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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Don't Worry. You're In The Best of Hands.

How would you like to be on board an airliner in which the pilot pays no attention to where the ground is or in which direction he's going?

That's essentially the excuse given by our United States Justice Department for its leader not knowing anything about the scandalous "Fast and Furious" story that has it up to its eyeballs in controversy.

CBS News: Documents reveal that Holder received briefing on Fast & Furious in July 2010; Update: Holder doesn’t always read his briefings?

He's clueless. So don't blame him.

Good God.  Where's my parachute?  I want off this tin can.

Macaca Redux

Here's how this sort of thing plays out.  The Washington Post fashions a smear (and calls it news).  And the rest of the media play it.  The Post did its part.  Now ...

Can a candidate recover once they've been associated with a controversy over the word n-gger?

Guilt by association.  Under other circumstances you'd hear this same bunch of gutter slime denounce the tactic as being McCarthyism.

But a conservative Republican is involved, so it's acceptable.

Just as the Washington Post - to its shame - invented the word macaca to ruin another Republican back in 2006, so it's conjured a story about Rick Perry that has no basis in fact here.  And fellow travelers in the media take up the charge and drive it home.

On Saturday the Post launched its plot to stop Perry's candidacy with "At Rick Perry’s Texas hunting spot, camp’s old racially charged name lingered." Picking up the signal, CNN came through with ... can Perry recover from being associated with this controversy?

See why you never want to trust these sunsabitchas?.

This about sums it up

Kyle Drennen brings us another episode in the never-ending liberal media bias saga.  From "David Gregory Grills Bob McDonnell on 'Extreme' and 'Diabolical' GOP; Asks Deval Patrick About Red Sox":
On Sunday's "Meet the Press," host David Gregory continually pressed Republican Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell on the GOP being "too extreme" and "diabolically successful" at obstructing President Obama's agenda, while he chatted with Democratic Governor Deval Patrick about Obama finding his "voice" and the Red Sox firing their manager after a poor season.
Deval Patrick is as liberal as they come.  As if you couldn't already surmise that from the way the equally liberal David Gregory treated him.

No.  No media bias to be found here ...

He's As Mixed Up As They Are

That protest movement "that's sweeping across the country," the one that has no real meaning and is being pushed along by a bunch of kids with no clue, couldn't get any more ridiculous.

Well, yes it can.

Picture a fat, rich dude joining the protesters, denouncing fat rich dudes.

That's right.  Michael Moore, in all his expansive glory, stepped out of his limousine long enough to denounce ... the rich.  And then drove on.

This is better than Comedy Central.

- - -

The "movement" has become such a farce that even Alan Colmes, he as liberal as they come, was rejecting the effort on his radio show last night, saying - in so many words - nobody knows what it is they are protesting, this, that, and everything else; get back to me when they come up with a reason for being.

Yet the media take the kids seriously ...