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Monday, December 05, 2011

What Passes For 'Climate Science'

The data don't support the hypothesis?

Alter the data:
In 2003 the satellite altimetry record was mysteriously tilted upwards to imply a sudden sea level rise rate of 2.3mm per year. When I criticised this dishonest adjustment at a global warming conference in Moscow, a British member of the IPCC delegation admitted in public the reason for this new calibration: “We had to do so, otherwise there would be no trend.”
Adjusting the record in order to maintain the appearance of a "trend."'

Why couldn't they have simply stuck to their easily manipulated computer models and Hollywood movies?

Global Warmists In a World Unto Themselves

I know you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for news to come out of that ongoing climate conference in Durban ... what?  You forgot that the Earth Is In The Balance?

Well, truth is, nothing is coming out of that United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change except some hilarious BureaucratSpeak.  So what's the plan, the goal?  From the UNCCC website:
The United Nations Climate Change Conference, Durban 2011, brings together representatives of the world's governments, international organizations and civil society. The discussions will seek to advance, in a balanced fashion, the implementation of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the Bali Action Plan, agreed at COP 13 in 2007, and the Cancun Agreements, reached at COP 16 last December.

H.E. Ms. Nozipho Joyce Mxakato-Diseko, on behalf of the President of COP 17/CMP 7, invites delegates to a continuation of the Indaba on the cross-cutting issues and how to ensure an enhanced multilateral rules-based system that will achieve the full, effective and sustained implementation of the Convention. A note from the Presidency provides background information on the concept of Indaba. In order to further focus the discussions, the Presidency has prepared an additional note introduced at the Indaba held on Friday, 2 December.
What in God's name does that even mean? Is there a secret handshake that goes along with the arcane gibberish? Will we even know if the conference succeeded at whatever it is that is set forth as a goal in all that twaddle?

As the world moves away from the concept of global warming, a theory that collapsed under the considerable weight of the evidence, the world's climate bureaucrats continue to thrive and churn out their action plans, agreements, conventions, multilateral rules, decrees, declarations, principles, proclamations, demands, findings, ... on and on, intended to combat an evil that was so fifteen minutes ago.

But churn out the tommyrot they must.  After all, when this gig comes to an end, H.E. Ms. Nozipho Joyce Mxakato-Diseko is probably looking at returning to her permanent position behind the counter at McDonald's.

So the climate change community shields itself off from the outside world.

Question: At what point does it become a cult?

Shocking News

White House steps up outreach to black voters

A Fool On Parade

Someone let Joe Biden out of his room.  As a result, he's made his way to Turkey, where he's proceeding to be every bit the Joe Biden we find so amusing here at home.  Guess what he said to the Turks about our policy toward its worrisome neighbor to the east, Iran, and about the sanctions that we imposed a few generations ago, sanctions that get ratcheted up around each election cycle:
"Are the sanctions sufficient to fundamentally alter their behavior? The jury is still out on that.” But in the meantime, he added, the effect of the sanctions “has constrained the field on which they operate, it has reduced their influence in the region, and it has, at a minimum, apparently, caused significant discussion internally.” [source] [emphasis mine]
Say what?  Our policy toward Iran has produced discussion?  And crazy Joe finds that to be something to tout?

Is there any evidence - Biden Bluster aside - that any of Barack Obama's sanctions have had any measurable impact, other than significant discussion in the men's room in Tehran, on Iran's effort to become a nuclear power?

For the record, George W. Bush declared to the nation in 2002 that Iran would not have nuclear weapons.  The means by which he went about preventing it?  Sanctions.

Bill Clinton, too, instituted sanctions.

As did George H.W. Bush.

In fact, the implementation of sanctions intended to alter Iran's destructive course go all the way back to Jimmy Carter days (though, it can be said, he also deployed a military option, albeit a failed one, God bless him).

And what have any of those efforts produced in the way of positive results?  Well, they got Bill Clinton reelected.  And they got George W. Bush off the hook.  And the threat of implementation made our current president, when he was trying to convince us that a community organizer could be the leader of the free world, look like he had something of a clue.

Oh, and they have given the Iranians something to talk about at the urinal.


Meanwhile, work on the bomb that is going to wipe Israel off the map continues apace.

When that horrific day dawns and Tel Aviv is turned to sand, expect ... more sanctions.

On Herman Cain, There Was Just No There There

This, from this morning's Wall Street Journal, is spot on:
Herman Cain Departs
Why the shooting star candidate flamed out.

Herman Cain's departure from the Republican presidential race was inevitable, and the businessman did his family and party a service on Saturday in not prolonging the agony. Mr. Cain might have survived the accusations by assorted women if he had showed he was better prepared to be President.

The former pizza executive became a shooting star of a candidate based on his biography as a political outsider, his talents as a communicator, and his willingness to challenge the heart of Washington darkness that is the tax code. But as he rose in the polls, it became obvious that Mr. Cain was as surprised as anyone by his success. He had no organization and no real campaign plan. More troubling, he clearly hadn't thought hard enough about the challenges a President must confront.

Presidents don't have to be policy wonks, but they should be able to show more than a passing acquaintance with the major issues of the day. Mr. Cain showed that he understands how an economy works, but on foreign policy in particular he seemed almost dismissive of knowing too much, or very much at all. This was especially damaging in a year when GOP voters are looking for a nominee who can go 10 rounds with President Obama. [link]
The accusations about infidelity were troubling.  The shallowness of knowledge that Herman Cain evinced was far more so.

Too bad.  He looked so promising for a brief time.

Life - and the struggle - go on.