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Monday, October 10, 2011

Roscoe's Getting Down & Dirty

I watched what may be the most inept TV spot ever put out by a political candidate in my lifetime yesterday. It wasn't that it was a negative ad - which it was. It wasn't so much that it was untruthful - which it was. The reason it was godawful is because it was silly and poorly segmented, with characters portrayed looking like they'd be perfect for Hee Haw II.

Looking over my inbox this morning, it turns out that I'm not alone in my assessment. Here's a twitter reaction to Senator Roscoe Reynolds's corny - and laughable - ad from Delegate Greg Habeeb:

What Greg may be hearing is that Reynolds - a big fan of Obama's "stimulus" plan that stimulated, as it turns out, only weak-minded Democratic politicians - is in big trouble in his reelection bid.

I apologize for not having a copy of Reynolds' attack ad for you.  I've searched Google and Youtube and it just isn't there.  If he has the nerve to post it, I guarantee you it'll be here and commented on.  It's that awful.

Here's the gist of it - Reynolds' Republican opponent, Bill Stanley, once practiced law in northern Virginia (the audacity!).  Which not only makes him an outsider - to Reynolds' thinking - but makes him a northern Virginian.   Which means, I suppose that Roscoe Reynolds is repudiating all those northern Virginia Democrats he votes in lockstep with every day of every session of the state legislature.

Sure he does.

Anyway, that's the pitch.  Stanley (who's lived in Franklin County for the last twelve years) is "an outsider."

Not an unusual ploy.  And not one worth attacking in and of itself.  It's the kind of thing frightened politicians do.  Rick Boucher - remember him? - tried it too.  Didn't work out so well for him as I recall.

No, it's the colossal amateurishness of the ad that shames Reynolds.  A man and woman on screen - presumably Reynolds supporters - right out of American Gothic ...

 ... hear the news that Stanley is an outsider and the small-of-stature woman says, with as troubled a look as she can muster, "That's bad."  The man standing next to her follows her pithy comment with, "That's reeeaaalll bad."

Or were they referring to Roscoe Reynolds' attempt at making a TV commercial?  One wonders.

Anyway, Roscoe Reynolds has himself a political ad out there.  Let me be the first to apologize to everyone in Southside for his having done it.

When Is Obama Going To Ban Running?

Two headlines, recent days.

From the Roanoke Times Wednesday: "Anita Carolyn Altizer, 41, died Sept. 26 while out for a run."

From the Associated Press this morning: "Male runner collapses at Chicago Marathon, dies."

Liberals in this country love to ban things.  The latest being over-the-counter asthma inhalers, for God's sake.

The asthma inhalers that have killed no one to date.

The same with cheap automobile air conditioning refrigerants.

Which have never killed anyone either.

So why not jogging?  Which kills.

Lead paint?  They're still debating the death toll - if there is one - from that one.  Nevertheless, it's been banned for thirty years.

Let me ask you, if 215,413 Americans went out on a jog this morning and four of them died from exercise-related causes, wouldn't an investigation be in order?  Maybe a ban on running?

But we never talk about such things.


Because the liberal busybodies who dream up reasons to ban shit love to jog.

Ban jogging?  Can't be havin' that.  They do it.

That's why they're big on banning circumstances where - and how much - beer can be consumed, but tell us that wine is good for us. They like wine.  And they'll tell you that it's only NASCAR neanderthals who drink beer.  So it's bad.

Got it?

Same with tobacco and marijuana.  They want tobacco users imprisoned while, at the same time, they're doing doobies in the bathroom at the weekend pool party and livin' large.

Me?  I don't much care what any of you choose to do to yourselves.

But when I become emperor, and I'm told my role in life is to ban something, the first thing I'm going to ban is liberal stupidity.

Second, running.

I've learned that's how this works.

Let 'Occupy Wall Street' Speak For Itself

There are a lot of leftist pundits who choose to tell us what "Occupy Wall Street" is really all about.

See "The Tea Party Misses The Point Of OWS's Aspirations" in the Huffington Post.

See "Krugman: Occupy Wall Street is a "real political opportunity" that gives Democrats a "second chance."

See "Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it," from CNN.

See "Democrats Seek to Own 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement."

I have an idea.  How about we let the "occupiers" speak for themselves.

And learn how many times the word nigger can be crammed into one video.

- - -

And there's this eye-opener from today's New York Post:

"The criminals are crashing the party. Lured by cheap drugs and free food, creepy thugs have infiltrated the crowd of protesters camped out in Zuccotti Park for Occupy Wall Street."

Hatred toward "niggers"?  Drug addicts and fugitives from justice?  The Democrats want to own this?  I say let 'em.

Obama May Win Reelection

As much as I think nobody could be foolish enough to vote for him in 2012, I've been reminded - twice - in recent days that Obama's reelection might very well happen.

First, Herman Cain, in that wonderful speech he delivered to the "Values Voters Summit" the other day, reminded me of this fact:

"We are up against a lot of stupid people in America. ..."

And Glenn Reynolds adds this:

Plenty of otherwise intelligent people convinced themselves to vote for Obama last time. They could be stupid again. Too soon to get cocky.”

Will stupid win out in 2012?

Stay tuned.  It's going to be close.  As Herman says, there's a lot of 'em out there ...

They Have One Thing In Common

I got to thinking, when I read "Van Jones: It’s time for an 'American Autumn' in the spirit of the Arab Spring," a wish on his part that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement becomes like that which unfolded in the streets of Cairo, that there is one similarity between the two groups.  Both the poor schmucks in Egypt and the idiots in that park in New York City are living in squalor.

The difference is this: The searingly impoverished people of Cairo want better for themselves and their children, they want out of poverty; the college kids demonstrating their stupidity on a daily basis in the streets of New York seem perfectly happy wallowing in their urine and feces.

In Egypt, the cry goes forth: We're tired of unsanitary living conditions.

In New York, it's a badge of honor to have turds hanging from your Nikes.

Want to truly make "Occupy Wall Street" like the Arab Spring"?

Grow up.

Only One Little Problem

Politico this morning makes the case for those disaffected "Occupy Wall Street" nuts creating a third political party.  Which is all well and good.

Except for one thing.

They don't vote.

They play video games.

And light farts.

And skip class.

And smoke dope.

And, occasionally, they get together and do some revoluting.

Nice thought though.

A Formula For Failure

I've never quite understood the logic that seems to drive liberals to do stupid things when it comes to our economy. The crux of the ... thinking ... behind which goes like this:

1) The government pulls huge sums of money out of the marketplace in the form of taxes.
2) The government then skims a large portion off the top to pay for the skimmers and allocators in the government.
3) The government finally returns the remainder to the marketplace by allocating it to certain blessed entities in that marketplace.

That's supposed to work?

Oh, and there's a (3a): The government looks at its fat-cat donor list to see who it's going to bless with that cash.

Which explains our permanent 9% unemployment problem.

And Solyndra.

Isn't there a better way for capital to be allocated?

Like maybe the way it was done for a hundred years - the hundred years in which America prospered like no other country in the history of the planet?

Guess not.

Obama and his Democrats have a better way of doing it.

Or not.

That Solyndra debacle? It involves far more than just a sorry miscalculation. It prevented professionals from making investment decisions that might have succeeded and ... actually created jobs.

The Wall Street Journal this morning:
When government takes $535 million and invests in a loser, it not only wastes taxpayer money but it also denies that capital to some other project in the private economy that might have succeeded. The Solyndra emails show how ill-equipped government is to predict the industries of the present, much less the future.
Bottom line: When investors make bad decisions, they go broke. When politicians make bad investment decisions, they run for reelection on gay issues.

There is something seriously wrong with that.

Oh, I see Obama is talking gay issues ...

Yeah, That'll Work

I think we've all come to the conclusion by now that our president has no clue as to how jobs are created in this country.

Most of us have also concluded that the one thing he does know how to do is destroy them (to the rest of you, a hint.  Two words - oil, coal).

And how to pester employers.

You know that "jobs" bill that Obama has been flying around the country shedding tears over because nobody in Congress - including his fellow Democrats - will give it a minute's consideration?  It includes a provision which would ban companies with 15 or more employees from refusing to consider — or offer a job to — someone who is unemployed.

Yeah, that'll help those eighteen million unemployed souls find work.

A jobs bill with a ban on hiring practices.

For the love of God.

Expect Obama to do a whole lot more whining as time goes by.

Celebrate America

As flawed as it is, it's still a precious gift that our parents and grandparents and ... beyond have passed down to us. So all you "occupiers," sing it with me:

They're saying that freedom
has done little to stop
Corporations from keeping
the wealth at the top
But at what point in history
would a kid and a king
both have clean water to drink?

George Washington was
the richest man of his age
But he lost all his teeth
at a very young age
Because they didn't have Scope
and they all crapped in trays
we're not wealthy?

now there's fountains on streets
from which clean water pours
Four dollar generics
at all big box stores
a sultan and student
both have iPhone 4s
it's not fair

Come gather young people
come on everyone
and I'll tell you a tale
of a fortunate son

He's born in a country
and given vaccine
and rendered immune
to all kinds of disease
the Kardashians are on
all his TVs
it's not perfect

Banks don't need bailouts
on that we agree
so let's start up a group
and let's take to the streets
because if we do that then
you know what that means
we're racist.
Humor. The most effective weapon against mindless liberalism.