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Monday, November 28, 2011

Chalk One Up For The Good Guys

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. ... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
-- Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria --

Here's one you won't read about on the editorial page of the rabidly anti-gun Roanoke Times:
Customer, armed robbers engage in shootout

Houston - Two armed men tried to rob a Denny's restaurant, but ended up fleeing after a shootout with a customer.

The shootout happened at a Denny's restaurant in the 11000 block of the East Freeway around 5:50 a.m. Saturday.

Officials said two armed suspects wearing bandannas entered and attempted to rob the restaurant.

The sole customer in the restaurant, a licensed concealed handgun carrier, saw the suspects enter, pulled out his own gun, took cover and fired at the robbers, detectives said.

Investigators said the suspects returned fire and fled the restaurant. The customer followed the suspects, firing as he went. The suspects jumped into a white minivan and fled the scene.

Officials said a white minivan with what appeared to be bullet holes was found later in the 1400 block of Griffen. It had been reported stolen, police said. [link]
You know how that saying goes (click on the image to enlarge it):

The end of the story?

"So far, police [who got to the scene of the aborted crime just in time to complete the necessary paperwork and to open "a case"] have no suspects in the case."

Whatever. A crime was prevented. And lives were potentially saved. Paperwork or no.

The True Test Of Our Conservative Congress

We'll believe progress has been made when they give us our light bulb back.

Claudia Rosett:
Maybe it’s the sheer thrill of buying bulbs that in just over a month, as of Jan. 1, 2012, will be banned for sale in America. What fun, in this incandescent twilight, to acquire legally what the federal government will soon treat as contraband, should it appear in any American marketplace. Or maybe it’s that gut sense that with the dollar teetering toward an abyss of unfathomable and inflationary government spending, those beloved old 100 watt bulbs will at least provide a decent store of value, even if all I do is use them to read by for the rest of my life — meticulously taking care never to violate federal law by offering even a single bulb for sale to some fellow citizen willing to pay for it.

Or, just possibly, this urge to stockpile incandescents is the product of simmering outrage. For decades, I have written about America as the world’s beacon of freedom, which it has been. Yet here we are, wards of the nanny state, with politicians dictating that even that prime symbol of American ingenuity, Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb, shall be regulated into oblivion. All this has been ably exposed as an act of crony capitalism, designed to enrich manufacturers who prefer to sell pricier light bulbs that a lot of Americans, if free to choose, prefer not to buy. And the actual mechanics of this ban have been greatly blurred, Washington-style, by framing this fix not as an outright prohibition, but merely as a phase-out of light bulbs that do not meet standards set by Washington in the name of “energy efficiency.” First the 100-watt incandescents vanish from the shelves. Then the 75-watt, the 60-watt and 40-watt. It is, in its way, a bipartisan dimming of choice, tacked onto an energy bill signed into law in 2007 by President George W. Bush, and – despite an attempt at repeal this past July — upheld by Democrats in Congress under President Barack Obama.
As noted, this shameful attack on our "freedom to choose" (ahem) was brought about in the George W. Bush era and is being defended by Barack Obama. So there is plenty of blame to go around.

But blame doesn't get us our light bulb back.

A Congress that listens to the will of the people does.

We're wating. We're watching. And we vote.

All Is Lost

When I read the headline ...

Christian worker loses her job after being 'targeted' by Islamic extremists

... I thought, surely this must have happened in Kabul or Baghdad. Cairo maybe?

But no.  This travesty occurred in London.

May God have mercy ...

I Can Think Of a Better Reason

Right response.  Wrong reason:

Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution ... because it 'clashes with the Koran'

To my thinking medical students everywhere should boycott lectures on evolution and stick to lectures on freaking medicine.

Leave lectures on evolution to Hollywood, where they belong.

Pithy Analysis From The NY Times

The world is holding its collective breath, wondering what is going to happen in Europe, what with its currency collapsing and more and more of its member states teetering on the brink of financial annihilation.

Well, the New York Times, always on the cutting edge of rational thought, has the answer to that question:

Two main options exist: either the euro zone splits apart or it binds closer together.

Either it will or it won't.

Gosh.  Ya think?

Do The Western World a Favor

Maybe the nut jobs in Iran will do us a favor:

Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked

"At" being the key word.

The strategy? Send up enough errant projectiles and surely a few of them won't land on Syria and Lebanon and Jordan and Egypt.

Go ahead. Make our day.

It Must Be Monday

Muslims have their nickers in a twist.


Carolyn Maloney Is a Despicable Human Being

She's a Democrat.

And she's a liar.

'Nuff said.

Tom Wicker Is Dead

At the age of 85.

Most people will remember him for his many years of work at the New York Times.

I note his passing because he was also a darn good novelist.

In my library this day:

Tom Wicker left his mark.

Maybe I Should Get On The Obama Bandwagon

I could stand to become rich beyond my wildest dreams.

See "Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, has asked The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to review the Obama administration’s award of a $443 million [no-bid] sole-source contract to a company owned by a major Democratic donor."

Half a billion dollars for a vaccine that may not work, to be used on a disease that may no longer exist.

Sweet. I can whip up a few of those myself in my crock pot. Before lunch.

For that kind of loot, I can be a "major Democratic donor" too.  No problem.

'Scientists' Behaving Badly

One reads this stuff and wonders: What are those global warming enthusiasts so afraid of?
BBC sought advice from global warming scientists on economy, drama, music... and even game shows
By David Rose, London Daily Mail

Britain’s leading green activist research centre spent £15,000 on seminars for top BBC executives in an apparent bid to block climate change sceptics from the airwaves, a vast new cache of leaked ‘Climategate’ emails has revealed.

The emails – part of a trove of more than 5,200 messages that appear to have been stolen from computers at the University of East Anglia – shed light for the first time on an incestuous web of interlocking relationships between BBC journalists and the university’s scientists, which goes back more than a decade.

They show that University staff vetted BBC scripts, used their contacts at the Corporation to stop sceptics being interviewed and were consulted about how the broadcaster should alter its programme output. [link]
As Tom Blumer notes (sorta), can you imagine what kind uproar would result within the mainstream press if it were revealed that Fox News had its messages shaped by Grover Norquist?

Yet you'll hear not a peep from that same press regarding this scandalous behavior on the part of the British Broadcasting Company.

One has to wonder: Why were those scientists who had the BBC in their pockets so afraid of open analysis of their theory that the planet was warming?  What did they have to lose?

We obtain a possible answer from the shameful saga regarding Professor James Hansen - a leading worshipper at the altar of global warming - and the wealth he has acrued.

That answer?  M-O-N-E-Y.

- - -

James Delingpole: "If the case for man-made global warming is really as strong as the so-called consensus claims it is, why do the climategate emails show scientists attempting to stamp out dissenting points of view? Why must they manipulate data ..."

Newt Gains Key Endorsement

The stars are aligning:
Gingrich wins NH backing as Romney plugs along
By Philip Elliott, Associated Press

Washington (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich landed the endorsement of New Hampshire's largest newspaper on Sunday while rival Mitt Romney earned a dismissive wave, potentially resetting the race in the state with the first-in-the-nation primary.

For Gingrich, the former House speaker, the backing builds on his recent rise in the polls and quick work to build a campaign after a disastrous start in the summer. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who has a vacation home in the state and has been called a "nearly native son of New Hampshire," absorbed the blow heading into the Jan. 10 vote that's vital to his campaign strategy.

"We don't back candidates based on popularity polls or big-shot backers. We look for conservatives of courage and conviction who are independent-minded, grounded in their core beliefs about this nation and its people, and best equipped for the job," The New Hampshire Union Leader said in its front-page editorial, which was as much a promotion of Gingrich as a discreet rebuke of Romney.

The Union Leader's editorial telegraphed conservatives' concerns about Romney's shifts on crucial issues of abortion and gay rights were unlikely to fade. [link]
And RomneyCare.  Don't forget RomneyCare.

- - -

Newt's found his groove too:

Newt Gingrich: Obama Can Use a Teleprompter When He Debates Me

Takin' it to "the greatest orator of our time."

I love it.