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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tea Party To Nazis Running Richmond Gov't:

"We will not be intimidated and we will not back down."

Democrats would do well to pick their fights with taxpayers who willfully submit to government intimidation.

The Tea Party?  Government bullying is what it thrives on.

As Harry Callahan said it best: "Go ahead.  Make my day."

Deny Global Warming, Risk The Wrath of the Gods

Besides, you can't win the argument when your opponent owns both sides of the argument:

And remember, the science is settled. Anybody who asks how many of the climate change models predicted this absence of major hurricane events in the US six years ago is a vicious climate denier, is funded by the oil companies, and should be dealt with by the usual methods.

Hanging is too good for those of us who look at the data and don't see what Al Gore wants us to see.

Former Advisor To Obama:

You're being naïve, dude.

Of course Austan Goolsbee is being nice.

We all know it ain't naïvete rattling around in that cavernous brain pan ...

Let's Keep It Real

Like most rational people, I have a lot of problems with the viability of General Motors' answer to global warming - the Chevy Volt.  Small things like eye-popping price and woeful inutility.

But igniting batteries isn't one of them.

That's why, when I read about a couple of them catching fire in recent weeks, I knew that we were looking at an aberration, not a design flaw.

As it turns out, we were looking at an aberration, not a design flaw.

(Want to start your own battery fire in the garage at home?  Go out and buy the wrong size battery - one with top posts - and mount it under the hood of your car.  Seat the battery such that the positive and negative posts make contact with the metal hood when you close it.  Stand by with a fire extinguisher.)

So the Chevy Volt doesn't explode because of faulty design.  Such the relief.

Now if they can just do something about the fact that it costs as much as a three-bedroom home and requires a ten-hour charge after each one-hour trip to the grocery (you have to live in my world), the Volt might actually be something that that 99% of America we've been hearing about might actually be interested in buying.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Hey, did you know that it's legal to own and use a silencer here in Virginia?

I'm thinkin' my 7.62 needs an upgrade.

* All you have to do is register with the federal government, pay an arm and a leg for the ... opportunity ... and let 'er rip.

And They Called Sarah Palin Stupid

Earth to the president of the United States:

"There is no such thing as an 'English' embassy anywhere in the world, and there hasn’t been one for several centuries."

We all know that Obama wasn't paying attention in church on Sunday - for twenty years.  Now we find out he wasn't paying attention in history class either.

Yet there he is.  The most brilliant man to ever walk the halls of the White House.

Good grief.

Uh Oh

Whew.  For a moment, when I read this headline ...

Euro Finance Ministers Discuss Radical Ideas to Avert Global Crisis

... I thought that one of their "radical ideas" would be to declare war on each other and have the USA bring in the Marshall Plan II to save the day.

But, thank God, their proposals aren't that radical.

(Still, I wouldn't put it past our Spender-in-Chief to come riding to their rescue with mountains of increasingly worthless dollars at the end of the day.)

He Asks. I Answer.

Departing Representative Barney Frank:

Rep. Frank: 'Did you think I would serve till I was 106?'

From On High: No. But we thought you'd stick around long enough to finish the work you began that has nearly wrecked the country.

Of course there are those who thinks he has already accomplished his mission.  See "Barney Frank: I've destroyed the economy, my work here is done."

In either case, bye bye.

Quote of the Day

Newt Gingrich on illegal immigration enforcement - or the lack thereof:
After years of failure on the part of the federal government to achieve border security, it is an outrage that the Obama administration would seek to block South Carolina and other states who choose to pick up the slack.

If the Obama Administration put as much energy and resources into controlling the border as it does into attacking our own states, we would have 100 percent border security by now.
Obama is at war with Americans while, at the same time, he ignores the lawlessness on our borders.

For the love of God.

'Trying To Appease Radicals Is a Fool's Errand'

And speaking of fools, the city of Los Angeles is run by one.

The magic that is democracy.  Ya get what ya vote for.