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Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Luck With That

The most blindly liberal partisan in America today, E.J. Dionne, adopts the John Brown approach to winning friends and influencing elections (hint: Brown occupied a firehouse in Harper's Ferry, Virginia in 1859). (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Says Dionne:

The occupations have done their work. Now it’s time to occupy the majority.

The revolution has begun. We've seized control of some public parks.  Liberation is at hand. You may cheer.

Worked great for Brown and his merry band of occupiers, didn't it?

Memo to E.J. Dionne: See photo below.  I don't even want to touch your buddies in the "Occupy" movement without antibiotics and a blowtorch, much less follow them into the revolution.

Takin' It To 'Em

I was hoping the backlash to the "Occupy" movement would come.  It has come.

So what happens when "Occupy Toronto" gets occupied by normal people?

Turning tables on Occupy Toronto

Their worldview is shaken.


My favorite line: "They said get out of this park, but they don't want anyone to tell them to get out.  They said the tent's private property but they don't believe in private property.  They're incoherent.  They're just bullies."

On Those 'Alternatives' To Fossil Fuels

You can forget wind.

14000 Abandoned Wind Turbines in the USA

Oh, my.

Well, Then

This isn't like Penn State.  The accused - a Democratic politician - denies it happened.  So end of story.


The parallels to Penn State are frightening.  Unless you're a member of the mainstream media.

Expect the press (that would be the same press that is going orgasmic 24/7 over the Jerry Sandusky child-rape story) to ignore the Democratic Representative Dale Kildee story.

(By the way, Sandusky denies the charges too. Though the media know better.)

He'll Always Have His Skin Color

President Obama’s base of support remains solid heading into 2012

Human Waste

This protester (Tiananmen Square, spring, 1989) was serious:

"Occupy Wall Street"?

Don't make me laugh.


It was the coward's way out of a fiscal mess:

U.S. Supercommittee Ready to Announce Failure

Obama, by the way, hasn't even gotten involved in the budget crisis.

That may be more cowardly yet.

- - -

So why was I so sure that this act of obfuscation would fail so spectacularly?

Because the Democrats went into the discussions with an ultimatum: Unless we agree on more taxes and agree that there'll be no cuts in spending, there'll be no deal.

Which is what got us to the brink of disaster in the first place.

By the way, we're closer to that brink today than we were yesterday.  Not that they care.

'Occupy," The Lost Generation

So someone at the "Occupy Eugene" [Oregon] protest overdoses on heroin.

Other occupiers take time out from their ... busy ... day to drive the idiot to the hospital.

The lesson to be learned?

Don't ingest heroin?

No.  We need more government.

Said occupier Jamil Jonna: "It's an enormous challenge. We need a lot more assistance and people should recognize that this is something that happens every day.. and [sic] the only reason we're reporting on it is because it happened on our site."

As you might guess, Jamil Jonna is a socialist. His profession? Professional student.

You can see why he and his ilk need more assistance.  The real world frightens them.

Obama's Been Gone?

President Obama comes home, may miss the road

Huh. Who knew?

Oh, that's right.  He went to Asia.

Global Warming Makes The Left Rich

Are there no ethics standards when it comes to journalism?

BBC Environment Analyst Received 15000 Pounds From ClimateGate University

Making money off of your opinions is one thing. An academic not telling viewers that his opinion - as opposed to his research - is making him wealthy is another.

Tsk.  Tsk.

And Here They Come

Nobody gets the Left stirred up like Newt* does.

And, now that he's vying with their chosen Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, for the presidential nomination, stirred up they are.

Krugman Attacks Gingrich: 'Stupid Man's Idea of What a Smart Man Sounds Like'**

Dee Dee Myers: Newt A Political 'Sociopath'

And they're only going to get more and more insane as he gets closer to taking on the guy they both supported three years ago.

Stupid is as stupid does, Mr. Krugman.

* He also stirs up the Right. But we'll save that for another day. Does that make him a ... moderate?

** For a really smart man, Krugman says stuff that makes no sense, even to us ... stupid men.