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Monday, October 31, 2011

All You Need To Know About Brandon Bell

If it weren't bad enough that 19th Senate District candidate Brandon Bell has to live down the fact that two (former) RINO's  - big tax increasers both - poster boys both for that which ailed the Virginia Republican Party in years not too distant past - came out in support of his candidacy against Republican incumbent Ralph Smith, now Bell has to explain another endorsement.  An endorsement by the man who can be credited for single-handedly bringing about Virginia's last tax increase.

Is there a theme developing here?

Mark Warner - he of the infamous "I will not raise taxes" pledge, and he being just another lying Democrat politician, as it turned out - endorses Brandon Bell.

Says Bell, in response: "I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of Senator Warner."

We'll see how thrilled his evermore conservative district is about that.

Tea Party Wins One In Abingdon

They had been in hot pursuit of this one.  And they got what they wanted.

An announcement from the Southwest Virginia Tea Party of Abingdon & Bristol:
YEE HAH, PATRIOTS!...Another one bites the dust!

Just goes to show ya what a few relentlessly politically incorrect people Who Refuse To Sit Down And SHUT UP can do----whether or not the credit goes to us, (see below) or ICLEI's very user-unfriendly software! We CLAIM THE VICTORY!!!!

Thank you to Rich Macbeth and the 10th Amendment Foundation, for joining the SWVA Tea Party in this fight!

Thank you to Phil Spence and the 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group, for hosting Donna Holt----who forever rocked our world!!

Thank you to Donna Holt, for firing the shot heard around the great Commonwealth of VA!!!

Thank you to Don Casey, for being the surprise guest on the Abingdon Go Green Committee agenda!!!

Thank you, Col Scotty, for your encouraging words on the way to that meeting when I was so nervous I thought I might just throw up....!!!

Above all, thank you God, from whom our liberties originate.

This is a victory, but it doesn't make the problem go away...

We must now focus on the Washington County Comprehensive Plan.

We must make it our duty to know the business of the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission.

We must be a steadfast part of our local and state government, as the new commissioners, delegates and senators take office.

And we must continue to insist that Congressman Morgan Griffith come forth to address the New River Valley Livability Initiative----the regional plan that is poised to take over a huge part of the 9th District---and state his position on Agenda 21.

Removing Rick Boucher from office proved that we cannot be ignored.

Removing ICLEI from Abingdon proves that we didn't stop there.

In liberty,

Catherine Turner
SWVA Tea Party Abingdon / Bristol

- - -

Good afternoon Mr. Macbeth. I understand from Cecile that you have requested to be on the November Council agenda to discuss the status of the Town’s membership in ICLEI. In that regard, please note that I did not renew the Town’s membership for the upcoming year due to our lack of use of the carbon foot printing software that was available to us through ICLEI. Accordingly, Abingdon is not a member for the upcoming year. Let me know if this adequately addresses the inquiry that you have relative to this issue.

Take Care,


Gregory W. Kelly

Town Manager

Town of Abingdon
When every voice is heard ...

They were relentless. And won.

It Depends On Your Definition of the Word 'Likeable'

I about tossed my Wheaties when I read this headline in the paper this morning:

Obama's advisers bank on his 'Mr. Likeable,' 'regular guy' appeal to frustrated Americans

Are we talking about the same Obama? Mr. Aloof?

Mr. Richard Milhous Mean?

You want a man of the people?  Remember this photo of George W. Bush hugging a soldier aboard a commercial flight bound for the war zone, taken at the height of the War on Terror?

That's a kind and loving president of the United States.

Obama?  Likeable?  In your dreams.

Shine The Light Of Day On Them

Don Surber on what's become of the Democratic Party: "This is the face of liberalism, America. It is lawless, selfish, disrespectful and above all mean."

Tsk.  Tsk.  Isn't there an election coming up soon?

Herman Cain Accused of Doing a Clinton

Only no laws were broken and no women raped this time.

Bill Clinton is lauded - by his buddies in the press - for being the best president ever.

I wonder if they'll see the accusations of harassment as being something of no consequence this time.

Sure they will.

- - -

Glenn Reynolds: "Well, the press didn’t spend much time looking into the past of the last black guy who looked like he might be President, so they’re putting a lot more effort into it this time. . . ."

- - -

As this heats up, it's worth remembering two things about Bill Clinton's ... escapades in his earlier life.  (1) He was not accused of inappropriate behavior; he was accused of rape.  Among a host of other serious charges. (2) The media took those allegations and ignored them (attacking the accusers instead).  "Stick to the issues.  Stick to the issues."

Hillary Garners High Praise ...

... from the Washington Post.  Which should be all one needs to know about the foundation upon which the adulation builds.

See "Clinton credited with key role in success of NATO airstrikes, Libyan rebels."

To be fair, if one judges Ms. Clinton's accomplishment solely on the basis of her achieving the simple goal of ousting Moammar Gaddafi, then she certainly deserves credit.  She said we should, she applied our considerable might to the task, and Gaddafi is gone.

Hillary triumphant.

Problem is, nobody can tell us - even Ms. Hillary "Jack Bauer" Clinton - why it is we singled out Moammar Gaddafi for extermination.

Because he was a bad guy?

In a world chock full of bad guys?

Because of the human misery that was being inflicted upon the people of Libya?

Did she send the 101st Airborne to Darfur, or did I miss that righting of wrongs?

Gaddafi's hairdo?

Why did the United States of America invade Libya?

The best they can come up with?  Gaddafi threatened to kill rebels in Bengazi - "like rats."

So we killed his followers ... like rats.

And Gaddafi was summarily snuffed.


She did what she said she was going to do.  No mistake about that.

Meanwhile, the body count is still being tallied.  And her rebel army is still hunting down Libyan loyalists.  Like rats.

Let's all cheer Hillary's remarkable ... success.

Arizona Cheers New Cap-&-Trade Law

Because the new law went into effect in the suicidal state of California.

Employment opportunities?

Arizona here we come!

- - -

Another reason for California's neighbors to cheer. About 20 percent of California’s electricity comes from coal-fired plants, most of which are located in other states. Rates go up? Californians lose. And Arizonans and Nevadans and Texans win.


Food For Thought

We conservatives are routinely accused of being anti-immigration when, in fact, many of us are pro-immigration but simply anti-illegal immigration. Huge difference. At least to anyone with half a brain.

I, for example, think it necessary to boost the nation's immigration quotas. Of really smart foreign students and accomplished professionals.

And Steve Jobs - one-time Obama supporter - agreed:
Steve Jobs's Advice for Obama
By L. Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal

'You're headed for a one-term presidency," Steve Jobs told President Obama at the beginning of a one-on-one session the president requested early last year. As described in the authorized biography by Walter Isaacson, Apple's founder said regulations had created too many burdens on the economy.

Jobs was an Obama supporter, but his just-disclosed comments are typical of a new frustration with Washington among Silicon Valley executives. Their high-tech companies are supposed to be the country's engine for growth, but the federal government is gumming up the works.

Mr. Isaacson reports that Jobs offered to Mr. Obama to "put together a group of six or seven CEOs who could really explain the innovation challenges facing America." But after White House aides got involved with planning the dinner, it became unwieldy and Jobs pulled out.

When a smaller dinner was arranged last February, the result was more estrangement of Silicon Valley from Washington. Mr. Obama was seated between Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The dinner also included top executives from companies such as Google, Cisco and Oracle.

According to Mr. Isaacson, Jobs "stressed the need for more trained engineers and suggested that any foreign students who earned an engineering degree in the U.S. should be given a visa to stay in the country." The president reportedly replied that this would have to await broader immigration reform, which he said he was unable to accomplish.

"Jobs found this an annoying example of how politics can lead to paralysis," Mr. Isaacson writes. "The president is very smart, but he kept explaining to us reasons why things can't get done," Jobs said. "It infuriates me."

Jobs told Mr. Obama that Apple employs 700,000 factory workers in China because it can't find the 30,000 engineers in the U.S. that it needs on site at its plants. "If you could educate these engineers," he said at the dinner, "we could move more manufacturing jobs here."

One of the benefits of free trade, including in the movement of labor, is that skills would go where they are most valued. Jobs made the point that Silicon Valley is mystified by a policy that instead educates foreigner engineers at top U.S. universities, then sends them home immediately.

The U.S. issues 140,000 green cards a year, which is not enough to meet demand even in this soft economy. Worse yet, the work-permit laws say that the residents of no country can get more than 7% of the permits. This is fine for Andorra and Liechtenstein but not for India and China, which have 18% and 19% of the world's population, respectively. The National Foundation for American Policy calculates the 7% limit means a backlog of 70 years of applications from prospective Indian workers and 20 years from Chinese ones. [link]
It makes no sense. Which means it's run by the government.

To take this a step further, it's not just a matter of our not getting enough bright, trained foreign students to stay here, other countries are now recruiting actively - and successfully - those American students who are accomplished in their fields of endeavor.

So we're losing the battle for the best minds on the planet at both ends.

We need to open the gates before it's too late. There is great opportunity here in the USA. At least today.

But not tomorrow if we don't get back in the game.