.

Republicans have actually been employing the right tactic there.  It's not about Obama (yet).  Earl Ray Tomblin has been in government for over thirty years.  He's as much a contributor to the problems facing the poor people of the state as anyone alive today (and there are a lot of Robert Byrd wannabes in the state, believe me).

And the Democrats want Earl Ray to continue the trend.  He is their man.

So yeah, it will win over a few people when the GOP starts linking Obama with Earl Ray Tomblin.  But most people look at the state of the state and look at a man who has been an integral part in putting it in the state it's in, and ask:

We're continuing down this path why?

- - -

* Some trivia:

West Virginia’s share of the U.S. population has fallen from 1.4 percent in 1790 to 0.6 percent in 2010.

Amazingly, from 1900 to 1950, West Virginia’s population growth exceeded national growth.

West Virginia’s population has increased modestly during the past two decades, rising by 3.3 percent from 1990 to 2010. However, that growth was well below the national rate of 24.1 percent.


Good Grief

A Republican presidential candidate playing the race card?


We expect this kind of gutter politics from Democrats.  But not from you, Herman:
Cain: Perry insensitive over name of hunting camp
The Associated Press

Washington (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Sunday criticized rival Rick Perry as being insensitive for not acting sooner in removing the racially offensive name from a rock outside the Texas hunting camp his family once leased.

Perry's campaign countered that Perry's father painted over the rock to cover the name, Niggerhead, soon after he began leasing the site in the early 1980s. While the Texas governor later joined the lease, neither he nor his family ever controlled, owned or managed the property, the campaign said in a statement.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that the origins of the name were unclear and there was no definitive account for when and how the name first appeared on a large, flat rock at the gated entrance to the Throckmorton County property. In recent photos the word is mostly obscured by white paint, the Post reported.

Cain, the only black Republican in the presidential race, accused Perry of insensitivity when asked about the report on Sunday news programs.

"Since Gov. Perry has been going there for years to hunt, I think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place," he told ABC's "This Week."

"Yes, it was painted over," he said. "But how long ago was it painted over? So I'm still saying that it is a sign of insensitivity." [link]
This is painful.

The Washington Post - it of Macaca fame - to its everlasting shame - fashions a story out of nothing - one intended to injure, not to inform - and Herman Cain takes the bait.

Rick Perry is guilty of having a father.  Damn him to hell.

Come on, Herman.  They pull this underhanded stuff.  We don't.

If you're angling for the Democrat vote, please go over to their side.

- - -

There's more on the Washington Post's dastardly deeds here.

- - -

From Ann Althouse:

"Lots of photos of Perry having nothing whatsoever to do with this story, and not a single one of the rock. Well done, WP!"

Hey, this kind of sleaze got Jim Webb elected (see "macaca" above).  So don't discount the effort on the part of the Post to win the next election for its best bud.