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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What To Make Of This?

I'll tell you.

First the startling news:
Qwikster Is Gonester: Netflix Kills Its DVD-Only Business Before Launch
By Peter Kafka

Qwikster, we never knew ya: Netflix has killed its plans to turn its DVD service into a separate business.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings delivered the news via a blog post this morning, reversing a decision he announced via a blog post three weeks ago. Though the Web site for Qwikster, the would-be DVD-only service, said Sunday night that it was “launching soon,” it will never launch at all. The URL now directs visitors to the main Netflix site.

While Netflix had to use some strained logic to explain its decision last month, this one is straightforward: It’s not going to force customers to use two different services to rent DVDs and streaming video, because customers hated that idea. [link]
Here's what you need to take away from this: It doesn't matter a great deal what direction Netflix goes with its business model.  What's absolutely amazing is the fact that this multi-billion dollar corporation was able to radically alter its plan on a dime.  Literally transforming itself - in a matter of three weeks - from something new to something ... not-so-new.

Compare that to government decision-making.

By everyone's measure these days, ObamaCare is an Obamanation (health care costs are destined to increase, there's going to be a doctor shortage, and a scarcity of care, red tape will abound, and people are going to die).  But it is now set in stone.  It will be here for decades, if not forever.

Because government has never been able to make corrections in its course.  That plank politicians have us walk is a one-way street plank.

To those who think we need more government control over the marketplace, I ask you to look to the Netflix saga.  The market has the wondrous ability to fix problems the likes of which Obama and his army of "fixers" can only dream.

Adding To The Mystery

Here's something.  I wish I knew what it means.

I was reading Instapundit, and came upon this blurb:

"SO SINCE I UPGRADED TO FIREFOX 7, the fan on my Macbook Air seems to be running louder (i.e. full speed) and more often. Anyone else notice this? I assume something’s loading the processor harder, but can the upgrade make that much difference?"

Seems odd.  But I have to tell you, I quit using Firefox about a month ago (after upgrading to 7), not for the reason cited above, but because whatever on-line site I was visiting, whether it involved email or sundry websites, it kept freezing up on me.  Often.  And not for just a second or two.

Add to that the fact that I'm the "road rage" kinda guy - in this setting making me a "computer-freeze-up" kinda guy - and bad things were destined to happen to my monitor.

So I switched to a different browser.  First I went back to Internet Explorer and then moved to Google Chrome not for any good reason other than I wanted to try it out.

Haven't had a problem with freeze-up since.

Figure that out.

My only explanation is this: Norton anti-virus now - since the Firefox upgrade - has some kind of compatibility issue with it, which drives the browser nuts at irregular intervals.

Or something.

In any case, it's interesting to note that I'm not the only person having problems with Firefox.  Maybe they should look into this?

I'm For The Black Guy

Which, according to this ditz, makes me a racist.

Wouldn't this be special - a Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama matchup.

A matchup that, at the moment, favors the real black guy.

Our black guy.

The ditz, responds with ... but ... but ... but ...

I'm going to enjoy this.

I Have a Different Take

According to Gallup, only 80% of African-Americans still approve of the job Obama's doing.  That's down from 96% in 2009.

You mean it's still 80%?!

Considering this, "Employment rate for black men falls to record low," I wonder why Obama has any support at all?

Boy, skin color runs deep in certain circles, doesn't it?

When Narcissism Becomes Dangerous

It should be noted, and has been, that distance-running can be very hazardous to one's health.

So what to make of some silly woman who risks everything - especially the life of her daughter - to ... what, make a point?

Woman--9 Months Pregnant--Gives Birth After Running Chicago Marathon

So you know, mother and daughter are doing fine.

No thanks to mother.

Your Hard-Earned Income At Work

When you and your spouse finally come to the conclusion that you are not able to go on vacation this year because the necessary funds just aren't there, I want you to think about where those funds are.

They're here:
Green Jobs Brown Out
Wall Street Journal editorial

The green jobs subsidy story gets more embarrassing by the day. Three years ago President Obama promised that by the end of the decade America would have five million green jobs, but so far some $90 billion in government spending has delivered very few.

A new report by the Labor Department's Office of Inspector General examined a $500 million grant under the stimulus program to the Employment and Training Administration to "train and prepare individuals for careers in 'green jobs.'" So far about $162.8 million has been spent. The program was supposed to train 125,000 workers, but only 53,000 have been "trained" so far, only 8,035 have found jobs, and only 1,033 were still in the job after six months.

Overall, "only 10% of participants entered employment." In the understatement of the year, the IG says the program failed to "assist those most impacted by the recession."

The jobs record is even more dismal when you consider that many of the jobs classified as green aren't even new jobs, much less green, according to a report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. They include positions that have been "relabeled as green jobs by the BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics]."

This means that bus drivers, Environmental Protection Agency regulators, university professors teaching ecology, and even the Washington lobbyists who secure energy loan guarantees count as green employees for the purposes of government counting. The Oversight Committee finds that even a charitable assessment of the Labor program puts the cost of each green job at $157,000. [link]
$157,000 worth of training so that some guy can drive a bus.

Is it any wonder that this country is spinning out of control.

What, you can't afford to buy that rib roast?

Obama had other plans.  Sorry.

We Live In Strange Times

Explain this to me:

The mainstream press will go out of its way to shield those Islamists around the world who plot to kill our children and grandchildren from being labeled Muslims, though they most certainly are.  Fear of religious bigotry?

Why, then, do those in the media seem to have no compunction about fanning the flames in the Mormon debate?

When Mormons start knocking down buildings in New York City and beheading Americans, call me.

Until then, drop it.


A Perfect Fit

Has-Beens both:

Roseanne Barr Gets New Show On NBC

Add Ed Schultz and you got a real ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mindless Drivel

Read "Schultz Says Racism Behind Republican Opposition To 'Occupy' Movement" and try to figure out what point MSNBC's resident moron, Ed Schultz, is attempting to put forth.

You can't.  It makes no sense.

Except to his two fans.


And The Media Want To Focus On Mormons

For the love of God:

The handful of Jews remaining in Baghdad must leave because their names appeared in a WikiLeaks cable, an Anglican priest in the Iraqi capital said.

Add to that this:

Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department.

Yeah.  Mormons are the problem.