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Friday, December 16, 2011

On Atlas Shrugged, The Movie

I received my copy of "Atlas Shrugged" from Netflix the other night and eagerly sat down to watch it.

About seventy minutes before I fell asleep in front of the TV.

In a word?


My fear was that the movie would be too true to the book (which sounds odd) and would get lost in one of the most complex tales ever told.  And it was.

Which means, for anyone not well-versed in Ayn Rand's wonderful novel, the movie bounced hither and yon  and made little sense.

Plus the relationship between the protagonists was far too antiseptic.

A big disappointment all the way around.

Tis The Season

Now this is the Christmas spirit:

Jingle bells. Jingle bells. Jingle ...

Good News For Gun Owners

The Republican Party that you brought to majority in Richmond in November is going to be there for you:
Virginia Republicans to push pro-gun laws
By Steve Contorno, Washington Examiner

Pro-gun Republicans in Virginia said they will press ahead with efforts to undo the state's gun laws in coming months, including the state's long-standing one handgun per month rule, even as last week's murder-suicide on Virginia Tech's campus revived painful memories of the 2007 massacre.

A handful of pro-gun bills is already in the works. Del. Mark Cole, R-Fredericksburg, filed a bill last week that bars localities from offering incentives to gun owners to surrender their firearms and another banning clerks from releasing the names of individuals who have permits to carry concealed handguns.

Gun bills are a regular feature of any General Assembly session, but for years a Democratic Senate regularly killed them. However, next year the Senate will be split 20-20 between the parties with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican, casting tie-breaking votes, increasing the chances of pro-gun legislation passing.

The top target for pro-gun groups is lifting Virginia's limit of one handgun purchase per month.

"I really think this year is our best shot to repeal" the law, said David Adams, legislative committee chairman for the Virginia Shooting Sports Association, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association. The group will also push for liability protections for homeowners who shoot intruders inside their homes.

Gov. Bob McDonnell supported the one-gun-a-month limit in 1993, but on the campaign trail in 2009 he pledged to end the restriction. McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin reiterated that support Wednesday, saying the limit is unnecessary because of "major advances in computerized background check technology since the law was first put on the books." [link]
The one-gun-a-month law was a silly notion in the first place. A desperate act by clueless, resentful liberal politicians. It's high time it went to the scrap heap.

Here's to the Virginia GOP for bringing a bit of sanity back to the law.

How Times Have Changed

I'm sure there's a wide discrepancy between city and rural districts, and between states, but this sure ain't the story we heard just twenty years ago:

Dept. of Labor: Public School Teachers Are Highest Paid State Workers; Compensation Doubles the Average in Private Industry

The refrain went from "public school teachers are grossly underpaid" to "Do you have any Grey Poupon?"

The upside is the fact that America's children are being so much better educated now ...

Let Me Get This Straight

According to this nitwit, when we're all unemployed and on the dole, America will be at full employment:

Pelosi: Extending Unemployment Benefits Would Create ‘600,000 Jobs’

Unemployed ... create jobs ... huh?

Shouldn't someone lock this Pelosi character up before she harms someone?

When The Law Allows Degenerates To Marry ...

... who expected any other result?

Married couples at a record low

When marriage becomes whatever, so does the attitude toward it.