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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Take a look at this photo of Hillary Clinton touring a General Motors plant on Sunday.  She looks rather proud of the assembly line workers hammering out their wares, no?

The fact that the plant is in Uzbekistan and the workers are all Muslims, well, hey, don't be so ... snippy.  Yeah, it's your tax dollars that are keeping the boys there employed, but look on the bright side:

At least now we know where all those jobs Obama promised us were saved or created.

Photo courtesy of Reuters.

'Occupy Wall Street,' Just An Offshoot of the Tea Party

A recent headline says a lot about the headliner:

Obama Compares Occupy Wall St. To Tea Party: ‘I Understand The Frustrations’

An odd comparison.

I don't remember those tens of thousands of Tea Party patriots who gathered hundreds of times in cities across this land venting their frustrations by raping 14-year old girls.

"Occupy Wall Street" isn't a gathering of frustrated souls.  It's a freak show.

All their sorry asses ought to be locked up.

Tying The Democrats In Knots

I wonder what the "Code Pink" wing of the Democratic Party thinks of the latest news out of the Obama administration.

No sooner had this headline appeared ...

Hillary Clinton hails 'Libya's victory'

... than the details of that victory began to emerge:
Libya’s NTC under fire over killings
By Borzou Daragahi and James Blitz, Financial Times

Libya’s National Transitional Council came under mounting pressure on Monday to explain the behaviour of its forces on the ground after a human rights group said it had discovered the bodies of 53 pro-Gaddafi loyalists at a hotel in the city of Sirte.

In a development that raises renewed questions about how tight a grip the NTC has on militia groups, Human Rights Watch said the victims – some of whom had their hands bound – appeared to have been killed a week ago.

Announcing the discovery of the 53 bodies, Peter Bouckaert, HRW’s emergencies director, said: “Some had their hands bound behind their backs when they were shot. [link]
Said our former cookie baker-in-chief of Libya's "victory":

"I am proud to stand here on the soil of a free Tripoli and on behalf of the American people I congratulate Libya. This is Libya's moment, this is Libya's victory, the future belongs to you."

Well, those of "you" who survive the death squads anyway.

We are to be proud of this ... accomplishment, right?

Obama: I Can't Do Two Things At The Same Time

There's some logic in this. I don't see it. But it must be there:
Obama: My 'Drawdown in Iraq Allowed Us' to Get Bin Laden
By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) - In statements delivered Friday and Saturday, President Barack Obama said it was his drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq that allowed the U.S. to "refocus" on al Qaeda and get Osama bin Laden.

However, according to a report published by the New York Times on May 3, crucial intelligence that allowed the U.S.
to locate Bin Laden came from an al Qaeda operative who had been captured by U.S. forces in 2004 in Iraq.

"The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus our fight against al Qaeda and achieve major victories against its leadership--including Osama bin Laden," Obama said in a speech at the White House on Friday announcing that all U.S. troops would leave Iraq by the end of the year. [link]
That explains why Obama hasn't created a job in this country in three years.  He was focused on Iraq.  And he can't focus on more than one thing at a time.

Maybe now ...

When Gov"t Tries To Outdo The Corporate World

This would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that I paid for the colossal mess:
Error: USAJobs.gov
Wall Street Journal editorial

Americans in search of federal employment can go to a website called USAJobs.gov, which matches openings with applicants. Since 2004, the feds have outsourced the site's operation to Monster.com. Good call by whoever was in charge in 2004. Monster.com is the private company that pioneered employment websites and is today the largest job search engine in the world.

But 18 months ago the "smart" Obama Office of Personnel Management decided the federal government could do a better job of running USAJobs.gov. It spent some $6 million developing a new in-house version of the site, promising to improve the job-search experience. It unveiled its creation two weeks ago. It's a monster all right.

The volume of requests instantly crushed government servers, slowed the system and locked out thousands of applicants. Naturally, the site has a Facebook page. Naturally, the comment queue is boiling over. Examples:

"Why am I having to do the same search 3 times before anything shows up?" "Over one week now and I still haven't received my password reset email!!" "USAJOBS WEB SITE IS A DISASTER!" "I entered Delaware and got Germany jobs and all of the Forest Service."

Director John Berry says job seekers will get an additional three weeks to meet application deadlines. Monster.com has graciously offered to host free job postings for federal agencies for 30 days, as the government reboots its "improved" website. Better yet, the Obama team could turn over fixing USAJobs to the folks at Occupy Wall Street. [link]
I'd bet a dollar to a donut that site construction was contracted out to one of Obama's big donors.  So it isn't all bad.  Right?

Our president got what he wanted, right?

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