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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ward Armstrong - Pro-Life?

Longtime Democratic Delegate Ward Armstrong, who actually moved his family when redistricting occurred not long ago so that he could keep his gig in Richmond - or try to (is it that important in his life?) - came out with that campaign ad on TV the other day in which he laid out his core beliefs.  See "Your Fault?".

As it turns out, Ward Armstrong has decided to be pro-life!

As of last Tuesday.

And probably only until November.

Up until last Tuesday?

Ol' Ward was voting with his liberal northern Virginia buddies every time a pro-life bill came up for a vote in the House of Delegates.

But ... but ... but ...

Here's the honest truth, as passed on by Mason Adams, Roanoke Times, September 9 - See "Virginia Society for Human Life PAC endorses Poindexter, attacks Armstrong’s “pro-life” claim."
Virginia’s Only Pro-Life PAC Endorses Poindexter over Armstrong

Richmond – Yesterday, the Virginia Society for Human Life PAC (VSHLPAC) endorsed Delegate Charles Poindexter to clear any confusion over the records of the two incumbents facing off in the race for the House of Delegates’ 9th district. Poindexter has compiled a perfect pro-life voting record since his election to the General Assembly in 2007.

“In contrast, Delegate Ward Armstrong’s record had been mixed for most of his tenure and has turned decidedly pro-abortion in the past year. For instance, until 2009, Armstrong’s voting record was often characterized by voting for pro-abortion amendments to weaken pro-life bills before voting for final passage, which were scored as pro-life votes,” explained VSHLPAC Chair Holly Smith.

However, in the past year, Armstrong has voted pro-abortion on all five abortion-related votes that occurred in the House of Delegates. His “no” votes included:

● opposing that abortion facilities be licensed and regulated by the Board of Health,
● opposing that an ultrasound be performed and that the ultrasound image of the unborn child be voluntarily shown to the mother prior to the abortion, and
● opposing the exclusion of abortion coverage from health exchanges in Virginia mandated by the Obamacare law.

Ironically, Del. Armstrong’s recently released television ad, “Taught,” claims that he is “pro-life.” Sadly, his rhetoric does not match his record. “In an area such as the 9th, where most people are pro-life regardless of party affiliation,” remarked Smith, “it is disappointing to see that as Armstrong has advanced in leadership, he has embraced values more consistent with the national Democratic party than his constituents.”
Maybe in Armstrong's next TV spot he can explain to us what exactly "pro-life" means, and how it can be reconciled with his voting record.

It appears that if he's "pro-life," he's certainly not pro-life when it counts the most.

Come clean, dude. We have our fill of weasels around these parts.

- - -

For comparison's sake, here's what the Virginia Society for Human Life PAC has to say about Charles Poindexter's record (as relayed in Adams's blog post):

Del. Poindexter’s perfect record of supporting the right-to-life of all Virginians has earned him the gratitude and support of voters who are concerned with the right to life and the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family.

Seems clear. Seems right for Southwest Virginia.

Things Are Starting To Heat Up

Election day is approaching.  And, if you were to judge by the radio and TV ads that are appearing all of a sudden around Southwest Virginia, you'd think Barack Obama is on the ballot.

Well, I guess, in a way, he is.

Our president, you see, has a lot of help dismantling our country, one brick at a time.

His eager helpers?

We could start with Phil Puckett, longtime Democratic state senator from Russell County.  Let's let his opponent in the upcoming election, Republican Adam Light, provide the details:

For the record, Phil Puckett is not a Barack Obama supporter. As of a few days ago. What might have changed his opinion?

But the two of them are, when it comes to raising our taxes and meddling in our lives, kindred spirits.

You might want to remember that next time Puckett tells you he's had a change of heart.

Things Are Starting To Heat Up II

I love this tag line from the Virginia Tea Party Alliance PAC:

"Roscoe Reynolds.  Too liberal.  Too wrong.  For too long."

Good stuff.

And this is good too: "Roscoe 'Obama'":


Things Are Starting To Heat Up III

And lest we forget Ward Armstrong ...

Here's "Need":

"If Ward Armstrong thinks you need Obama, do you really need Ward Armstrong?"

I'll bet Delegate Armstrong would like to take this statement back:

"If ever there was a region in this state that needed Barack Obama, it is my district."

You have need of him, Ward?  You got him, sweetheart.