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Saturday, December 24, 2011

National Trend Reflected In Weblog Responses?

I attribute it to demoralization on the Left.  Though it could be that the loons who, in the past, insisted on believing that the globe is warming, that Obama was going to lower everyone's health care costs by giving it out free to nineteen million poor people and letting the rest of us pay for it, that we could "stimulate" new jobs by dumping tax dollars into already existing union paychecks, that raising taxes on a small - extremely small - part of the population - that infamous 1% - could, in some way, offset a trillion and a half dollars in annual debt, may have just wised up, seen the error of their ways, and gone home.

Whatever is in play, the disappearance of the Left in the arena of ideas is startling.  As reflected in these hard numbers from "As political season heats up, Politico’s Web traffic cools down":
Political websites gain and lose readers throughout election cycles, with presidential election years trending higher in unique Web traffic when compared to off-years and midterm elections. Web traffic analysts told The Daily Caller that politico.com’s traffic patterns should be expected to fit that mold: With the Iowa caucuses fast approaching, unique traffic should increase.

But Politico’s traffic losses appear to be part of a year-long trend on the political left. Media Matters For America’s website, for instance, lost 56.83 percent of its unique visitors between November 2010 and November 2011. In the same 12-month period, Talking Points Memo lost 41 percent, Wonkette was down by 32 percent, Gawker declined by 31 percent, Salon decreased by 22 percent and progressive blog Daily Kos shed 18 percent of its unique visitors.

Other political news sites, including some decidedly not left-leaning, have seen dramatic increases in unique visitors in the year-long period ending Nov. 30. Newsmax.com’s numbers increased by 247 percent, The Daily Caller’s by 124 percent, and The Huffington Post’s by 113 percent. More modest performers during those same 12 months included The Blaze (up 57 percent), The Washington Times (up 47 percent), Slate (up 40 percent), the Washington Post (up by 38 percent) and the Christian Science Monitor (up 33 percent).

Politico’s downturn in unique visitors during November 2011 is remarkable since its marquee reporting moment during the GOP primary campaign — a story about businessman Herman Cain’s past alleged incidents of sexual harassment — first appeared online late on the night of October 30. Politico followed that initial story with another 90 during the following week.

Data from Alexa, Inc., indicate that politico.com saw a traffic spike after the Cain story broke, but Compete and Alexa data show that it was temporary. Ultimately, Politico’s sustained assault on Cain may have turned off as many readers as it drew in, even as the news outlet’s reporters and editors saw heavy rotation on liberal news network MSNBC during the scandal’s early days. MSNBC’s unique visitors in November were dead-even with its October numbers.
Here at From on High, where daily traffic is down a hair from election time, but holding remarkably steady since, may reflect some of that trend as well.  In the kind of commenters to the weblog that show up each day.  Where once there was raucous debate (which requires two sides ...), there is virtual silence these days on the Left.

Part of that national trend?

I think so.

The Left is nowhere to be found these days.

Reality will have that effect.

How depressing it must be to wrap your belief system around certain doctrines, only to find out that they are unsupportable by real world conditions.

So they spend their day playing video games and looking at porn on the computer.  And avoiding the harsh realities of the macrocosm.

I kinda miss them.

In a sadistic sort of way ...

When Our Gov't Starts Assassinating American Citizens ...

I ran into some push-back recently when I came out against our government's decision to assassinate an American citizen without due process.  (For a refresher, see "With al-Awlaki dead, it’s apparent Obama’s covert campaign knows no boundaries.")

To those of you who disagree with me, understand what such unilateral action gives rise to:

[U.S. Department of Justice] to America: we won't reveal the circumstances under which you can be assassinated by us.

The government can snuff your next-door neighbor and you are not to know why.  You're just to accept the fact that the guy needed to be exterminated.

Is that where we want this country to go?

More On That Economic Destruction Being Visited on Giles County

As reported the other day, the town of Glen Lyn, Virginia is facing extinction because the Obama administration has deemed its largest employer - the local coal-fired power plant - to be antiquated and unable to meet new, strict environmental standards, and is, therefore, forcing it to shut down.

So what about those environmental standards?  Are they realistic?  Or are they Al Gore-insane?

The answer to those questions should enrage us all:
The EPA's Mercury Madness
Investor's Business Daily editorial

The EPA thinks it's worth spending billions of dollars each year to reduce already minuscule amounts of mercury in the outside air. So why is it trying to shove mercury-laced fluorescent bulbs into everyone's homes?

When the EPA announced its new air pollution rules this week — designed to reduce power plant emissions of mercury and other to gases — Administrator Lisa Jackson blogged that:

"Mercury is a neurotoxin that is particularly harmful to children, and emissions of mercury and other air toxics have been linked to damage to developing nervous systems, respiratory illnesses and other diseases."

At $10 billion a year, complying with the new rules won't come cheap, and that assumes the EPA's low-ball estimate comes true. According to the coal industry, this is the most expensive rule the EPA's ever imposed.

Fear not, since Jackson claims the "health and economic benefits" will be many times greater than the costs.

But here's the curious thing: While whipping up fear about mercury in the outdoors, the EPA is actively downplaying mercury's health risks when it comes out of fluorescent bulbs inside people's homes.

In a pamphlet extolling the virtues of the looming federal ban on traditional incandescent light bulbs, the EPA says it's a "myth" that the mercury used in compact fluorescent lights is "dangerous in your home."

"There's no evidence," the brochure says, that "brief exposure to the mercury in a broken bulb presents a health risk to you or your family." Just air out the room, sweep up the debris into a jar and you're fine.

Truth is there's no meaningful health risk from either the bulbs or the power plants. As a 2004 paper published by the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution noted, "mercury exposure at current levels is unlikely to be causing harm."

What both have in common, however, is that they advance the EPA's control of our lives.

On the one hand, it wants to decide how we light our homes to force energy savings. On the other, it wants to shove the country off coal to reduce global warming.

So what if it has to speak out of both sides of its mouth on mercury risks?

In the end, the real risk to the nation's health isn't from minute traces of mercury coming out of smokestacks or broken CFLs. It's from the economy-crushing mandates pouring forth from the EPA. [link] [emphasis mine]
Want to put a face to those "economy-crushing mandates"?  Grab a copy of the Glen Lyn phone book.  While there is one. Soon there'll be no phone book or a Glen Lyn.

Thank you letters can be forwarded to Barack Obama, Washington D.C..

Madness.  This country has descended into madness.

Expect To Read a Lot Of These Headlines

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of Having Homosexuals in Military

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of ... raising our health care costs.

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of ... spending more than he takes in.

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of ... appeasing the environmentalists.

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of ... stifling economic growth.

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of ... writing into law more and more regulations on business.

Romney Says He Will Continue Obama's Policy of ... watching, dumbfounded, as America crumbles.

Newt Is Brilliant

Now, if his brilliance would just carry over to organization skills.

What's up with this, Newt?

Newt Gingrich Fails to Qualify for Virginia's Presidential Primary

Good Lord.  We're going to end up with an Obama vs. Romney race next November.  I can see it coming.

A race that will ensure America's demise.  The outcome will only spell out how soon.


A nurse's union in Oakland, California sends its members out on strike.

The owner of the hospitals affected then "locks" them out.

The union complains bitterly that the lockout is going to cause a decline in patient care.

Uh, what? Nurses abandon their patients and then complain about the care that their patients getting?

See "Hospitals to lockout striking nurses."

Then beam me up, Scotty.

Ah, Experts


Background Checks for Firearm Purchases Reach Record High

That, if the "experts" know what they're talking about, should not produce this:

Firearm Accident Fatalities at an All-Time Low

Steady Decline in Major Crime Baffles Experts

Yeah. Experts.