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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Birds of a Feather

The Roanoke Times - let it be duly noted - endorses the reelection bid of Democrat John Edwards for state senate.  That would be the same John Edwards who, in his most recent TV ad, makes a campaign pledge to bring passenger rail service to his district.

It somehow seems fitting.  An enterprise that depends on 16th century technology for its profitability - slapping print to paper made from trees - goes for a politician who wants to bring 18th century technology in transportation to his district.

They deserve each other.

A Study In Contrasts

Let's see.  What's uppermost in the minds of those who live downwind from the "Occupy Wall Street" protest in their beloved New York City this morning?

From the ultra-liberal New York Times we learn that Cuba is now allowing its inmates (the citizenry) to buy and sell cars.

Say what?

That would, as the saying goes, be all the news that's fit to print, it seems.

Just a few blocks over, however, the New York Post finds something newsworthy that the Times either missed or chose to ignore.  From "Post reporter spends an in‘tents’ night amid anarchy in Zuccotti Park":
“Every single night it’s the same thing. I mean, some guy was a victim of rape!” an officer snarls. “There comes a time when it’s over. This is a disaster. It’s all we’re doing, every two seconds, is locking somebody up every time. It’s done.

“It’s done,” he repeats. “Occupy Wall Street is no longer a protest.”

Scenes like this -- and far worse -- have been playing out since the Zuccotti Park “occupation” began on Sept. 17.

The parcel is now a sliver of madness, rife with sex attacks, robberies and vigilante justice.
It’s a leaderless bazaar that’s been divided into state-like camps -- with tents packed together so densely that the only way to add more would be to stack them.

And despite an NYPD watchtower overhead and the entire north side of Zuccotti lined with police vehicles, it is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous places in New York City.
A question: Why did the publisher and editors of the New York Times deem it to be more important that we know about used car sales in Cuba (for God's sake) than about rape and mayhem occurring at that enclave of liberal thugs, anarchists, and drop-outs just down the street (for God's sake)?

Could it be that one story doesn't fit the template but the other - the one they ran with - does?

Newt! Newt! Newt!

Unless he does something stupid (I put the odds at 60-40) Newt Gingrich may give Mitt Romney - the Republican candidate of last resort - a run for his (massive amounts of) money.

See "Gingrich big winner at key Iowa event" by Byron York, Washington Examiner.

See also "Who won the Cain-Gingrich debate?" by Ed Morrissey.

Mitt Romney, it's fair to say, will not save the republic.  At best he'll prolong the nation's life-support regimen for a few more years.

Newt?  Well, he did save Bill Cinton's presidency.  No small feat that.

So maybe ... just maybe ...

This about sums it up

Venture capitalist and Home Depot founder Ken Langone gives definition to "Occupy Wall Street":

These kids downtown, I define them as babies in adults’ bodies. I don’t think they know what they want to be when they grow up.”

In fact, it goes deeper than that. These kids don't even want to grow up and have to go out into the real world. They want Mommy and Daddy to be there - in the physical form of a government social worker - to feed and shelter them.

A more pathetic bunch of losers you'll never find.

- - -

Or, as Mark Steyn defines the movement:
At first glance, an alliance of anarchists and government might appear to be somewhat paradoxical. But the formal convergence in Oakland makes explicit the movement’s aims: They’re anarchists for statism, wild free-spirited youth demanding more and more total government control of every aspect of life — just so long as it respects the fundamental human right to sloth. What’s happening in Oakland is a logical exercise in class solidarity: The government class enthusiastically backing the breakdown of civil order is making common cause with the leisured varsity class, the thuggish union class, and the criminal class in order to stick it to what’s left of the beleaguered productive class. It’s a grand alliance of all those societal interests that wish to enjoy in perpetuity a lifestyle they are not willing to earn. Only the criminal class is reasonably upfront about this. The rest — the lifetime legislators, the unions defending lavish and unsustainable benefits, the “scholars” whiling away a somnolent half decade at Complacency U — are obliged to dress it up a little with some hooey about “social justice” and whatnot.
Hooey being the operative word.

Why Do They Ignore This Bunch?

What is it about Wall Street that gets the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters' panties in a bunch?  Maybe its the annual compensation some of the individual "movers and shakers" are bringing down.












Especially when you consider the fact that these "movers and shakers" get paid that kind of money - in a year - to move footballs and basketballs and shake golf clubs (and, in the case of Peyton Manning - at $38,070,000 - sitting on his butt and doing nothing).

But not a peep from those "occupiers" about LeBron James or Tiger Woods.

Why is that?

- - -

While we're at it, why don't the OWS kids protest Steven Spielberg ($85 million in 2009 earnings), James Cameron ($50 million), Ben Stiller ($40 million), Tom Hanks ($36 million)?

Or the highest paid of all? Oprah Winfrey at $290 million.

You make sense of it.  I can't.

Who's To Blame For 'Occupy Wall Street'?

There can be but one answer:
Occupy Wall Street follows three years of sloppy presidential name-calling — “millionaires and billionaires,” slurs about Las Vegas and the Super Bowl, profit-mad, limb-lopping doctors, introspection that now is not the time for profits and at some point we should cease making money, spread the wealth, punish our enemies, and all the old Obama boilerplate. Someone finally got the message about the evil 1%.

When Ms. Pelosi and President Obama voice support for the protestors, we enter 1984. Does that mean that the Pelosis now pull their millions out of Wall Street, that the First Family eschews the 1% at Martha’s Vineyard and Vail? That Obama turns his back on Wall Street cash, and, for once, accepts public funding for his 2012 campaign? Postmodern class warfare is an insidious business, and hinges on its advocates not looking in the mirror.

No wise politician should invest in the bunch like those rampaging in Oakland. Their nocturnal frolics are a long way from Woody Guthrie’s Deportee, the Hobos’ “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” and the world John Steinbeck fictionalized. It is the angst of the wannabe class, overeducated and underemployed, which chooses to live not in Akron or Fowler, but in tony places like the Bay Area or New York, where annual rents are far more than a down payment on a starter house in the Midwest. Being educated, but broke and in proximity to the wealthy of like upbringing and background, are ingredients for riot.

I saw videos of youths burning things in Oakland, but was told that it “was a small minority” and atypical of the protest. Not long ago I saw no clips of anyone spitting at black congresspeople wading into the Tea-Party demonstration, but was told they did and that it was typical of tens of thousands of racialists on the Mall.
Victor Davis Hanson, "Occupy What?," November 4, 2011

The French Can Stick It

Make note of this date as a memorable one.  I am coming to the defense of my president.

Apparently the French people are up in arms over Barack Obama's recent effort to congratulate Nicholas Sarkozy on the birth of his daughter.  Said the president:

I want to make mention that this is our first meeting since the arrival of the newest Sarkozy, and so I want to congratulate Nicolas and Carla on the birth of Giulia. And I informed Nicolas on the way in that I am confident that Giulia inherited her mother’s looks rather than her father’s, which I think is an excellent thing.”

It turns out that Mr. Sarkozy is sensitive about his looks (I don't blame him).  Which makes the French people sensitive about his looks too, it appears.  Even though they're about to bounce him from office, they did not take kindly to Obama's throw-away remark.

To the French I say this: Bite me.  See if we bail your sorry asses out next time the Germans decide to goosestep down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

- - -

Question: What English word has no equivalent in the French language? 
Answer: Gratitude 


I didn't see this on the national news last night:


The elderly woman was intentionally shoved down a flight of stairs.

How proud Obama, the Democratic Party, and the media must be of this "movement" they all openly support.

When Will The Idealists Become Realists?

How do they still wax poetic about the goals and aspirations of the "Occupy Wall Street" kids when this is happening?
Zuccotti protesters put up women-only tent to prevent sexual assaults
New York Post

It’s a safe house from the sex fiends.

Zuccotti Park has become so overrun by sexual predators attacking women in the night that organizers felt compelled to set up a female-only sleeping tent yesterday to keep the sickos away.

The large, metal-framed “safety tent” -- which will be guarded by an all-female patrol -- can accommodate as many as 18 people and will be used during the day for women-only meetings, said Occupy Wall Street organizers.

“This is all about safety in numbers,” said Becky Wartell, 24, a protester from Portland, Maine.

The safety measure comes amid a terrifying spree of sexual assaults -- including an alleged rape -- in the Zuccotti Park camp. [link]
This is rapidly becoming "Survivor, New York City."

Only it isn't make-believe.

Perhaps The Mexicans Deserve To Take Over The U.S.

A study in contrasts.

Day laborers, most not even legally in this country, gathered on some American street corner, waiting for the chance to find work, waiting to earn enough money to keep the family in food for the day:

Whining, pampered, clueless, unmotivated, and irreversibly helpless American-born-and-raised welfare candidates:

I'll be honest, I was too ashamed to watch the video again of the sniveling worm crying for help because he's too freaking lazy and ill-prepared to go out and fend for himself. But I was directed to the last segment of the video in which "Ketchup" appears (at the 1:34 mark). She's the "spokesperson" for the "Occupy" movement who showed up in the Steven Colbert clip that my wife felt was surely staged.  "Ketchup" is, in fact, one of them.

I don't know.  I look at the helpless children in Zucotti Park and wonder if maybe those Mexicans aren't our best and last hope for America.

On The 'Occupy Wall Street' Phenomenon ...

... and its army of thousands dozens, even "South Park" gets in the act of ridiculing both it and an adoring media for making more of it than is there:

Infatuation turns to scorn.

And if that's not bad enough, how about the incident where workers at the Chicago Board of Trade threw McDonald's applications down from their lofty windows upon the "Occupy" losers who were demonstrating on the street below?

Does it get any better than this?

Oddly, the mainstream press didn't report that incident.  Why?  Because it was in Zucotti Park chanting mindless drivel with the demonstrators.

For the love of God.