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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quote of the Day

By an "Occupy Wall Street" protester:

"I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government... they need to be run out of this country."

Rally round, all ye Jew haters.

Compare & Contrast

The Tea Party:

Occupy Wall Street:

Time to choose sides.

History Repeats Itself

I'm starting to develop this theory. It has to do with America as we witness it in 2011, and its rightful place in history.

Some compare the "Occupy Wall Street" protests we've been watching in New York City to "the 60's."  Lots of hair.  Youth.  Anger at "the man."  Calls to violence.

Perhaps they'd be right in thinking so, if you ponder only the narrow view.

But that doesn't work if you take into account the other - more dynamic, more focused, larger-in-numbers - movement that's also sweeping the land. The Tea Party.

Put the two - "Occupy Wall Street" and the Tea Party - together, and what do you have?

Weimar, 1923.

A weak and ineffectual central government.

A corrupt, detached, listless and drifting political establishment.

Influential and growing power bases on the left and the right, pushing aside traditional political parties that lack direction or a driving force.

A feeble leader at the top who is unable to control events swirling around him.

A restless public that demands immediate fixes to mounting problems.

And no fixes emerging.

Turmoil.  Angst.  Disaffection.  A growing willingness to solve problems - on the left and the right - by any means necessary.

The only thing lacking, to make the comparison complete, is hyperinflation.  And the Fed is working diligently to effect that.  Does this chart showing the value of the German Mark over a six-year period from 1918 to 1923 look familiar?

Remind you of our out-of-control national debt crisis?

Or, to keep the theme, does this graph showing the amount of our currency in circulation look familiar?

The natural question to be asked by those not familiar with history is: Where does it end?

In answer I have a two-word response:

Adolf Hitler.

Let's all hope those in Washington figure all this out.  Before it's too late.  Because there are a lot of crazies loose in the land.

And we know where that ends.

May God help us.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-- George Santayana --

The Environmentalists' Dilemma

Here's one those shit-for-brains "Occupy Wall Street" types - you know, the ones who hate the rich - are going to have to deal with.

I don't think it's a stretch to assume that they're all environmentalists.  It kinda comes with the territory.

And the environmentalist's dream automobile?

The electric car.

And who's buying those electric cars?  You know, the ones that cost $45,763 and will get you to the grocery and back before you run out of juice?

Hint: Ain't no member of "Occupy Wall Street" that can afford one.

No.  It's the rich who are buying those electric cars.

The hated rich.

Expect those "occupiers" to demand that those environmentally friendly autos of the wealthy to be banned soon.

It all gets so confusing.

Quaking In Their Boots

Said Conan the Destroyer:

Obama: No Options off the Table in Holding Iran Accountable

One of those options being an apology for our being in the way of their plans to kill our children and grandchildren.

Obama and Hillary are considering their options.  I'm holding my breath.

Jerry Fuhrman 1, Barack Obama 0

"We agree on reforms that will finally reduce the costs of health care. Families will save on their premiums; businesses that will see their costs rise if we do nothing will save money now and in the future. This plan will strengthen Medicare and extend the life of that program. And because it gets rid of the waste and inefficiencies in our health care system, this will be the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade.

"Now, I just want to repeat this because there's so much misinformation about the cost issue here. You talk to every health care economist out there and they will tell you that whatever ideas are -- whatever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce costs for families, businesses, and government, those elements are in this bill."
-- Barack Obama, December 15, 2009 --

"There is no way Obama can improve the quality of health care, provide it to nineteen million additional Americans who have no coverage - for free - reduce the federal deficit, and cut the cost of health care for everyone else.  No way."

-- Jerry Fuhrman, December 16, 2009 --

"This will be the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade."

Or not.

Finally, someone has explained the facts of life to our president:
Class Dismissed
HHS pulls the plug on one of ObamaCare's main fiscal illusions.
Wall Street Journal editorial

Late Friday afternoon, naturally, the Obama Administration formally conceded that it had shut down one of the Affordable Care Act's major new entitlement programs. The Department of Health and Human Services had already closed down the office in charge of creating this insurance program for long-term care last month. But HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius's act of fiscal damage control is still a welcome if overdue admission that ObamaCare's claims of deficit reduction were always an illusion.

During the health-care debate Washington insisted on treating CBO's cost estimates as if God Himself had carved them into stone tablets, but as [the Class Act's] mercy killing shows all they proved was that Democrats were good at manipulating its assumptions and synthetic budget conventions. HHS's own experts were warning Democrats all along that Class was a fiscal time bomb, so including it in the bill was a special act of fiscal corruption.

Ms. Sebelius contended yesterday that ObamaCare will still "reduce the deficit," and we're eagerly anticipating the day when reality forces her to dump that falsehood too. [link]
So the "Obama's health plan will reduce the deficit" argument finally crumbles.

Crumbling at the same time is the contention that it will reduce the average American's health care bill.  See "Health Insurance Costs Rising Sharply This Year, Study Shows" in last month's New York Times.

And add to all that the fact that the Supreme Court will soon void ObamaCare's core funding mechanism - the "individual mandate."

Thus you end up with nothing more than another Democrat entitlement plan for the poor.  A very costly one for the rest of us.  One that we can no longer afford.

ObamaCare.  It's time to put this dying animal out of its misery.  Kill it.  And do what Obama planned on doing when he was a candidate for high office and not the leader of the free world - solve America's health care cost problem.

Going To War, Democrat Style

Remember Bill Clinton's war on Serbia?  America's force of arms was called upon to engage the enemy ...

... from high in the sky, at 30,000 feet.

I was never quite sure why we did that but, hey, it got him laid, right?

Then came Libya, where the Democratic Party's successor warrior chose to do battle on the side of one group of murderers and cutthroats over another.


Still trying to figure that one out.

And by the way, are we still fighting that one?

And what's this?

Our Democrat-in-chief is sending combat troops to Uganda ... I'll give you a moment to find it on the map ... with explicit orders to not engage in combat.  It's of vital national interest, we're told.

Serbia.  Libya.  Uganda.  Franklin Roosevelt must be rolling over in his grave.

- - -

It's come to this: "Good news: Obama sending 100 U.S. combat troops to Uganda for some reason."

For the love of God.