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Sunday, November 20, 2011

You're What?

This is so preposterous that it's laugh-out-loud funny.  The new leader of the Democrat faction in the Virginia House of Delegates (to replace the "retired" Ward Armstrong) wants to sell you a bridge in the Sahara.

Delegate David Toscano, Charlottesville, as liberal as they come here in the Commonwealth, presumably with a straight face:

We are the party of economic opportunity, job creation and protecting the middle class. Our caucus will work to develop and implement solutions that will ... [blah blah blah]."


This is the same David Toscano who's big on taxing economic opportunity and promoting costly and foolish  18th century transportation schemes.

The Democratic Party of Virginia.  The world of illusion.

* What is it with these Democrats that they fall all over themselves for passenger train service?  It's extremely expensive, woefully inefficient, damaging to the environment (don't even get me started on that carbon footprint), and, for 99.9% of the citizens of Virginia, totally unthinkable.

Yet they push on ...

Why We're Driving Them From Office

One at a time:

Yeah, it'll be hard to pry her fat ass out of Washington, she being from Moonbat Central.  But pry her we must.

The United States of America will not otherwise survive her kind.

Photo and caption come from Hot Air.

Why Global Warmists Can't Be Trusted

They aren't serious:

[Britain's] Climate Minister buys a castle with 16 bathrooms... and a massive carbon footprint.
He is the climate change minister who pledged to ‘lead by example’ in the fight against global warming.

But Charles Hendry is facing accusations of hypocrisy after buying himself a 20-bedroom castle – with a potentially massive carbon footprint – as a second home.

Blair Castle in Ayrshire, which went on the market for £2.5million, has three storeys, 16 bathrooms and a heated outdoor swimming pool set in 260 acres of beautiful countryside.
As with that other more famous global warming charlatan, Al Gore, it's never about their carbon footprint. It's always about our carbon footprint.

What lowlifes ...

- - -

If that isn't ridicule worthy, how about when these slimeballs talk out of both sides of their mouths?

"EPA Blames Increasing Texas Precipitation On Global Warming, While The IPCC Blames Decreasing Texas Precipitation On Global Warming."

Laughingstocks of the world. An appellation they've justly earned.

Nice Income If You Can Get It

It turns out that former vice presidents-turned-global warming hysterics aren't the only people getting rich off their now-refuted claims that the planet is warming.  Outraged - and outrageous - NASA "scientists" do as well.  To the tune of millions.

Remember that next time those self-righteous environmentalists complain about skeptical climate academics being in the pockets - deep pockets - of Big ... whatever ...

So Fifteen Minutes Ago

This from the world of make-believe:

Why Occupy Wall Street will keep up the fight


Wonder How Chelsea Clinton Can Suddenly Become a Reporter?

In truth, it requires no training, no education, no talent, no common sense, and very little moral clarity.

Oh, and those who are its practitioners ain't all that bright.

The 'Occupiers' Mission Is What Again?

From Instapundit:

"#OCCUPYFAIL: Police arrest 11 as Occupy D.C. supporters take over Franklin School building. Because nothing says stick it to Wall Street like occupying a school that’s a former homeless shelter."

The "Occupy" movement makes perfect sense.  To someone.  On some planet.  Far far away.

The 'Occupy' Movement As Only Newt Can Define It

Remember, there are millions of illegal Mexicans getting up before dawn this morning preparing to look for work, willing to bust their asses for a paycheck that might cover their family's daily needs.  While thousands of American-born citizens - white boys and girls all - born into relative comfort and free from want all - human waste all - sit on their asses in parks around the country and whine about how tough they've got it.

Or, as Newt puts it:

"Occupy Wall Street." A lesson for our time.

The Left, Trying To Control the 'Occupy' Narrative

And failing miserably:

Outrage!… St. Louis Mayor’s Office Lashes Out at Tea Party After Sexual Assault Is Reported at #Occupy St. Louis Squatters Camp

The "Occupy" movement. Where rape victims are nothing more than collateral damage.

By the way, it's worth noting that the mayor is a Democrat.

'Occupy.' An Epitaph.

So let it be recorded for all time in the history books:

From San Francisco ... San Francisco’s public health department has declared the Occupy San Francisco encampment in Justin Herman Plaza a public health nuisance.

... to Boston: Occupiers must go

From sea to shining sea.

This is what Hope and Change came down to.

When Gov't Becomes An End In Itself

Welcome to the world that Obama wants us to join:

If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project then this is it.

The folks who gave us The Dark Ages want us to return to The Dark Ages.