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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Victory Rally To Roll Into Southwest Virginia

A notice from the Republican Party of Virginia:
2011 RPV Victory Rallies

--Gov. McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bolling, AG Cuccinelli keynote multiple events --

Starting on Saturday November 5th Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Speaker Bill Howell, Republican Leader Tommy Norment, Caucus Chair Tim Hugo, former RNC and RPV Chairman Ed Gillespie, and RPV Chairman Pat Mullins will be attending 14 Victory Rallies across Virginia to encourage folks to vote for our Republican team on November 8th.


Monday November 7th

Victory Rally in Roanoke
Roanoke Landmark Aviation
22 Waypoint Dr. NW - Roanoke, VA

Victory Rally in Franklin County
Franklin County Court House
275 South Main Street - Rocky Mount, VA

Montgomery Victory Rally
Montgomery County Regional Airport
1601 Tech Center Drive - Blacksburg, VA

Victory Rally in Bristol
Bristol Public Library
J. Henry Kegley Meeting Room
701 Goode Street - Bristol, VA

Tazewell Victory Rally
Southwest Community College Gym
724 Community College Road - Cedar Bluff, VA
Victory is in the air. And coming to Southwest Virginia.

Cuccinelli Works To Protect Southwest Virginia Jobs

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in Washington yesterday regarding the widespread damage the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will inflict on the nation - most acutely on Southwest Virginia - if it is allowed to implement its Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rule, which creates national standards for emissions for many of the nation's power plants.

Here's a portion of General Cuccinelli's testimony:
to the U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
November 1, 2011

Chairman Issa, Ranking Member Cummings, and members of the committee, I am Ken Cuccinelli, attorney general for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I want to thank the committee for its invitation to speak about the MACT rule.

One of my duties as attorney general is to serve as the attorney for utility customers in my state, advocating for fair rates for customers when electric utilities seek rate increases from the commission that approves them.

As you know, public utilities that have their rates set by state commissions are entitled under the U.S. Constitution to recover from customers the necessary expenses they incur to provide utilities. That includes the expenses to comply with federal laws and regulations. That means every time new environmental regulations are placed on electric utilities, it is actually the customers I represent who pay the cost.

This is not to say that environmental regulations should automatically be rejected because they impose some costs. But it does mean that the EPA should follow the proper procedures to ensure the alleged benefits of the regulation outweigh the real world costs.

Unfortunately, the EPA has not been following normal procedures. In its Regulatory Impact Analysis for the MACT rule, the EPA conceded that the rule would increase electricity prices and would cost jobs in certain sectors. Yet EPA admitted that it did not have sufficient information to quantify those losses.

In fact, the rule will have a huge economic impact on this nation:

● First, it will increase electricity prices between 10 and 35 percent. That can be a financial death blow for businesses struggling to meet payroll and families on fixed incomes.

● Second, retrofitting power plants to meet the standards will be prohibitively expensive, so there is no question that certain plants will close and the nation's electricity supply will decrease, leading to upward pressure on prices and likely brownouts and blackouts. The EPA even concedes that at least 10 gigawatts of electricity will be lost from the nation's power grid; but FERC says over 80 gigawatts.

● Third, while the EPA says it cannot quantify the number, it acknowledges that jobs will be lost. There are estimates of 180,000 jobs per year between 2013 and 2020.

For Virginia, the situation is even bleaker than for the rest of the nation. A majority of the electricity for Southside and Southwest Virginia is generated from coal. Since the MACT rule will significantly increase prices for electricity produced from coal, the poorest part of my state will face the largest price increases - including part of Appalachia, one of the poorest parts of America.

But it gets even worse. The most important industry in Southwest Virginia is coal mining. These regulations make coal more expensive and less desirable to use, which means the economy of Southwest Virginia - again, including Appalachia - will be devastated by the destruction of the coal industry and the jobs lost along with it.

Whatever you think of the benefits of the MACT rule, a decision about whether it is prudent policy simply cannot be made without considering these impacts - and not just for Virginia, but for the entire country.
While the Obama administration frets over the plight of some Africans in a country that means nothing to any of us, he's willing to inflict grievous harm on an already devastated Southwest Virginia in order to reduce microscopic utility emissions microscopically.

You know that "jobs tour" Obama's been on?

It's all bullshit.  He doesn't care if any of us are employed.  The atmosphere is the important thing.

Thanks go out to Ken Cuccinelli for being there for us.

Whither Feminist Studies?

I was reading this bleak prognostication on the plight of America's youth, what with the never-before-seen  evaporation of career prospects that we're witnessing, and wondered if it is dawning on this country's young people that a college degree in puppetry arts (with a follow-on Masters Degree available for the right price) is going to get them where they want to go.  While the world is clamoring - still - for electricians, plumbers, and engineers, are high school graduates still seeking degrees in adventure recreation and ecoGastronomy, degrees that guarantee the graduates a secure future at the local McDonald's?

Which made me wonder if there is anyone out there foolish enough these days to major in "feminist studies."

So I googled.

Good God.

So many graduates.  So few cash registers to man ... er, woman.

(To prove that not all morons go to school in New York, Virginia Tech, just up the road, offers a major in something called Women's and Gender Studies. "The Women's & Gender Studies program at Virginia Tech presents students new ways of thinking about how race, class, and sexuality shape our society and our experiences in it."  Just what every working professional in this country needs to be thinking about while China is kicking our ass - how our freaking "experiences" are shaped. I hope the feminist babes who come away from VT with that "education" find themselves a rich husband.)

The author who wrote that bleak prognostication cited above advises:
. . . Even more frightening is the young woman who graduated from UC Berkeley, wanting to work in "sustainable conservation." She is now raising chickens at home, dying wool and knitting knick-knacks to sell at craft fairs. Her husband has been studying criminal justice and EMT -- i.e., preparing to work for government in some of California's hitherto most lucrative positions -- but as those work possibilities have dried up, he is hedging with a (sensible) apprenticeship as an electrician. These young people are looking at serious downward mobility, in income as well as status. The prospects of the lower tier New Class semi-professionals are dissolving at an alarming rate. Student loan debt is a large part of its problems, but that's essentially a cost question accompanying a loss of demand for these professionals' services.

The downward mobility is real, however, in both income and status. The Cal graduate started out wanting to do “sustainable conservation.” She is now engaged in something closer to subsistence farming.
A degree in Feminist Studies. That and a dime - in 2011 - will get you ... nothing.

* A question for the really smart folks at Virginia Tech: With regard to that Women's and Gender Studies program, isn't "woman" a "gender"?  Why not just "Gender Studies"?   Or, better yet, why not "stock clerk studies"?  That will at least prepare your students for their guaranteed employment destination. 

When Do Gov't Subsidized Jobs Become Welfare?

When the only reason for those jobs to exist is to keep those jobs in existence.

That "green jobs" revolution?  Take away the welfare checks and watch those jobs vanish.

And listen to the Left howl:
Government accused of 'destroying 25,000 green jobs'
By Rowena Mason, Political correspondent, Telegraph of London

Hundreds of solar companies are likely to go bust by Christmas after the Department for Energy and Climate Change confirmed it is looking to halve subsidies for new panels.

Greg Barker, minister for climate change, said the "feed-in tariff" subsidies are currently too generous, because the cost of installing solar panels has fallen.

The proposed cuts, due to come into force from December, will see the amount earned from each panel fall from 43.3p per kilowatt hour of solar power to 21p. This will save energy customers around £23 a year - or £700m in total - because the subsidies are funded through electricity bills.

However, the industry warned that many home owners and companies may immediately back away from the flagship scheme because it wouldn now take up to 25 years to earn back their investments.

Gaynor Hartnell, chief executive of the Renewable Energy Association, said: "The installation rate is likely to fall drastically, and many of the 25,000 newly-employed in this industry may end up joining the dole queue." [link]
That's been the problem with solar all along.  Those who'd like to invest in the technology can't make the investment work in their favor.  It's extremely expensive.

The Leftists around the planet came up with a solution to that dilemma.  They coerced government(s) into seizing taxes from those same individuals at the point of a gun and handing that money to the "green industry."  Problem solved.  Everyone's happy.  Except the taxpayer who has to fund the new welfare program and still can't afford to buy the end-product because the money he might have used to make that purchase went to the government to build the product he can't afford.

Now those companies are collapsing under the weight of debt and a dearth of government funding.

And people are losing their jobs.

The funny part of this sad tale?

Had the world's taxpayers simply been asked to fork over a monthly welfare check to each of those workers in the first place, and let them sit at home, getting fat and stinky, instead of wasting hundreds of billions of dollars (and euros) on pie-in-the-sky fantasies the Left likes to call "green technology," everyone would have been better off.

When will they learn ...

Comment of the Day

From Glenn Reynolds:
CRIME WAVE: Another “Occupier” Raped, In Baltimore [With Update: Occupier Assaults 14-Year-Old Girl in Dallas]. You know, when the Catholic church covered up and enabled this kind of thing, there was a lot of outrage.
It's almost as if it's a selective outrage or something.

Remember, not long ago, when liberals were expressing their shock and dismay when they learned that the Tea Party was dominated by Christians(!!)?

I wonder why they're so quiet these days when sexual assaults are an everyday occurrence in those liberal enclaves known as Obamavilles.

Who Knew?

As it turns out the Kyoto Protocal was a success.


You won.

Now will you please go away and leave us alone?

A Profile In Courage

Guess who said this the other day:

I think people in this country are really worried about the future — they are looking for people who will stick up for them."

Answer: James Webb. Our current United States senator. Who's sticking up for the American people by quitting his job as sticker upper and going back to writing porn.

The title of the fawning Politico piece?

Jim Webb goes out swinging

Want to run that by us again?

Warts & All

I have to tell you, this has been a doozie of a political primary season.  If only because the Republican Party establishment didn't hand the rank-and-file its choice of candidate and move on to the general election (here's John McCain; you may cheer now).  Perry's up.  Perry's down.  Bachmann's up.  Bachmann's down.  Ron Paul's up.  Ron Paul's down.  Jon Huntsman's ... well, skip that one.  And maybe we'll be skipping Herman Cain as well.  Who knows.

But the one guy who started down - way down - and is showing an ever-strengthening improvement in poll numbers?   Hold onto your hats ...

Newt Gingrich.

Might he be the last Republican standing after the smoke clears and the ballots are cast?

Paul Gigot is beginning to wonder too:
Can Gingrich Break Through?
Wall Street Journal

This is an unusual primary season, however, and the question is whether voters will now give Mr. Gingrich another look. The former House speaker's allies think so. They say Ms. Bachmann and Rick Perry can't come back, Herman Cain will fade as his national sales tax gets broader scrutiny, and neither Mr. Santorum nor Jon Huntsman has attracted much voter support. That leaves Mr. Gingrich to emerge from Iowa as the main challenger to Mitt Romney. Even if Mr. Romney wins New Hampshire, the campaign then becomes a two-man race heading into South Carolina and Florida, where Mr. Gingrich's debating talents and conservative agenda will contrast with Mr. Romney's poll-driven caution.

That scenario may be a long-shot, but no one should rule it out. After Thursday's education session, Mr. Gingrich mentioned that in a conventional year he might not get that second look. But this year, voters are worried enough about the condition and direction of the country that they are willing to consider someone with proposals that are bolder than the political norm. Mr. Gingrich must still overcome the perception that he's been around too long, as well as his habit of talking himself into trouble (recall his criticism of Paul Ryan's Medicare plan). He'll need more money too. But in a year when GOP voters are still searching for someone who can go head-to-head with President Obama, don't be surprised if Mr. Gingrich gets another turn in the spotlight. [link]
We all know that the mainstream press gives a pass when it's a flawed Democrat who's running for high office. All those "bimbo eruptions" back in the 90's? It must have been mighty tough to avoid them. Yet the press did. Because the flawed candidate involved in so many scandalous misadventures was their flawed candidate. So ho hum.

But Republicans and conservatives are treated differently. And God knows ol' Newt has his flaws. So we'll see where that goes.

But, if nothing else, an Obama/Gingrich match-up would be entertaining. Newt, I think, would clean Mr. Wonderful's clock.

Stay tuned.

On Herman Cain & Media Bloodlust

I'll not be the first person to mention the fact that the mainstream press, while doing its civic duty in reporting all the rumors that are flying around these days having to do with alleged harassment charges leveled against presidential candidate Herman Cain many years ago, chose not to publish rumors regarding former presidential candidate John Edwards's then-alleged extramarital affair and love-child fostering not so long ago.

Odd how that standard shifts though.

But it must be said, Mr. Cain has handled the press smear poorly.

Which gave fuel to the smear campaign.

And is now an inferno.

Which brings me to something that also rankles about the Cain campaign.  This:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

When I saw the bizarre ad which featured Cain’s chief of staff and campaign manager, Mark Block, taking a defiant drag on a cigarette, I wondered, "What's that all about?"

Yeah, we're looking for defiance. In a candidate.  An outsider who's prepared to take a battle-axe to Washington.

But a campaign manager?

As soon as Block put that cigarette to his lips, the story became about him and not Herman Cain. Why? What's Mark Block running for?

If I had been Cain, I'd of sat the man down and explained to him what the campaign is trying to achieve. And it ain't notoriety for a campaign manager.

So now with his having flubbed questions regarding some charge filed long ago Cain has screwed up again.

Not grievously. This too shall pass as soon as it is determined that those women who made the harassment allegations are both fruitcakes.

But my problem isn't with fruitcakes. Or with campaign managers who don't know their proper place in a campaign.

It's about judgment. And the ability to think things through.  It's about Herman Cain.

I don't know. I don't know.

- - -

Jennifer Rubin:
This is fast becoming a mess. First, the Politico story was baseless and he wouldn’t respond to unknown accusers. Then there was an admission of sexual harassment claims. Next we heard he didn’t know of any settlement. Now he says he knew about the settlement and the amount.

Something here — lots of things — are not holding together. The error Cain made was in not getting the entire story out early, completely and truthfully. He left the day with voters and the media more confused than ever.

This may not be the end of the Cain campaign, but it will take a toll. The never-ending stories here suggest Cain hasn’t been honest with the public. That’s going to be harder to explain than the original allegations.

Where There's Smoke ...

... there's Fast and Furious.

The NRA has come out with a hard-hitting video addressed to the American people in which it calls for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder for perjuring himself during Congressional testimony dealing with the developing "Fast and Furious" scandal:

I know enough about the law to know that Holder will never be tried for perjury.

But his evasions ought to be enough to get him canned.

Beyond that, an apology is in order for the part the United States government played in getting two American border agents murdered.

Don't expect that to happen either.