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Sunday, December 04, 2011

We Will Have Our Light Bulb Back

Throughout American history, whenever our government defied the will of the people, the people rose up and set the government straight.  Whether it be that which manifested from the Whiskey Rebellion (the federal government repealed a tax on whiskey after armed confrontation nearly ensued in 1794 between citizens in Pennsylvania and state militias) (a confrontation that brought about the creation of the political party that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson founded), or our retreat from Vietnam in 1975, or the demise of Bill Clinton's despised "assault weapons" ban in 2004, We the People, in the end, reigned supreme.

Such will be the case with the federal government's foolhardy and capricious light bulb ban, an arbitrary action that, these several years after the fact, defies logical explanation.  Carbon dioxide?  Really?

Make no mistake, We the People will have our light bulb.

We may not have a government as we've known it.

But, by God, we will have our light bulb.

As for an anthem, how about "Missing You - The Incandescent Light Bulb Song"?

Mark my words:  This will not stand.

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands ..."

- - -

A primer: As McDonald's has shown to be the case in Stalinist San Francisco, "when zealots restrict people's inherent freedom to make decisions for themselves, the human spirit will be inspired to maneuver around the statutory hurdle."

Shine the light of freedom ...

Ah, Dreamers

Ya gotta love the editorial staff at the Roanoke Times.   They actually believe you can take the politics out of politics.

What do you want to bet they believe in the Tooth Fairy too?

The New York Times Plants a Big Kiss ...

... on Chelsea Clinton's ass.

Her claim to fame?  Like her mother, being in the right family.

Memo to the New York Times: Whatever creams your cheese.

It Comes Down To This

I suppose, when you get down to it, that it's understandable why global warming proponents keep defending the indefensible:

"These people are hoping to keep the money flowing in and will say anything to maintain their lifestyle."

When the alternative is flipping burgers at McDonald's ...

A Day Which will Live In Infamy

Well, a day, at least, that exemplified America's dabbling with Utopia after World War II.

On this day, 66 years ago, the U.S. Senate voted to join the United Nations.

As for a legitimate reason for having done so?

Long forgotten.

Tweet of the Day

From Newt Gingrich:

"Pres Obama should fire his ambassador to Brussels for being so wrong about anti-semitism."

The reason the ambassador should be fired?

Abject stupidity.

Gun Sales Skyrocket

Ho. Ho. Ho.

This news is both heartwarming and amusing.

Sales of firearms - as measured by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System - soared to a record level on Black Friday. 129,166 requests for new gun purchases were made. One day. Exceeding the previous record by tens of thousands.

See "Black Friday Best-Seller: Guns."

Is it fair to say that the gun-banners on the coasts and in Washington have failed in their quest?  At least for the foreseeable future?

And can we thank Obama for that sales achievement?

And did it pain those at ABC News when they were forced to report this news?

We can only hope.

Here's the amusing part.  When asked for an explanation for the skyrocketing sales of guns, a spokesperson for the rabidly anti-gun (and deceptively named) Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, all Caroline Brewer could come up with was this:

It "might say something about marketing.”

Yeah. It's those ads in Guns & Ammo, a copy of which is on every coffee table in the land, that have motivated millions to own a firearm, many for the first time.

Get the impression that the folks at the Brady Center are hopelessly lost?

In any case, Americans are arming themselves like never before.

Let freedom ring.

* Photo courtesy of the Scottsdale Gun Club.

Quote of the Day

From Instapundit:

"THE HILL: New documents detail how Justice sent faulty info on gun walking. 'Over 1,000 pages of emails detail officials’ debate on how to defend the ATF.' By lying?"

By lying.


Herman Cain has called it quits.

Hounded by his past, and by a press that wouldn't ask about Barack Obama's if they were paid to ask him about his past (oh, wait, they are paid to ask such questions), Cain made it official.

* Books should be written on the charge of racism(!) that seems to be selectively applied, depending on who's pushing the agenda.

In fact, Cain's decision made it a lot easier for his supporters to detach themselves and find a more viable candidate.  As time went on, it became painfully apparent that he didn't have the depth of knowledge necessary to run one of the largest organizations on the planet (much like Obama, who still doesn't).  Though I agree with him that he could have - and would have - surrounded himself with knowledgeable and capable people who would have been able to fill in the blanks (a good manager does that), the dearth of understanding was troubling.

So Herman bows out.  Too bad.  Yet good.

America moves on.