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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Senate Candidate Comes To Town

An announcement from the Roanoke Tea Party:
Roanoke Tea Party welcomes E.W. Jackson
Come hear US Senate candidate Jackson in Roanoke on October 27 

When E.W. Jackson announced his candidacy for the US Senate race in 2012, his resume marked him as an unusually accomplished man.
● US Marine veteran
● Summa Cum Laude, University of MA
● Harvard Law School Graduate
● Harvard Divinity School Graduate
● Published author
● Business owner
● Law school professor
● Pastor
● TV commentator

Members of the Roanoke Tea Party board had a chance to meet with Jackson this past summer, and spoke with him at some length about a wide variety of issues. While we didn't each find him in 100% agreement with all our personal pet concerns, we found him to be a sincere student and determined protector of our Constitution as written and amended, willing to go out on a limb to speak the truth about where our federal government has gone wrong.

On top of that, he is a passionate speaker and a fearless advocate for his positions.

Since that time, we have been looking for a chance to bring him to speak in Roanoke, and are pleased to announce his appearance at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood this Thursday (October 27) at 6:00 p.m. All are invited, and there is no cost to attend.

Members of the media are also invited, and Jackson has agreed to stay and speak with anyone who would like a moment of his time.

His chances of beating George Allen for the Republican nomination may appear slim at this point, with the establishment Republicans falling in line behind George Allen. Still, we feel that a vigorous primary is the best way to select the strongest candidates, and urge Roanoke Valley residents, regardless of party, to take advantage of this opportunity to hear his message.

In Roanoke, Jackson will address topics of interest to all Virginians: jobs, education, health care, national security and government spending. You can also expect to hear a stinging rebuke to George Allen for agreeing to debate the expected Democratic candidate months prior to the Republican primary being held.

He will also entertain questions from those in attendance.

Please plan to join us on October 27. Bring an open mind and heart, and consider whether E.W. Jackson isn't exactly the sort of man we should send to the US Senate.
For more information on Bishop Jackson, go here.

Take Heed Of The Friends He Keeps

I don't really care which Republican you folks up in Roanoke vote for.  But you might consider this.

Senate candidate Brandon Bell walks with friends who bring with them a lot of baggage.

Particularly two former senators who were, in 2004, Republicans in name only.

Just sayin'.

Obama's 'Bankruptcy' Plan Working

Workers in Russell and Giles Counties to soon be laid off.  To reduce already infinitesimally small levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere infinitesimally

May Obama soon be laid off as a result.

Party Time!

I'm thinking of taking a week off and going to New York on vacation.

For the gourmet meals, free booze, and drug­fueled parties.

"Occupy Wall Street," here I come!

"Occupy Wall Street organizers say legitimate protesters like these are being overrun by released Rikers inmates and derelicts ..."

Inmates and derelicts.  Best reality show on television.

I've Got a Bad Feeling

I am really not getting the man's say-nothing approach to the issues of the day:

Romney steers clear of Ohio health, union issues

Iran To Nuke Oklahoma In Five Minutes; Romney Thinks It Wise To Steer Clear of The Issue.

Good grief.

* Paula asked me the other day if Mitt Romney has an economic "plan" like Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry do.  I answered, honestly, "I don't know."

Incompetence Or Job Abandonment?

I asked the other day, as Obama's "jobs" tour around the country entered its second month, if the man - our president - the leader of the free world - didn't have something better to do than ride around in a bus and make campaign speeches.

As it so happens, he did:

Report: Obama, Biden did nothing while talks with Iraqi officials over troop levels faltered

Question(s): Who will be the last American to die in what's now an abandoned cause and will that death come before or after Obama gets off that damned bus and starts doing the job the American people are paying him to do?

Interesting Perspective

On what's become the European Union, Glenn Reynolds:

"The E.U. was always a project of elites, who want to reestablish a modern version of the transnational aristocracy that Europe had prior to World War I. They weren’t big on popular votes when they seemed to have things under control; they surely don’t want one now."

Ah, the good old days ...

60,000,000 slaughtered Europeans later, the "elites" want to resurrect the glory days.

Why not.

Are You An 'Occupy Wall Street' Supporter?

Own it.

Got a Sheepskin? Big Whoop.

I read the headline ...

NCAA grad rate hits all-time high at 82 percent

... and yawned.

These days graduation is guaranteed at admission.  One only wonders if the 18% who didn't get a degree all went to prison.

That's how pathetically easy it is these days.  Case in point:
Did Utah Valley University fire business prof for being too tough?
BY Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune

Business scholar Steven Maranville left a tenured appointment with the University of Houston to teach at Utah Valley University two years ago, but officials fired him after a one-year probationary period when they concluded his teaching did not suit their students.

According to a lawsuit filed Oct. 14 in U.S. District Court, Maranville’s lawyers allege UVU administrators justified the dismissal based on student complaints that his “capstone” course in business strategies was too rigorous and his Socratic style intimidated them.

“A number of students liked him a lot and said so. The brass came in and liked what he was doing. [Maranville] wanted students to get together in small groups and chew over the topics they were studying,” said his attorney, Robert Sykes. “They get him up here and toss him under the bus because some of the students wanted high school.” [link]
This professor made the mistake of grading students on their performance in his classroom.  Rather than on his students' ability to suck air, tie their shoelaces, and pay their tuition.

Remember Saint Regis University?  A scandal erupted when it was learned that that particular institution of higher learning was offering diplomas to anyone who was willing to pay for one.  Sight - and effort - unseen.

The only difference between Saint Regis and every other college in America today?  There's only one.  Saint Regis no longer exists.  The others are out there cranking out diplomas for the asking.  By the hundreds of thousands.

Flunked high school?  Got fired from McDonald's because you couldn't read a cash register with little pictures of hamburgers and fries on the keys?  Got 80,000 bucks?  Come on down!  We have an advanced degree in molecular science/knit-and-purl stitching for you!

On Liberals & The Conservatives They Like

James Taranto provides definition:

"David Brooks is the New York Times's idea of a reasonable conservative. A conservative would describe him as the kind of liberal who admired Barack Obama more in 2008 than he does today."

My experience with "reasonable conservatives" has shown me that they can be counted on to believe and accept  - at any given time - anything.

Reasonable?  You decide.

As Expected

Employers - BIG EMPLOYERS - are dumping hourly people from their insurance rolls.

This one's particularly noteworthy in that the employer, Wal-Mart, went in big for ObamaCare when it was being debated:
Everyday Low Benefits
Wal-Mart workers pay for the retailer's ObamaCare embrace.
Wall Street Journal editorial

When Wal-Mart endorsed President Obama's health-care plan in 2009, CEO Mike Duke said it did so "to remove the burden that is crushing America's businesses and hampering our competitiveness in the global economy." That doesn't seem to be working out too well—for all Americans, and especially for Wal-Mart's employees.

Last week the largest private U.S. employer announced that it would no longer offer health coverage to part-time workers and would sharply increase premiums for its other "associates."

Wal-Mart says the changes are a response to climbing health-care costs, not the Affordable Care Act per se, though even this is an indictment: The bill that the company claimed would help isn't helping. But Wal-Mart's errant political judgment is less important than what its crash benefits diet says about the future of employer-sponsored insurance.

Under the company's new policy, new workers who put in fewer than 24 hours a week on average won't qualify for any Wal-Mart health plan, while those under 33 hours won't be able to add a spouse. Other premiums and deductibles will jump in 2012, some by as much as 40%.

That and other concessions were part of Wal-Mart's mid-2000s campaign to placate its liberal critics, a bid that reached its apotheosis in its embrace of ObamaCare. Mr. Duke's 2009 endorsement was co-signed by Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union and John Podesta of the Center for American Progress, the Obama Administration's outside political-policy shop. Expect these political friends with benefits to turn on Wal-Mart now as it is forced into more such triage to manage its health costs, like the rest of the business world.

Wal-Mart's benefit drawdown is especially worrisome if it is a prelude to a taxpayer hand-off. For decades the federal tax preference for job-based health benefits has eroded take-home wages and redirected business capital away from, say, hiring.

It's hard to miss the irony in the Obama health-care revolution eating its own children, but other business leaders looking on agog at the brave new insurance world that Wal-Mart helped to create probably have another word for it. [link]
There is more than a small amount of irony in this.  Those who thought ObamaCare was a neat idea should applaud this move by Wal-Mart to capitalize on the provisions of the health care monstrosity that it - and they - helped to create at the expense of those in the marketplace most vulnerable and least able to afford the expense on their own.

Wal-Mart has dumped its part-timers from its health care plan.  Liberals should rejoice.

Huffington Post & Its Fools & Rakish Clowns

This I've come to expect from the loons on the Left:
Actor Steven Weber at HuffPo Demands 'Nuremberg-Scale Trial' for Conservatives
By Jack Coleman, NewsBusters

... and the envelope please for Most Unhinged Rant at The Huffington Post, from among the hundreds of nominees ...

After insulting Republican presidential candidates, Weber comes to the overwrought point of his screed. A word to the wise: avoid ingesting any beverage while reading what's to follow (emphasis added) --

"The scale of Right Wing sociopolitical sabotage necessitates a Nuremberg-scale trial for all the corporate agents and treasonous capitalisto-fascist architects of our democracy's current and most pressing misery. From the blatant Republican doublespeak emanating from think-tank sponsored word doctors to the outright obstruction and lies expectorated by Republican congressional representatives and senators, the very concept of governance can only be considered once the culprits are removed. Driven to real madness by unadulterated greed they have embraced an ideology, the success of which hinges upon the very ruin of this nation."  [link]
I can't speak for all my fellow treasonous, capitalisto-fascist, right-wing sociopolical saboteurs, but I think this dude's writing is a tad on the silly side.  And ... what's the word ... overwrought?


Freaking stupid.

I had no idea who this "actor Steven Weber" was, so I turned to his Huffington Post bio.  There I found  this:

"Best known for having played a string of affable, rakish fools and affable, quirky sociopaths, in a logical next step Steven Weber has most recently been playing ..."

Okay. Now I get it. He's a (washed-up) fool and sociopath who, long ago, played a fool and a sociopath on TV.

Got it.

I suppose, for just a moment, I should take his threat seriously.  Fine.

To the rakish fool I offer up this challenge: You want to put us on trial?

Bring it.  Clown.

And Speaking of Hollywood Twits

There's this moron who calls for liberals to kill Sarah Palin.

With enemies like these ...