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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Greed Is Good

When that message doesn't carry with it all kinds of remorse and angst I'll believe this:

The Rise of Ayn Rand on Campus

I'll believe it when I no longer read this sort of thing:

"On Nov. 2, 70 Harvard students walked out of class in the middle of their introductory Economics 10 lecture to show solidarity with the Occupy Boston movement and protest the conservative bias they felt was present in their course."

To me? It's still the inmates running the asylum.

* Might there be hope even at Harvard?  Turns out, that economics course that is propelled by too much conservative bias is the most popular course on campus.

Lefties Can Be Such Comedians

They're touting the success of "Occupy Wall Street" now (as it is collapsing under the weight of devastating headlines). And how are leftist media types gauging the success of the movement?

By the number of articles written by leftist media types about the movement.

Do they get paid for such depth of intellect?

Anyway ...
An Occupy Movement Based On 99% Lies
Investor's Business Daily editorial

As cities rousted Occupiers, liberals claimed the movement has already succeeded by calling attention to income inequality. But all it's really done is give the left an excuse to recycle bogus class-warfare claims.

Soon after Mayor Bloomberg cleared the Occupiers out of New York's Zuccotti Park, Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein reassured his fellow liberals. "The movement has already scored some big wins," he wrote, because it has "changed the national conversation." The evidence? The press has written lots of stories about income inequality lately.

Of course, counting news stories proves nothing. The liberal media love the Occupy crowd and what it stands for, and so it generously flooded the zone with adoring coverage, while carefully covering up the movement's violence, depravity and anti-American radicalism.

But then again, almost nothing that's been written or said about the Occupy movement and its main issue has been true. [link]
The problem the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd brought upon itself (intentionally?) is that it has never really had a theme around which its army could gather.  "Stop the War!" in 1968 resonated because it was a call to action.  "Stop the One Percent!" is simply goofy.  Stop them from what?  Earning money?  And, at the same time the "occupiers" demand that the wealth of the one percenters be confiscated, they demand that the one percenters earn a lot more wealth so that it, too, can be confiscated to pay for a whole new array of entitlements for those who choose to sit on their asses and not earn anything.

So which is it?  Should rich people be prevented from being rich or should rich people be required to become a lot more rich so that they can pay the way for that mythical 99%?

Add to this bit of idiocy those who aren't sitting in parks around the country whining about wealth, but are there protesting Big Oil and protesting Big Banks and protesting Big College Loans and Big Misogyny and Big "Citizens United" and Big Jew and Big Military and Big Border Fences and Big Waterboarding and Big ...

Is it any wonder that their "message" never caught on?

Anyway, the Left in this country has declared victory and taken their spoils home.


Today's Newt Message

There's still a real chance that he won't secure the nomination (there are many on the right - including the Wall Street Journal - who will fight furiously for anyone-but-Newt) but he still has a way of expressing the views of Main Street America.


Hear hear.

Look To Your Utility Bills

If you remember nothing else as you enter the voting booth next November, remember these headlines of the day:

Oil climbs back above $100


Obama USDA delays shale drilling, up to 200,000 jobs

We could have added to these headlines this one, had it not been for the Tea Party stopping Obama in his tracks:

Obama's Global Warming Cap-and-Trade Law Bankrupts Coal Industry.

Keep the memory fresh. Keep it fresh.

Sanity Fights Back Against 'Occupy'

I've been wondering when people with knowledge and understanding would start "occupying" the "Occupy" movement whose members have neither.

It begins:

Not that the presentation of facts influenced the debate at all.

Facts, you see, get in the way of a sweeping narrative.

In These United States of America

Why should we even be asking and answering this question?

"Should colleges promote responsible sexual conduct? Of course—but not by irresponsibly misusing charges of rape or trampling the presumption of innocence."

Why must we address this question?  Because liberal big-government types in Washington - who claim to be watchdogs over our civil liberties - are, too often, working to crush our civil liberties.