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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Mexicans Should Rule This Country

Buried in a Washington Post story this morning  (see "Gingrich’s immigration crucible") about Newt Gingrich's position on that hot-button issue is this discouraging and damning bit of truth:
In fact, amnesty isn’t the magnet; jobs are. Some 8 million undocumented workers — about 5 percent of the U.S. labor force — are here largely because American workers do not want low-wage, dirty and backbreaking jobs, particularly in heavily agricultural states such as California and Texas.
I would have thought, with unemployment in this country being as high as 20% of the available workforce, and with no improvement in sight, that we would have gotten beyond the point where those without work would be willing to turn down a paycheck, no matter how backbreaking the job.

Guess not.

Millions of Americans still would rather sit on their asses and do nothing, waiting for something to be handed to them that is never going to be than make themselves productive.

I wonder, can we deport these losers to Guadalajara and swap them for workers who are prepared to advance the American Dream?

Study: Send 'Carbon Footprint' To The Ash Heap

As it turns out - who knew? - carbon dioxide isn't warming the planet:
Global Warming Models Called Into Question By New Study
Investor's Business Daily editorial

The left's proposed solutions for the world's ills are based on the idea that carbon dioxide is a climate-heating poison that must be scrubbed from the global economy at all cost. Yet another study shows this is foolish.

The study in the journal Science found that global temperatures appear to be far less sensitive to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere than originally estimated.

This sounds prosaic, but it's a bombshell — another in a long line of revelations showing the scientific fraud at the heart of the anti-global warming movement.

The study's findings are simple and devastating. "This implies that the effect of CO2 on climate is less than previously thought," said Oregon State University's Andreas Schmittner, the study's main author.

Coupled with the fact the average global temperature hasn't increased at all over the past decade — even though under all of the global warming models now in use, this is impossible — warmist ideology is crumbling. There is no climate armageddon on the horizon. [link]
So carbon dioxide is not killing us after all.

That coupled with this new revelation ...

"Many of these scientists frankly admit to each other that much of the science is weak and dependent on deliberate manipulation of facts and data" and ...

... it goes without question that the global warming crusades are toast.

Now, if someone could break the news to the zealots at the EPA.

Making Sense Of The Woman Animal

I have to tell you, I've never been able to understand women.  They, to this day, are a complete mystery to me.  A fun mystery, but a mystery just the same.

But two aspects of the creature most odd have been made understandable in the last twenty four hours.  Those having to do with women who find adventure  - even joy - in fighting crowds - and each other - literally -  on Black Friday to secure yoga pants (!) at Victoria's Secret, and women who feel the need to be at the first showing of the Twilight Saga on the big screen at midnight.

I, like most men, watch these events unfold, and ask: What in the hell is that all about?  What possesses women to want to do either?

Then, yesterday afternoon, the first was explained in terms I could understand, and this morning the second.

I was listening to the Joe Pags radio show on my way home from work yesterday and heard him ask a female caller why she - or anyone - would fight through a mob in order to get a good deal on some Christmas gift.  Her response?

Think of it as football for women.



That actually makes sense.

And the mystery that is the female fascination for the bloodsucking movies known as the "Twilight Saga"?  That enigma gains explanation this morning:

The Twilight Saga is porn for women.




There is actually something comprehensible about that.

Woman explained.  At least to a slight degree.

Now if someone can just tell me why they are incapable - ever - of seeing the toilet seat in the raised position before they sit down ...

'Occupy' Is On To Something

Most of those fools who are camped out in Zucotti Park in Manhattan are there protesting evil corporations.  A bit silly since the bleary-headed malcontents owe their very lives to them.  But nobody's going to convince them of that, so why try?

(Okay, I'll try: Imagine this.  China is lacking in a lot of raw materials necessary for manufacturing.  It has to import most of those materials from the outside world in order to make the goods it does.  What China has an abundance of is manpower.  Cheap labor.  That's why it is the industrial monster it is.

Here's where the marvel that is the corporation comes in.  Raw materials are drawn from the earth in countries hither and yon and shipped to China, where all sorts of products are hammered out and shipped back to those same countries and set on the retail shelf for sale to hungry and eager consumers.  Consumers - and stupid "occupiers" - who take such things for granted.

Get this: You can buy a "Fashion Sporty Silicone Quartz Wrist Watch - White" today, on line - for $3.60.


And the shipping is free.

From the mines of North America to manufacturing plants in Zhejiang to a Wal-Mart shelf near you. For three freaking dollars and sixty cents.

That's why we should be proud of - and marvel at - what corporations do.)

But there is a strain of "occupy" protest that should gain traction in this country.  It's that segment of the "occupy" movement that is going after college and university - public and private - tuition costs.  An outrage of the worst kind.

See "Pepper-Spraying Taxpayers."

And wonder when the rest of the "occupy" protesters will get a clue as to who their real enemy ought to be.

It Shouldn't Be This Way

I read headlines like this and wonder where the officials are who are paid to protect the citizens of the United States:

Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear

There was a day when this was Washington's first priority.

Now it's golf.

Man, I hope we get some of that change soon.