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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Experts Say The Recession Ended Long Ago

The continuing "steep drop" in our standard of living says otherwise.

Why Is 'Occupy Wall Street' the Best Reality Show On TV?

It don't get better than this:

A well-known “Occupy Wall Street” protester who was arrested last Friday for kneeling down in prayer and blocking traffic in lower Manhattan is wanted in Indiana for failing to appear in court in connection with criminal charges filed after cops found him naked, intoxicated, and covered in olive oil in a public park.

Naked, intoxicated, and covered in olive oil.

Pop the popcorn. Grab a beer. Grasp that remote.  Kick back.

If only they could come up with some dancing girls ...

I Get So Confused

Maybe I spend too much time watching my favorite "reality TV" show - Occupy Wall Street.  It's just that it's so entertaining.

Like a freak show.

Well, in fact, it is a freak show.

But, still, I'm trying to make sense of it.

Answer me this: Is Wall Street a Jewish conspiracy?

See America is dominated by one group - Jews.

Or are Wall Streeters Nazis?

I suppose, in the drug-warped world that is "Occupy Wall Street," "Wall Street" can be both.

But in the real world?  Nazis and Jews?


I suppose, if those "Occupy" geniuses can think of themselves as both mega-statists and anarchists, at the same time, hey, why not?

If only they'd paid attention in sixth grade history class.

I Get So Confused II

In some spacial plane somewhere, this story makes sense:

Barney Frank supports protesters, raises Wall St. cash

So the guy more responsible than anyone else for launching the Wall Street meltdown that brought about America as we know it today supports the anti-Wall Street protest and, at the same time, takes in piles of cash from Wall Street?

My head hurts.

I Get So Confused III

President Obama hates Wall Street too.

See "Obama on Occupy Wall Street: 'We Are on Their Side'"

But loves that Wall Street cash.

See "Obama Has More Cash From Wall Street Than All GOP Hopefuls Combined."

What, he thought we wouldn't notice?

What a Stupid, Stupid Man

Democratic Senator Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate yesterday:

"It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about."

Private-sector jobs have been doing just fine?

I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard him say it.

This guy is one of the Democratic Party's leading lights in Washington?

Reality, as provided by the Wall Street Journal:
Going back to 2008, the Labor Department reported 111.822 million employed private workers at the end of 2008. The number plunged during the recession, and as of September of this year overall private employment had climbed back to 109.349 million. But that's still some 2.5 million fewer jobs than in 2008. If this is doing fine, we'd hate to see Mr. Reid's definition of lousy.

What these numbers show is that, contrary to Mr. Reid, the real U.S. jobs problem continues to be in the private economy. If private employers were hiring at the pace they normally do in an economic recovery, we might be doing fine.
Harry Reid shouldn't just be driven from office. He should be banished to some far-away island.

Americans in this time of great distress need to have confidence in their leadership. Idiots like this only make matters worse.

What a Stupid, Stupid Woman

I guess, while we're on the subject of stupid Democrats, we should touch upon the person who runs the Democratic National Committee.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Consider her touched. And touched upon.

When They Lose Doug Wilder ...

You'll notice in this clip that, when former Governor Doug Wilder is asked whether President Obama could win the upcoming election without winning Virginia or North Carolina, Wilder felt it necessary - for his own reasons  - to mention the fact that Virginia Democrats are running away from the president in droves.

Seems to be a lot of discontent in the ranks:

Why is Obama out campaigning when he ought to be working anyway?