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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Distinction Without a Difference

The editorialists at the Roanoke Times are worked up this morning over a proposal introduced to state legislators, "asking the General Assembly to waive requirements that legal notices be published in newspapers for public hearings, zoning requests and local budgets. Instead, that information would be available only on government websites."

The reason the editorialists are in low dudgeon?

People don't have the time to go to government websites to find out about the latest public notices relating to voting, public hearings, permitting, zoning requests, proposed ordinance modifications and the like.

Their solution?

Keep the current system in place wherein people go to their local newspaper - ahem - to find those same public notices.

How is that better than the proposed change?

People have the time to go through the newspaper looking for public notices.


They have time to wait for the paperboy to show up and fling a dead tree at them but they don't have the time to click the mouse and bring up Virginia Public Notices?

Do I smell an ulterior motive here?

Things I'll Never Read

[Roanoke Times] Metro columnist Dan Casey: How fried rice and head lice made for a merry Christmas

In a word: Ick.

The Message, The Man

Everyone likes a winner.

And speaking of God, have you heard the new term, "Tebowing"?

It originated with this guy:

God's Quarterback.

And has spread around the world.

(Click on the image from Afghanistan to enlarge it.)

As Tim Tebow might say: It's not about football.  It's about Amazing Grace.

Here's to him.

- - -

A special story:

Glenn Reynolds To Migrating Illinoisans:

Don't do to Tennessee what escaping New Yorkers did to Vermont.

Leave the liberalism behind.

Or don't come.

We got a good thing goin' here.  Don't mess with it.

We Lose One of the Good Guys

This is sad news:

Vaclav Havel, Dissident Playwright Who Led Czechoslovakia, Dead at 75

He stood up to the Communist menace back when it could have cost him his life. He brought freedom to the Czech and Slováci people. He changed the world.

He'll be missed.

Okay, All You South Carolina Tea Partiers ...

... what was it you liked about this gal again?

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley endorses Mitt Romney

I understand the 'lesser of two evils" impetus. But your love of the Romney-loving darling of your Tea Party went way beyond that.

So where do you go from here?

Frivolous Nonsense

I so wanted to launch into a tirade when I saw the headline:

Dem Senators Say 1st Amendment Doesn't Protect 'Fraudulent Speech'; Bill Would Outlaw Misleading Election Info

After all, who more than Democrats put out misleading information at election time each year and who is it that jumps up and wants it banned - if it applies to "the other guy," of course.

But, as it turns out, this doesn't rise to the tirade level. It's frivolous and a waste of valuable time.

Which means Senator Charles Schumer of New York is most certainly behind it.

America crumbling? The poor getting poorer?  He's got other concerns bunching his undies:
Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) have introduced legislation that would make it a federal crime to publish false or misleading election material in an effort to prevent people from voting.

The law, the Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2011, would bring federal criminal and civil penalties to anyone who intentionally puts out false information in an attempt to dissuade or prevent people from voting. The law only applies to false information published 90 days before a federal election and only to information regarding voting eligibility and the time and place of elections.
False information just before an election that applies only to information disseminated with the willful intention of misleading voters as to time and place for casting ballots.

How many human beings might their law apply to? One? Two?

There are 13.3 million Americans out of work and this is all these two clowns have to worry about?

* I'll let the 1st Amendment crowd fight out the Constitutional implications of such a law. I'll not waste my time.

Tom Hanks At His Best

After having endured - barely - the schmaltzy and plodding "Larry Crowne" the other night (on DVD), this clip from "The Letterman Show" reminded me how Hanks got his claim to fame - comedy:

He's still got it.

If only he didn't try to apply it to lead roles in romantic chick flicks ...

We Go From Seeking Energy Independence To ...

... soon seeking any energy we can find.

Obama and his environmentalist gang have taken us to that point.

And, though Congress has seen the light and has accepted the Keystone XL pipeline as a vital resource for our future needs, the president in his blissful indifference, has threatened to veto legislation that would permit its construction.

George Allen, Republican candidate for the Senate, has something to say about that.  From a press release:
“It is time for America to take control of our own destiny. The Keystone Pipeline would create tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans and increase our supply of affordable energy from our close neighbor and ally, not an unfriendly foreign regime. To put partisan politics ahead of American jobs and energy by punting this decision until after the 2012 elections or stopping this project would be an inexcusable failure of leadership at a time when American families and businesses are already struggling under this Administration’s many punishing regulatory policies. Tim Kaine’s silence as President Obama plays politics with this job-creating initiative shows once again that he would rather follow President Obama’s lead. On every major job-crushing policy from Obamacare to energy tax schemes coming out of Washington in the last three years, Tim Kaine has advocated for them rather than the best interests of Virginia families, seniors and small business owners."
Here's to the pipeline.

To our future.

To George Allen.

- - -

So you know, two power plants currently in operation in Southwest Virginia, are slated - by EPA decree and/or pressure - to be shut down.

What's the temperature outside this morning?