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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Maybe I Was Wrong About Adam Light's Chances

The Democratic Party of Virginia wouldn't be dumping piles of cash at this late hour on Phil Puckett's 38th District Senate campaign if the polls weren't showing him in a close race - behind? - with Republican upstart Adam Light.

For piles of cash it is a'dumpin'.

I guess Puckett's association with Barack Obama and his ilk have had an effect.


- - -

* In fact three of the top six recipients on the list of campaign donees are Southwest Virginia Democrats.

Big trouble in Local Liberal Land?

On Jobs

It's not just the unemployment. Nor the underemployment. Nor the simply-dropped-out-of-the-labor-pool conundrum. Add to all that the growing concern that what jobs are being created are behind the cash register and those being lost are in the tool and die shop.

See "ADP Number Confirms Relentless Erosion In US Manufacturing Base."

Bottom line? What jobs are being created these days are overwhelmingly in the service industries and those being lost are in the muscle sectors.

That does not bode well ...

So What Is Cain Accused Of?

What do you want to bet you won't bust out laughing when the facts pertaining to the "sexual harassment" charges being leveled against Republican Herman Cain are exposed to the world?

Should they ever be exposed (in fact, it's to Obama's advantage that they not be).

Remember Anita Hill?  She became a champion of all persons liberal when she accused Clarence Thomas (another black conservative ,,, hmm) of mentioning a pubic hair being on his Coke can long before.

Oh, the humanity. A pubic hair!   Makes the crimes of Josef Mengele pale in comparison, doesn't it?

For that incident she and every other goofball liberal in this country thought Judge Thomas was unqualified to serve in any capacity anywhere for any length of time.  Hanging was too good for him.

A casual reference to a pubic hair.

(Make note: This was about the same point in time when Bill Clinton was raping a young woman in a downtown Little Rock hotel.  But the same liberals were okay with that because ... well ... liberal future presidents are allowed to do such things.  Or maybe it's because Bill Clinton isn't black.  Or all black, as opposed to our half-white president.)

Which brings us to Ann Coulter, and back to the "charges" being flung far and wide by the media against Herman Cain. In "Why Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks" she writes:
All we learned was: About a decade ago, as many as two anonymous women accused Cain of making unspecified "inappropriate" remarks and one "inappropriate" gesture in the workplace. (We had more than that on John Edwards' mistress a year into the media's refusal to report that story.)

If the details helped liberals, we'd have the details.

To have been accused of sexual harassment in the 1990s is like having been accused of molesting children at preschools in the 1980s or accused of being a witch in Massachusetts in the 1690s.

With no standard other than the subjective offense taken by the accuser, absolutely anyone could be called a witch, i.e., a sexual harasser. So it's striking that the only two conservative public figures accused of being witches both happened to be conservative blacks: Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is cutting into its prime-time programming to announce updates in the fact-free hit on Cain. That's not because anyone there thinks he'll be the nominee. Everyone knows it's going to be Mitt Romney.

But liberals are determined to make sure that, six months from now, everyone has forgotten Herman Cain so they can go back to claiming Republicans oppose Obama because they hate blacks.
Makes sense to me.

Well, actually it makes no sense at all.

Don't Turn That Dial

I'm not the only person having great fun with the best reality show on television today.  Steven Colbert makes two shining lights of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement look like the nitwits that they are.  This is just fabulous:

These are future leaders of America.  You'd do well to be frightened.

Hat tip to Ann Althouse.

Okay, This Is Creepy

'Face of Pain' found in testicle scan

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Where common sense is still practiced and encouraged.

From "Dumbest self-defense question ever?," referencing an  interview that took place between MSNBC guest host Craig Melvin and Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg (who became somewhat famous the other day for suggesting that citizens - particularly women - should arm themselves), the following exchange took place:
MSNBC talking head: "If women are shooting potential attackers, aren’t they presuming guilt before innocence? What if a woman kills an attacker? Isn’t that opening another whole legal can of worms?"

Sheriff Wright: "Well, it’s easy to fix that. Just don’t attack a woman."
Wisdom for the ages.

Maybe It's Time We Started Taking Them Seriously

If this is where those "occupiers" intend to take us:

Not on our watch, tough guy.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

Yeah? 'Occupy' This, Chump

You know that movement that's sweeping the nation? As it turns out, it may only be sweeping newsrooms in Manhattan.

Tuesday's results suggest that the 'Occupy Wall Street' mood that has so enthused Washington elites has yet to reach the Rockies.

Or anywhere else on Main Street America.

Expect An Apology

Six months from now.

After Herman Cain's reputation is ruined.

As is the plan.

This passes for journalism these days:
CBS Broadcasts 'Sexual Assault' Claims Against Herman Cain
By Matthew Balan, NewsBusters

On Wednesday's Early Show, CBS's Betty Nguyen incorrectly reported that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain had been accused of "sexual assault" by two women. Nguyen later accurately reported that the women actually leveled sexual harassment allegations against Cain.

The fill-in news anchor used the erroneous term during a 14-second news brief 37 minutes into the 7 am Eastern hour: "One of two women who accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual assault wants to speak out. The woman's lawyer say she wants to be released from a confidentiality agreement, so that she can publically respond to Cain's recent claims regarding the case."

Despite [an] accurate second brief, CBS didn't issue a correction concerning the initial report during the remainder of The Early Show. [link]
No.  That correction will come much later, in an introspective CBS look at how the network's news division might have handled the scanty information about Herman Cain's distant past, and his relationship with persons unknown, in an incident that nobody knows anything about, differently.

And there'll be lots of smiles all around.

And fewer and fewer people will tune to the lowlifes' channel because of it.

This Is So Wrong

It's not the first time a politician voted himself wealth.  But I don't know of too many instances that are this flagrant.  Someone should do something about the system here in Virginia that allows a character like Senator John Miller (Democrat-Virginia Beach) to do that which is alleged in this RPV video:

Maybe we should all quit busting our asses, trying to keep our heads above water, and just run for the Virginia legislature, where we can enrich ourselves.